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Jack came to Pegasus in a round-about way. He watched a Youtube video about John Lear and saw link, found our email and since has become a valuable addition to the team. Jack came to Pegasus in a round-about way. He watched a Youtube video about John Lear and saw link, found our email and since has become a valuable addition to the team.

The content of the pages provided here at Pegasus was collected and written by Jack with additions by other members of Pegasus to provide corroborating evidence as well as new pertinent data. All Jack's original work, including some pages not on Pegasus yet,  can be found at his website... Visit Jack's Website Welcome To The Moon Page

Resume brief:

1967-70 Army... Petroleum Storage industrial mechanics...
Training in industrial handling and mechanics of fuel storage and it's equipment.
Including on and off-loading of tankers. Overseas duty... Thailand.
Although I started out being trained and assigned as a light weapons specialist.
Maintenance of... not using. Although you need to know how to use one in order to fix it.
I requested and was approved for training in industrial mechanics after that. The army liked people who wanted several MOS's for cross professions. Besides, I knew with weapons training, I would be destined for Vietnam immediately. And I had visions of being blown in half more than once.

I didn't do it to get out of it, I wanted to put my skills to better use to help the effort. Which at that time, I believed was the right thing to do. Enlisting, that is. This is where I got to know USAF personnel. I would visit AF bases near us because they had better food, 24 hours. Army mess halls kept bankers hours and the food sucked. 

I met other photographers in the AF and went to their labs on official invites and saw some astounding things. That's what first got me interested in UFO's, underground and Moon bases. When I was transferred back to the US, I was last stationed at Ft Carson, CO and visited NORAD whenever possible. (more on these later)

1970-77... acquired employment with government contractors involved with mining operations overseas... Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, Mauritania, Algeria and the Philippines. With JF Pritchard Inc., Nabalco, Bechtel, and MW Kellogg. During that time, being an amateur photographer, I joined an aerial recon team with those companies that examined photos of potential drilling and digging sites. It got me out of the drudge of doing the same thing. (I liked that job much more but it was an extra duty and not a full time position). Although I got extra pay for doing that.

Most of my work consisted of maintaining industrial machines and equipment. No TBM's though, except for light maintenance. The manufacturers supplied and trained the maintenance people and operators of those machines. I was mainly working in the processing plants of these operations, and visited the underground only when needed.

From 1978 (took a year and a half off) to 2001 I worked in various industrial plants in my home area as mechanic until I was promoted to managerial status around 1985.

I was injured on the job in 2001 and don't do that kind of work any more. Contracted Ulnar neuropathy and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, in short... nerve damage in both arms at the elbows and wrists from a lifetime of impact trauma. (using your hands as a hammer). We all do it don't we? Only me more than the average person.

- Jack

Jack's Pages

Visit Jack's Website Welcome To The Moon Page

Note: Jack's pages are being mirrored at Pegasus but its a work in progress to get them all here and updated, so be sure to have a look at Jack's site for the latest updates.


  1. Alien Affairs and UFO's
  2. Australian Bases
  3. Biographies of Key People - (Ongoing work)
  4. Boeing Projects
  5. DARPA Projects
  6. ECHELON Intercept Stations - (And other stray antenna facilities)
  7. ECHELON/MOUS Intercept Stations - Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)
  8. Endangered Earth Series
  9. EISCAT - European Incoherent Scatter
  10. Google Earth Anomalies and Points of Interest Collection
  11. HAARP and Similar Facilities
  12. High Energy Neutrino Arrays
  13. Intelligence Gathering
  14. Launch Facilities
  15. Mad Scientists
  16. NASA Related Issues
  17. Naval Secrets
  18. Observatories
  19. Pegasus Document Releases
  20. Remote Viewing
  21. Research Facilities and Laboratories
  22. Secret Astronaut Detachments and Space Agencies (and Other)
  23. Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars
  24. Secret Facilities on Earth
  25. Secret Missions to the Moon and Mars
  26. Secret Space Craft and Space Stations
  27. Space Agencies
  28. Space Cargo Transports, STS Shuttle Replacements and Spaceplanes
  29. Space Tourism
  30. Solar Power Arrays
  31. Stealth Technology
  32. The Chinese Connection
  33. The Japanese Connection
  34. The Russian Connection
  35. Underground Water and Caverns (New) - Earth is like a Sponge
  36. Weather Warfare
  37. Weapons Technology
  38. Weapons in Space - The State of the Art
  39. Weapons Symposiums and Conferences
  40. Wernher von Braun
ADD THESE When Finished
  • ESO - Shooting a Laser at the Galactic Centre
  • NASA LASER Ranging - Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory
  • OKNO page 3

Australian Bases

Boeing Projects

Biographies of Key People

DARPA Projects
ECHELON Intercept Stations - (And other stray antenna facilities)
ECHELON/MOUS Intercept Stations - Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)
HAARP and Similar Facilities
High Energy Neutrino Arrays
Intelligence Gathering
Launch Facilities
NASA Related Issues
Naval Secrets

Nuclear Test Sites - (Work in Progress)


Pegasus Document Releases

  • Pegasus Document Releases 001 to 005
    • Propulsion Research on the Variable Isp Tandem Mirror Plasma Rocket - MIT - DTIC
    • SOAR: Space Orbiting Advanced Fusion Power Reactor - University of Wisconsin
    • Through the Looking Glass with Phase Conjugation - Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • Active Shielding Concepts for the Ionizing Radiation in Space - NASA
    • Space Nuclear Power and Man's Extraterrestrial Civilization - Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Pegasus Document Releases 006 to 010
    • SP100 Class Nuclear Reactor on the Moon - NASA - DTIC

Remote Viewing
Research Facilities, National Laboratories and Libraries
Secret Astronaut Detachments and Space Agencies (and Other Not So Secret) 
Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars
Secret Facilities on Earth (Incudes Formerly Secret, and Non-Secret Bases of Interest)
Secret Missions to the Moon and Mars
  • See Also Secret Bases on the Moon - John Lear
  • Project Able
  • Project Mars
  • Project Horizon
  • Project Lunex
    • Project Lunex - Introduction
    • Project Lunex Summary - Air Force Moon Base Project
      1. This document provides a plan for a manned Lunar Expedition. It was prepared to furnish more detailed information in support of the National Space Program proposed by a USAF committee chaired by Major General J R Holzapple. That report pointed out the dire need for a goal for our national apace program. The Lunar Expedition was chosen as the goal since it not only provides a sufficient challenge to the nation, but also provides technical fall outs for greatly improved apace capabilities.
      2. Previous editions of this plan have provided guidance and incentive to Air Force technical groups. Consequently, their efforts have established a broad technical base within the Air Force from which rapid advances can be made. This capability has been taken into account in laying out the accelerated schedules in this plan.
      3. 1.6 CAPABILITIES DEVELOPED -The development of large boosters, rendezvous techniques and manoeuvrable space vehicles, all required for the Lunar Expedition, will also provide a capability for many new and advanced space achievements. For example, the Space Launching System which will boost 134,000 pounds to escape velocity will boost approximately 350,000 pounds into a 300 nm orbit, or will launch a manned vehicle on a pass around either Mars or Venus.
      4. This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, U S.C. Section 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. - O J RITLAND, Major General, USAF, Commander
  • Project Red Socks

Secret Space Craft and Space Stations

Solar Power Arrays
Space Agencies
Space Cargo Transports, STS Shuttle Replacements and Spaceplanes Space Debris
  • China Tests Satellite Killer - Worst Debris Field Ever - January 17, 2007
  • Russian Rocket Explosion in Space - February 19, 2007

  • Space Tourism
    Stealth Technology
    The Chinese Connection - Space Projects and Others
    The Japanese Connection - Space Projects
    The Russian Connection - Space Projects
    Weather Warfare
    Weapons Technology - State of the Art
    Weapons in Space - The State of the Art
    Weapons Symposiums and Conferences
    Wernher von Braun

    Alien Affairs and UFO's
    Endangered Earth Series (New) Einstein once remarked that
    “If bees were to disappear, man would only have a few years to live.”
    • Magnetic Pole Shift
    Underground Water and Caverns (New) - Earth is like a Sponge

    Google Earth Anomalies and Points of Interest Collection
    Mad Scientists and Mad Science
    UFO and Landing Incident
    And Close Encounter
    by Jack Arneson

    June 15, 1970

    I haven't talked about this since it happened.

    Not out of fear of ridicule but out of a misguided sense of loyalty.

    Maybe others who were involved may see this and step forward.

    I've had my web site for a few years and decided this is where to start.

    I believe this incident happened to me

    because of one piece of paper I saw in 1969.

    UFO and Landing Incident

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    Enigmas on the Moon
    A Journey of Discovery
    by Jack Arneson

    The Secrets of Tsiolkovsky


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