European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association
Kiruna, Sweden
+67° 51' 38.57", +20° 25' 59.35"
Kiruna Ultra High Frequency Receiver and surrounding buildings [facts]

Welcome to Kiruna!

EISCAT's site lies about 15 km west from Kiruna city. It consists of a small control building and the UHF receiver antenna. It receives the signals transmitted by the Tromsų Radar. The people working here are employed by Swedish Institute of Space Physics.


Kiruna Reciever Antenna in profile
Photo Credit: Tpheiska
Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
Facilities in Kiruna

The research activities at IRF's head office in Kiruna concern studies of phenomena in the upper atmosphere, the ionosphere and in planetary magnetospheres (in particular that of the Earth).

SOURCE: Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Stationary Measurement Instruments. Annex with various different 
stationary instruments, among others lasers and cameras. 
Phogistone retransmogrifier
Congruency pneumatophagifier

Reincantator necroscope

SOURCE: A Nano Research Sweden AB - Space Instruments in Kiruna

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