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The Weaponizaton of Space
The Weaponizaton of Space 1968-2008:
Earth's Secret War
TRW Directed Energy Weapon
By John Lear
Posted March 2008

I first heard the term "Earths Secret War" from a member of an elite Pentagon Security Guard Team whose post was at the door of the secret "Vault" in deep in the bowels of the Pentagon.

Although personnel are not supposed to talk about sensitive subjects until that door is sealed shut there was an occasion where the door was still being closed and part of a conversation taking place inside was heard:

"So how is Earths secret war coming along?"

"It's hopeless," was the response.

For the past 40 years the U.S. has secretly weaponized low earth orbit space with high tech Direct Energy and other related weapons.

Currently there is estimated to be between 8 and 12 large DEW platforms manned by a secret army of astronauts which may total 4000 experienced men and women drawn from the Air Force, Navy and Army.

The primary purpose for these weaponized space stations is the utterly ignorant notion that these weapons can neutralize the so-called 'grays'.

In their supremely arrogant and pompous ignorance the secret military tribunal that concocted this costly mistake in the secret chamber deep in the bowels of the Pentagon (which has every kind of secret counter-eavesdropping device known to man), it was determined over forty years ago that the 'grays' were a threat to humanity and therefore our primary enemy.

Conceived, designed, constructed, launched and deployed in total secrecy these enormous platforms have extremely high tech weapons which have not killed any 'grays' but on September 11, 2001 killed over 3000 Americans, the very people they are allegedly trying to protect. Not to mention these Direct Energy Weapons were probably used in the Gulf War, Oklahoma City (Murrah building), Chernobyl, Waco, Minneapolis, Iraq, Afghanistan and probably in some form aided and abetted Katrina and the tidal wave in Southeast Asia. 

There are a few insiders who know the truth about this operation and the folly it has become but because of the complexity and utter disbelief that this could have gone on so long without the public finding out it is difficult to rally support for its halt and dismantlization.

As a matter of fact, at this point it seems impossible.

Were it not for ultimate goal of this arrogant and pompous tribunal I would not even suggest trying.

But here is the goal.  And the kicker. This tribunal truly believes that the 'grays' are such of threat that they have unilaterally decided that either they get rid of the 'grays' or 'nobody is going to have Earth' which means specifically that they fully intend to eliminate all life on Earth, except theirs of course.

I have good information that as far back as 1988 we had a bomb that could have destroyed an area as large as half the size of the South American continent.

I also have good information that there is currently at least one project that has the capability of destroying all life on Earth.

You have to wonder what kind of psychologically deranged military group would make a decision to destroy all life on Earth so that 'nobody' would have the 'prize'.

In fact, that was exactly the threat that a scientist in a top secret government facility heard being uttered in 1988:

"Either you help us get rid of the 'grays' or nobody is going to have Earth."

It's possible that this group was formed by 'born again Christians' or other religious zealot whacko's who believe their God is the only God and that the grays must be the 'work of the devil'.

But here is the good news. These military/religious/moron whackos are not going to get away with it. They will be neutralized and life will go on.

Sure there will be your day to day wars, maybe a nuke here and there.

But the phony 'war on terror' will be exposed for the expensive both in terms of dollars and human lives fraud that it is. The 'war on terror' was founded on fabricated fraud and continues to be hustled against those fictitious terrorists who exist only in the minds our fanatical military tribunal morons.

Islamo-Fascist in a U.S. Secret Military Tribunal coined word to make Moslems 'the enemy'. Moslems are no more our enemy than Christo-Fascists or Buddha-Fascists.

Sure, there are terrorists. But they are not the nearly one million we have murdered in Iraq. To find the real terrorists you have to look no further than your own U.S. Secret Military Tribunal and, of course Israel, who runs a close second in the export of terrorism around the world.

In fact, the 'grays' are here as 'maintenance men'. They maintain the 'containers'. We are the containers, and what we contain are priceless 'souls'.

Souls that in most cases go on forever in various incarnations.

And there are billions of billions of 'Earths' just like ours, some more developed, some less developed, in a limitless universe.

And here is further good news. You are not responsible, nor can you stop the madness that infects earth.  But what you can do is this: try to live your life without envy, hate or greed. Try to live your life with integrity. Tell each member of your family how much you love them. And do that everyday.

Life is a series of challenges and its how you meet those challenges that counts. Meet each challenge without envy, hate or greed and maintain your personal integrity.

Remember that the solution to Earth's madness all starts with YOU.

SBL - Space Based Laser
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