Secret Bases
Antenna Facility in Australia
Found by Mungo Dave
34 10 42.62S, 150 06 24.49E 
BIK NDB - BINDOOK AS - 206.000KHz - Magnetic Deviation E12.216
BIK VOR - BINDOOK AS  - 116.800MHz Range 50 - Magnetic Deviation E12.214

According to freddofrog at Google Earth...
"They are actual navigation points and VOR frequencies that work with any simulator, or real planes for that matter. Not that I would trust them if I were really flying. But its easy to have Google Earth open while using your flight sim 2002 included, and makes it easy to navigate! This is a community of people you guys are under estimating, and this is actually assisted by google earth!"

So that info may not help...  I do notice there is no major road into this area... Only Uni Rover Trail and that is miles from a Highway.

Airplane and Shadow
34 16 13.07S, 150 25 54.99E 
Airplane and Cloud Reflection
-34 4' 3.68", +150 2' 28.84"
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