Disclosure from Astronauts
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
Alien contact covered up, says Apollo Veteran Edgar Mitchell
Image Credit: Daily Telegraph, Australia
A VETERAN of the Apollo 14 moon landing has made a series
of incredible claims about alien contact with mankind.

July 24, 2008 02:05pm
Daily Telegraph, Australia

FORMER NASA astronaut and moonwalker Dr Edgar Mitchell - a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission - has stunningly claimed aliens do exist.

And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions - but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades. 

Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as 'little people who look strange to us.'

He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

Chillingly, he claimed our technology is "not nearly as sophisticated" as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned "we would be been gone by now".

Dr Mitchell, along with with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission. 

SOURCE: Daily Telegraph, Australia

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HI this is the first part of the show (wow there was a lot to wade through folks) with just the interviews with Nasa rep (response: hmmmm..), nick pope of UK, excerpt from interview about ET's, then interview with guy from William Hill bookmakers.


Edgar Mitchell on Fox
Jan 25, 2008
Fox News Video Link
July 22, 2008
UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

6th Man On Moon Announces Were Not Alone On Kerrang Radio?

Last night was another ground breaking testimony from Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Kerrang Radio. During the interview Dr. Mitchell further elaborated on previous statements about extraterrestrial life in the universe and possible full disclosure in the near future.

Note From The Interview : By "UFO REALITY" from ATS
Edgar Mitchell says there IS life in the Universe.
He says we have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time.
The host almost has a stroke during the interview he's so shocked.
Edgar says it is a real phenomena.
He says he's been inside military circles and they know we've been visited and talk about it behind closed doors.
He says he's been involved in certain research committees and knows people who know the real story.
There is quite a bit of contact going on.
The Roswell crash was real.
Doesn't know if Disclosure will be this year or not...
Public acceptance is increasing.
Not all UFOs are of ET origin. Some are home-grown. But some are ET crafts.
He's not concerned about his safety talking about it openly anymore.
Alien intent is not hostile.
Some others involved in the Moon landing also know the truth.

The host made the point that this is the first time Edgar has stated so clearly that ET life exists and UFOs are real. He's hinted at it, but this is the first time ever...

Well to add fuel to the conspiracy's what you would think would be ground breaking news world wide has resulted in links via google with error codes "funny that" ... but I do believe that Kerrang are going to replay the interview this week HERE

SOURCE: Australia TO

Moon Astronaut Says We're Not Alone
Reuters Video Link

Moon astronaut says we're not alone (01:47) Report Jul 27 

Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, says aliens been visiting the earth for the past sixty years. A veteran of the Apollo 14 mission, Mitchell also says world governments are aware of the alien visits, but have covered them up. NASA denies it is involved in an alien conspiracy or cover up. Andrew Potter reports.

SOURCE: Reuters Top News

Updates and Additional Sources:

Youtube: July 23, 2008
Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio
Nasa Response re: Edgar Mitchell interview on Kerrang Radio

Australian Top News

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I was just looking at news.com.au which is murdoch's australian newspaper site and saw the top articles from all the papers at the bottom of the page and noted how far this story has spread. I screengrabbed them below. Note: I added the red arrows to highlight the stories. 

Australian Top News
Apollo Astronaut Says Gov. Is Covering Up UFOs

Apollo Astronaut Says Gov. Is Covering Up UFOs
Edgar Mitchell Claims Government Conspiracy
POSTED: 2:49 pm EDT July 25, 2008

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- Edgar Mitchell's suburban Lake Worth home is a small shrine to the nine hours and 17 minutes he spent walking on the moon. Because of his experience, Mitchell's recent comments about unidentified flying objects and aliens are getting a lot of attention.

"It's incredible to think that we might be the only intelligent, living system in the universe. That's not credible anymore," he told WPBF News 25 Friday. The Apollo 14 veteran said that he believes the U.S. government has been covering-up the truth for more than 50 years.

"Military pilots, airline pilots, mostly, from all over the world, for 50 years, have reported these things, but they've quit because they're told to shut up and not talk about it by military and intelligence people," Mitchell said.

The 77-year-old said the deception began after the alleged alien landing in Roswell, N.M., in 1947.

Ever since, Mitchell claims, the government has been keeping proof of alien life -- and alien visits -- under wraps.

"Unfortunately, you the press show no interest whatsoever. The giggle factor has been too high. But the science behind it and the research behind it, among the people I know, is accepted. It's real," Mitchell told WPBF.

The issue gained steam earlier this week when Mitchell told a British radio interviewer that he knows that the government knows about life in outer space.

"I've been saying the same damn words for 10 years, almost verbatim, and all of a sudden, here I'm global news," he said.

Mitchell first made global news on Feb. 9, 1971, when his lunar mission earned him a place in the record book for longest moonwalk -- an unbelievable feat that he said could be topped by an alien encounter.

"It would be pretty darn exciting. I have been hoping for that type of experience since I got involved in this," he said.

Mitchell told WPBF that he does not know why the government would be covering up the existence of intelligent life.

He said the believes that John F. Kennedy was the last U.S. president to be briefed on UFOs.

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Ed Mitchell Most Unhappy With Greer 
Using His Name As Disclosure Witness

From Dr. Jack Sarfatti sarfatti@well.com
Subject: Astronaut Ed Mitchell on Washington Times story of the Greer UFO Disclosure Conference

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

"Steve Greer...began to overreach his data continuously" - Edgar Mitchell


Letter from Edgar Mitchell...

Jack, et al: The Washington Times (story) on UFO disclosure mentions my name as a witness for the Disclosure Project -- which I am not ...and have not been.

 I cooperated with Steve Greer some years ago, but he began to overreach his data continuously, necessitating a withdrawal by myself, and, I believe, several others. I have requested to be removed from any web site, announcements, etc., but see that has not taken place.

Although I firmly believe it is time for openness and disclosure by government, I object to being misused in this fashion and acquire guilt by association with certain claims that simply are not true.

I, nor any crew I was on (I was on three Apollo crews), received any briefing before or after flights on UFO events, saw anything in space suggesting UFOs or structures on the moon, etc. We did it just like we said in official reports. My only claim to knowledge of these events is from the individuals, mostly of yesteryear, who were in government, intelligence, or military; were there, saw what they saw, and now believe it should be made public. But I claim no first hand knowledge, nor have any. Pass it on to the rest of the net, if you will.

--Edgar Mitchell 


Excerpts from Project Disclosure of UFO-Related Testimonies
Testimony of Astronaut Edgar Mitchell  May 1998

original source  |  fair use notice

YouTube Link

[Our deepest gratitude goes to James Fox for sharing with us this interview. SG]

In February 1971 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell flew on Apollo 14 and was the 6th man to walk on the moon. In his testimony, he acknowledges the fact that there have been ET visitations here on Earth as well as crashed craft and recovered materials and bodies. He also speaks of the concealment that has been prevalent surrounding this subject for over 50 years and the lack of oversight and visible Government control. He is concerned over our stewardship of this Earth and sees our growing environmental crisis as real.

EM: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell JF: James Fox

EM: In the literature we see accounts from military people who have had encounters in flight, and been vectored to chase unidentified objects. These are people who have official positions whose job was to know about possible extraterrestrial visitation and to do something with it, people within Government.

There's a lot that does go on with these high security classifications-they are under military rules. I think it is a fairly muddy area when we are talking about this level of activity. There are some stories [about how secrecy has been enforced] that are rather ghastly, as a matter of fact. I can't validate those. I don't know that they are necessarily true. But, like many other stories, they put fear in the hearts of people and that's, perhaps, why many people don't want to come forward.

My interest basically is what's the nature of the universe we live in? What is our relationship to the larger reality? If [UFOs] are a part of the larger reality and we are denying it, that to me is unconscionable. I don't live that way. I went into space to learn about the universe we live in, to get new insights, to go beyond the boundaries of our known existence. And if these phenomena are really indicators of new information about the cosmos at all, and intelligent life in the cosmos, and our ability to travel in the cosmos, then we ought to get to the bottom of it. It is just my curiosity that drives me.

There seems to have been, over the last 50 years at least, a great deal of secrecy surrounding the so-called UFO events. It's a very complex subject. We are not dealing with something that's very simple here. We have sightings of all sorts. We've been reporting thousands and thousands of sightings for 50 years or so. Large numbers of those sightings are indeed misperceiving natural phenomenon in some way. But a large number of them are not misperceiving. They are well documented events that represent flying craft that do not match anything we have in an Earthbound arsenal, which is very short of saying we have validated in the public domain that they are ET craft. We have to rely upon people who have been there and interacted, have firsthand data.

The only people I know of that claim to have been in that position are former intelligence, military, and Government people, and some contractor people whose official duties in the early days were to investigate this and know about it. Those people were under, at that time, great restrictions and high security clearances that prevented them from telling the general public about it. It would appear that period has long past but they are still under security restriction, or at least believe they are.

Yes there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. And there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be associated with Government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated.

I cannot answer who are these people. But there is a lot of evidence that points to what I call a clandestine group- people who have some quasi affiliation with Government and certain Government facilities but operate in a very stealth and secret way that is not generally under high level Government control as far as we can tell. From all that I know, yes there has been ET visitation and may continue to be. There have been craft that have been recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And, that there are Earthlings who are utilizing some of this equipment in certain ways.

And, that, perhaps a large part of the activity that's classified as UFO activity- abductions and the whole host of this type of activity- may very well not be due to ET activity at all. I would suspect if any is due to ET activity, it is a rather small part. And a larger portion is due to human type activity, Earthling type activity in a very clandestine fashion.

I will stop short of attaching motivation to this. I don't know the motivation. But if it is normal human motivation, it has to do with power and control and greed and money and so forth.

I think it is long past time to open this up to the public. I do not see anything that suggests, really, malevolent intent. We see things that, like abductions for example, that many would claim are hostile. To the extent that that may be true, I would more likely attribute it to some other [non ET] cause.

There is a mountain of evidence, if you will, that essentially amounts to smoking gun evidence that has not been brought forward at this point, at least not by the powers of Government.

The question of, has it been kept secret, or how could it be kept secret? It hasn't been kept secret. It's been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and to create confusion so the truth doesn't come out. Disinformation is simply another method of stonewalling. And that's been used consistently for the last 50 years or so: Weather balloons over Roswell as opposed to a crashed craft of some sort. That is disinformation. We've seen that for 50 years. And it's the best way to hide something.

It shouldn't be any more of an effect that ET's have come here than that we have gone to the moon. Okay? It's just a part of the way things are. And we have to understand it and put it in context of the story of ourselves, our knowledge base, of cosmology, the nature of our existence, who are we, how does the world work. And of course that knowledge does change our understanding of how the world, or the universe at large, works. Until the last 30 years, it was conventional wisdom, both in science and theology, that we are alone in the universe, that we are the whole, single repository of life anywhere in the known universe. Well no one believes that anymore. That changes our concept of who we are and how we fit.

And it is becoming very clear that the way we have conducted ourselves as stewards of life on planet Earth is wanting. We haven't been good stewards. We have environmental, global problems right now that are bringing civilization to a crisis. And people don't want to hear that but it's slowly becoming obvious that that is true. And so, this knowledge of who we are, how we manage a planet, how we fit into the larger scheme of things, is a very important question.

Well, Dr. Greer did indeed mount an initiative and did go to Washington, did speak with high level Government people, did present some of the witnesses that we've talked about here, to give briefings. He has asked for congressional hearings on these matters. I attended and helped him with that. And I believe it is a very important effort that we get congressional oversight of all of this. But so far, that hasn't happened. We briefed certain members of Congress, some of their staff, some of the people from the White House. We talked with people in the Pentagon. And in general, it was well received and some were quite amazed at what they heard. But so far it hasn't resulted in any great activity.

JF: Was this news to a lot of their ears?

EM: To some people, yes. Others, not really so much. But I will say, it led me to the belief that people in high level Government have very, very little, if any, valid information about this. Most have no more knowledge than the man in the street. They were out of the loop of the things we were talking about, that's right.

JF: Is that a concern for you?

EM: Oh yes, it's a very great concern. I have expressed this concern over and over. That is exactly what I'm saying: whatever activity is going on, to the extent that it is a clandestine group, a quasi-Government group, a quasi-private group, it is without any type, as far as I can tell, of high level Government oversight. And that is a great concern.

[Astronaut Mitchell here is referring to the 1997 Briefings that Dr. Greer organized for Congress, White House personnel, the Pentagon and others. There were over a dozen government and military witnesses present who testified regarding what they personally had seen related to UFOs and ET matters. It was indeed disconcerting to see so many high government officials and senior Pentagon officers who had been kept in the dark about something as important as this. SG]

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Youtube Video Interviews

Welcome to Ed Mitchell's Website Apollo 14.com

July 31, 2007
Apollo 14 Dr Edgar Mitchell on 'Crashed Craft'

October 10, 2007
Apollo 14 An Epiphany in Space Edgar Mitchell

January 02, 2008
Interview with Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14, Moon, NASA

January 16, 2008
U.S. SECRECY ON UFOs by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

January 30, 2008
Apollo 14 - Edgar Mitchell on Roswell and COMETA

Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut, who holds a doctorate from MIT in aeronautics and astronautics, is convinced ''at a confidence level above 90 percent, that there is reality to all of this.'' He says, ''People have been digging through the files and investigating for years now. The files are quite convincing. The only thing that's lacking is the official stamp.''

'No culture from the beginning of time, no culture from anywhere on the planet, has ever voided the idea of all other intelligent life other than ourselves,'' he told a UFO conference at the New York Hall of Science two weeks ago. ''That's arrogance.''

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

July 23, 2008
Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008

July 23, 2008
Nasa Response re: Edgar Mitchell interview on Kerrang Radio

Apollo 14, ETs, & Consciousness

During the first three hours, astronaut, scientist, and author Dr. Edgar Mitchell discussed his experiences being part of the Apollo 14 mission, his views on ET visitation, and his research into the nature of consciousness. During the 1971 mission, Mitchell and his fellow astronauts spent 34 hours on the moon— with 10 of those hours, walking on the moon's surface. During the flight, he said they heard "ping" sounds, coming from micrometeorites hitting the craft.

While Mitchell said he found no signs of bases or artificial structures on the moon, he does believe there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that ETs have visited the Earth. He doesn't have first hand knowledge, but has heard accounts from multiple high-level sources, such as Wernher von Braun, regarding ET contacts and UFOs. Quite a few of the astronauts saw or chased UFOs in their careers as military pilots before they joined NASA, he added.

Mitchell, who founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor research into the nature of consciousness, discussed the "dyadic" model he developed, which uses energy and information as fundamental concepts in understanding consciousness. Paranormalist Uri Geller joined the conversation for a segment. He recounted the time that he and Mitchell were involved in experimental studies at SRI, and without notice three pieces from Mitchell's jewelry box (which had been lost years earlier), teleported into the room over a number of hours. 

Coast 2 Coast Interview Wednesday September 12th, 2007

Spaceflight & Consciousness

Former Apollo astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Edgar Mitchell discussed his studies of consciousness and sustainable civilizations, as well as sharing spaceflight lore. While not seeing any UFOs himself, he said that the best evidence indicates that we have been visited by other intelligences, and that a governmental cover-up has taken place.

Discussing some of his experiences walking on the moon, he described the extremes in lunar temperatures, where during the day it was over 200° and at night it dropped down to -240°. He dealt with the changes by adjusting the cooling unit in his suit, he explained. The transcendent experience of being on the moon, influenced his perspective on humanity. He believes the exponential growth of human activity on our planet has become unsustainable, and that efforts must be made to restore equilibrium or "we are in real peril."

Mitchell also shared his ideas about consciousness, describing the "quantum holographic model" as encompassing all matter which emits and reabsorbs energy and can exchange information non-locally. He added that his current efforts involve raising funds and fostering development at the intersection of biology and consciousness research which he referred to as "quantum biology."

Coast 2 Coast Interview Monday October 4th, 2004

An Extraordinary Career

Scientist, test pilot, naval officer, astronaut, entrepreneur, author and lecturer, Dr. Edgar Mitchell's extraordinary career personifies humankind's eternal thrust to widen its horizons as well as its inner soul.

Dr. Mitchell appears during the last 3 hours of the show (the first two are Open Lines). 

Coast 2 Coast Interview Friday April 26th, 1996

French COMETA UFO Report
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Stunning French COMETA UFO Report Finally Makes Major US Newspaper
By Leslie Kean

Last month's release of the first detailed satellite images of Area 51, the top-secret US Air Force test site in Nevada, prompted a Web site meltdown as people from across the nation logged on in search of clues about unidentified flying objects.

''The interest has been really phenomenal,'' said David Mountain, marketing director for Aerial Images Inc., which posted the high-resolution photographs of Area 51 on the Internet.

But those hoping to see signs that captured UFOs are stored at the site (as some aficionados have suggested) were destined to be disappointed. Most of Area 51's operations occur underground, making photos meaningless.

Anyone looking for fresh information on UFOs would have better luck trying a new, but less publicized, source: a study (the COMETA Report) by the French military, just translated into an approved English edition.

High-level officials - including retired generals from the French Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense, a government-financed strategic planning agency - recently took a giant step in openly challenging skepticism about UFOs.

In a report based on a three-year study, they concluded that ''numerous manifestations observed by reliable witnesses could be the work of craft of extraterrestrial origin'' and that, in fact, the best explanation is ''the extraterrestrial hypothesis.'' Although not categorically proven, ''strong presumptions exist in its favor and if it is correct, it is loaded with significant consequences.''

The French group reached that conclusion after examining nearly 500 international aeronautical sightings and radar/ visual cases, and previously undisclosed pilots' reports. They drew on data from official sources, government authorities, and the air forces of other countries. The findings are contained in a 90-page report titled ''UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?''

''The number of sightings, which are completely unexplained despite the abundance and quality of data from them, is growing throughout the world,'' the team declared.

The authors note that about 5 percent of sightings on which there is solid documentation cannot be easily attributed to earthly sources, such as secret military exercises. This 5 percent seem ''to be completely unknown flying machines with exceptional performances that are guided by a natural or artificial intelligence,'' they say. Science has developed plausible models for travel from another solar system and for technology that could be used to propel the vehicles, the report points out.

It assures readers that UFOs have demonstrated no hostile acts, ''although intimidation maneuvers have been confirmed.''

Given the widespread skepticism about UFOs, many will quickly dismiss the generals' ''extraterrestrial hypothesis.'' But it is less easy to do so once the authors' credentials are considered. The study's originators are four-star General Bernard Norlain, former commander of the French Tactical Air Force and military counselor to the prime minister; General Denis Letty, an air force fighter pilot; and Andre Lebeau, former head of the National Center for Space Studies, the French equivalent of NASA.

They formed a 12-member ''Committee for In-depth Studies,'' abbreviated as COMETA, which authored the report. Other contributors included a three-star admiral, the national chief of police, and the head of a government agency studying the subject, as well as scientists and weapons engineers.

Not only does the group stand by its findings, it is urging international action. The writers recommend that France establish ''sectorial cooperation agreements with interested European and foreign countries'' on the matter of UFOs. They suggest that the European Union undertake diplomatic action with the United States ''exerting useful pressure to clarify this crucial issue which must fall within the scope of political and strategic alliances.''

Why might the United States be interested - albeit, privately - in a subject often met with ridicule, or considered the domain of the irrational?

For one thing, declassified US government documents show that unexplained objects with extraordinary technical capabilities pose challenges to military activity around the globe. For example, US fighter jets have attempted to pursue UFOs, according to North American Aerospace Defense Command logs and Air Force documents. Iranian and Peruvian air force planes attempted to shoot down unidentified craft in 1976 and 1980. Belgium F-16s armed with missiles pursued a UFO in 1990.

Further, the French report says that there have been ''visits above secret installations and missile bases'' and ''military aircraft shadowed'' in the United States.

Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut who was the sixth man to walk on the moon, is one of many supporters of international cooperation on UFOs. Of the French report, he says, ''It's significant that individuals of some standing in the government, military, and intelligence community in France came forth with this.''

Mitchell, who holds a doctorate from MIT in aeronautics and astronautics, is convinced ''at a confidence level above 90 percent, that there is reality to all of this.'' He says, ''People have been digging through the files and investigating for years now. The files are quite convincing. The only thing that's lacking is the official stamp.''

Mitchell joins five-star Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, the former head of the British Ministry of Defense, in calling for congressional fact-finding hearings into the UFO question.

Although Congress seems disinclined to pursue the matter, the public's interest in UFOs is undiminished. A ballot initiative underway in Missouri, certified by the secretary of state in March, urges Congress to convene hearings. The initiative states that ''the Federal Government's handling of the UFO issue has contributed to the public cynicism toward, and general mistrust of, government.''

US Naval Reserve Commander Willard H. Miller has long been communicating this same concern to high level federal officials. With over 30 years in Navy and joint interagency operations with the Defense Department, Miller has participated in a series of previously undisclosed briefings for Pentagon brass about military policy regarding UFOs.

Like many, Miller says he worries that the military's lack of preparation for encounters with unexplained craft could provoke dangerous confrontation when, and if, such an encounter occurs; ''precipitous military decisions,'' he warns, ''may lead to unnecessary confusion, misapplication of forces, or possible catastrophic consequences.''

And he says he is not alone in his concerns. ''There are those in high places in the government who share a growing interest in this subject,'' Miller reports.

If the US military is concerned about UFOs, it is not saying so publicly. Indeed, the French report chastises the United States for what it calls an ''impressive repressive arsenal'' on the subject, including a policy of disinformation and military regulations prohibiting public disclosure of UFO sightings.

Air Force Regulation 200-2, ''Unidentified Flying Objects Reporting,'' for example, prohibits the release to the public and the media of any data about ''those objects which are not explainable.'' An even more restrictive procedure is outlined in the Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication 146, which threatens to prosecute anyone under its jurisdiction - including pilots, civilian agencies, merchant marine captains, and even some fishing vessels - for disclosing reports of sightings relevant to US security.

Although researchers have been able to obtain some information through the Freedom of Information Act, many UFO documents remain classified.

In earlier decades, issues that remain pertinent today were openly discussed. In 1960, for example, US Representative Leonard G. Wolf of Iowa entered an ''urgent warning'' from R.E. Hillenkoetter, a former CIA director and Navy vice admiral, into the Congressional Record that ''certain dangers are linked with unidentified flying objects.'' Wolf cited General L.M. Chassin, NATO coordinator of Allied Air Service, warning that ''If we persist in refusing to recognize the existence of the UFOs, we will end up, one fine day, by mistaking them for the guided missiles of an enemy - and the worst will be upon us.''

These concerns were taken seriously enough to be incorporated into the 1971 US-Soviet ''Agreement on Measures to Reduce the Outbreak of Nuclear War.''

The French report may open the door for nations to be more forthcoming once again. Chile, for example, is openly addressing its own concerns about air safety and UFOs. The now retired chief of the Chilean Air Force has formed a committee with civil aviation specialists to study recent near-collisions of UFOs and civilian airliners.

As the international conversation about UFOs unfolds, sightings continue, as they have for decades. Perhaps the most notable recent USsighting took place in March 1997. Hundreds of people across Arizona reported seeing huge triangular objects, hovering silently in the night sky - a sighting that, as the state's US Senator John McCain noted recently, has ''never been fully explained.''

As recently as Jan. 5, four policemen at different locations in St. Claire County, Illinois, witnessed a huge, brightly lighted, triangular craft flying and hovering at 1,000 feet. One officer reported witnessing extreme rapid motion by the craft that cannot be explained in conventional terms. Nearby Scott Air Force base and the Federal Aviation Administration purport to know nothing.

The Defense Department maintains it can find no information acknowledging the existence of the triangular objects. In response to a suit by curious Arizonans, it provided details of its search to US District Court Judge Stephen M. McNamee of Phoenix. On March 30, McNamee concluded that ''a reasonable search was conducted'' even though no information was obtained, and he dismissed the case.

There is one government agency in the country that has taken steps to prepare for a UFO encounter. The Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control, second edition - used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and taught at the seven universities offering degrees in fire science - warns of ''UFO hazards,'' such as electrical fields that cause blackouts, force fields, and physiological effects.

''Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitudes,'' the book warns. ''Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed.''

The text leaves little room for skepticism. John E. Mack, professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, stopped being skeptical a long time ago.

''No culture from the beginning of time, no culture from anywhere on the planet, has ever voided the idea of all other intelligent life other than ourselves,'' he told a UFO conference at the New York Hall of Science two weeks ago. ''That's arrogance.''

Leslie Kean is a freelance journalist in the San Francisco Bay area.

This story ran on page E3 of the Boston Globe on 5/21/2000. 
© Copyright 2000 Globe Newspaper Company.

SOURCE: http://christiangeo-uk.blogspot.com/

Roswell Truth Debated
Aired July 4, 2008 - 21:00   ET


KING: We are now joined by distinguished American in West Palm Beach Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo XIV astronaut, sixth man to walk on the moon, many of the Roswell witnesses told Dr. Mitchell their accounts which he says were later verified by a contact at the Pentagon. What do you believe, Dr. Mitchell?

DR. EDGAR MITCHELL, APOLLO ASTRONAUT: Well, I can say, Larry, I have no firsthand experience but all of my experience comes from what I call the old timers that at some point in their - before they passed on, and these folks are all gone now, and because I was who I was, because I lived in the area, I grew up in the area, and because I was an astronaut, some of them wanted to get it off their chest before they passed on and I happened to be selected to hear their story.

And all of them as I heard some of the earlier testimony, all of them were under very severe oaths and fear and penalty for talking but they did want to talk and it was ...

KING: What do you think, Dr. Mitchell, what do you think of Bill Nye's assessment when it comes to what happened, that this was a spy balloon.

MITCHELL: I'm sorry, Bill Nye -- he was saying everybody is colored by their beliefs and not looking at the evidence. I'm sorry, he's not either. And I think he's totally wrong ...

NYE: So, let me ask you ...

KING: Hold on, don't interrupt.

Go ahead, Dr. Mitchell. I'm sorry. MITCHELL: Well, I eventually went to the Pentagon and asked for a meeting with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff which I got with another naval officer who had had many similar experience and we told our story and this gentleman, a vice admiral, said to us, well, I don't know about that but I'm going to find out. And called a few weeks later and said he had found the source of the black budget funding for this project and that he was going to subsequently investigate because if it was real he should know about it, as a matter of fact, he should be in charge, those were his words.

And so we did get calls from some time later and a report much later than that that he had found the people responsible for the cover-up and for the people who were in the know and were told, I'm sorry, admiral, you do not have need to know here and so, goodbye.

KING: All right, Bill.

NYE: So, what are you saying? First of all, did you interview these people on their death bed or under oath? Let the viewer - I'm not going to change your mind. So that's for Ed, go for that.

MITCHELL: They sought me out.

KING: They sought him out.

NYE: But they were not on their deathbed. A deathbed declaration is quite a different thing from seeking you out and telling a story. You're not going to convince me.

MITCHELL: I am not interested in arguing with you. I'm telling my story. If you want to shut up and hear it, I'll be glad to talk. Otherwise, no.

NYE: I'm claiming that you haven't made a claim about aliens. You made a claim about a cover-up, which I'm right there with you and you made a claim about an admiral that was not given clearance to read it. I'm right there with you on that. But go ahead about the aliens.

MITCHELL: I happened to have lived in the area and the - and I grew up the area and my family had farming and ranch holdings and farm machinery holdings. We knew many of the people, including the ranch where this was discovered and in spite of all of the security oaths, etc, the talk in the community was, of what it was, that it was an alien craft and that survived all of the other stories and all of the other oaths and so forth. It was there for a long time. I happened to have lived there.

As a matter of fact, Robert Goddard, the father of American rocketry, his farm was right down the road from ours and I walked past his home every day going there. So I feel fairly well-informed on all of this and like some of your earlier witnesses, Larry, whose fathers talked to them, whose parents talked to them, they were involved, we heard the same thing. We knew it, it was not really covered up and so these stories did get out even though the day after the official announcement had come out in the "Roswell Record" newspaper and was repeated the next day, there was a lot of snickering and laughing going on about what in the world is going on here.

KING: Dr. Mitchell, we're going to do more on this and I want to invite you back for a longer period of time. You're a distinguished American and we appreciate you appearing with us.

MITCHELL: Thank you, Larry.

KING: Dr. Edgar Mitchell.


Astronaut Edgar Mitchell searches for 'inclusive view of reality'

By Melissa E. Holsman (Contact)
Friday, November 30, 2007

WEST PALM BEACH — Apollo 14 astronaut and retired Navy captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who in 1971 was the sixth man to walk on the moon, was to be interviewed late Thursday by CNN's Larry King for a segment expected to air in December.

Mitchell, 77, who was to record his appearance from a West Palm Beach TV studio, said he expected King to inquire into studies at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a research facility he founded 35 years ago in Northern California.

The nonprofit institute sponsors research into the potentials and powers of consciousness — including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition — by "using the tools of science."

According to the institute's Web site, www.instituteofnoeticsciences.com, noetic, derived from the Greek word nous, means something close to 'intuitive ways of knowing.'

Mitchell's passions for such studies, he said, were a direct result of his astonishing 216 hours and 42 minutes of space travel as a pilot aboard Apollo 14.

During his trip home from the moon, Mitchell became "engulfed by a profound sensation 'a sense of universal connectedness,'" according to his Web site, www.edmitchellapollo14.com.

"He intuitively sensed that his presence, that of his fellow astronauts, and that of the planet in the window were all part of a deliberate, universal process and that the glittering cosmos itself was in some way conscious," Mitchell's biography noted.

"The presence of divinity became almost palpable," he added. "And I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes, the knowledge came to me directly."

Soon after his return to Earth, Mitchell, a 30-year resident of Palm Beach County, retired from NASA and set out to find others who "likewise felt the need for an expanded, more inclusive view of reality."

By 1973, he and his fellow explorers founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

The work of noetic scientists, Mitchell noted, provide a new understanding of how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world.

"Because 400 years ago, (French philosopher) René Descartes made the pronouncement that body, mind, physicality and spirituality belonged to two different realms of reality," said Mitchell during a phone interview. "That had the nice effect of getting the Inquisition to get off the backs of European intellectuals and allow science, as we understand it classically, to arise.

"But the bad side is that for all those 400 years, science has avoided the subject of what is consciousness and why are we conscious at all."

It was only through space travel, he said, that the study of consciousness gained momentum.

"And at the beginning of the 20th century, quantum science got formulated and showed very clearly that there's an interaction between mind and matter," Mitchell said. "And in order to understand that we've got to understand what consciousness is."

Now, 35 years later, Mitchell said their research is being noticed by the mainstream academic scientific world.

"It's helped us to understand we're really dealing with a quantum phenomenon here," he said. "And that's been a no-no for about 80 years — to think that quantum physics had anything to do with us, or our scale size — the dogma was that no, it only has to do with subatomic matter.

"Of course, that's pretty heavy stuff for a Larry King show."

Joining Mitchell during the King interview was Dean Radin, a senior scientist at IONS, and author of "Entangled Minds."

In his book, Radin shows how we know that psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis are real, based on scientific evidence from thousands of controlled lab tests.

Ex-Astronaut: Aliens Are Real and NASA Knows It
Credit: Fox/AP
Humans dressed as aliens during a Hong Kong parade.

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Fox News

Former NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell — a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission — claims aliens exist.

He says extraterrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions — but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.

Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview in Birmingham, England, that sources at NASA who had had contact with aliens described the beings as "little people who look strange to us."

He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a "small gray" — short, slight frame, large eyes and large head.

Mitchell also claimed human technology is "not nearly as sophisticated" as the aliens' and "had they been hostile," he warned "we would be been gone by now."

Note:  Even with such a breaking story, Fox still finds a way to make it a joke...

We are not alone, claims NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell
Credit: Herald Sun, Australia
July 24, 2008 11:56am
Herald Sun, Australia

FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell - a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission - has stunningly claimed aliens do exist.
And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions - but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.

Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as 'little people who look strange to us.'

He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

Chillingly, he claimed our technology is "not nearly as sophisticated" as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned "we would be been gone by now".

Dr Mitchell, along with with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission.

"I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real," Dr Mitchell said.

"It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.

"I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes - we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it's been happening quite a bit."

Do you think aliens exist? And has it been covered up? Vote in our poll below right and debate it via the feedback form below.

Dr Mitchell, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering and a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics claimed Roswell was real and similar alien visits continue to be investigated.

He told the astonished Kerrang! radio host Nick Margerrison: "This is really starting to open up. I think we're headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction."

Mr Margerrison said: "I thought I'd stumbled on some sort of astronaut humour but he was absolutely serious that aliens are definitely out there and there's no debating it."

Officials from NASA, however, were quick to play the comments down.

In a statement, a spokesman said: "NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe.

'Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.' 

SOURCE: Herald Sun, Australia

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