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How to ID undercover Leo cars

The right-angled brake lights (the ones right next to the license plate) is something that was observed in the South. On a country road, it became very easy to spot a cop from miles away by his tail lights/head lights.

In NYC, there is a fleet of undercover police cars which look light yellow cabs. They wear plain clothes.

These taxis are actually fairly easy to spot by a local (especially those who pay attention to the details).

Look at the medallion number. (Those are the four digits in the rooflight that are used to identify one cab from another.) If the first two digits are 6Y or 2W, it's a police car. Then there's the license plate. Real cabs have the four-digit medallion number there, too. Another thing is the black molding strip running across the doors. The Ford Crown Vic taxis that are in service today have a yellow strip, not black.

SOURCE: How to ID undercover Leo cars

Only standard, unmarked police cruisers have the sharp right-angles on their rear lights/reflectors. Every civilian version of that car has rounded reflectors.

Of course, since police departments have started auctioning off their old vehicles, this means there are a ton of civilians driving around the old "unmarked vehicles".


Twas walking by the local metro vehicle maintenance barn and low and behold guess what i saw?

1 white escalade
1 silver escalade
1 red malibu/pimped
1 box van
all had black wheels and tires.
8 leo in full armor and packing to leave. made my heart stop. i pointed it all out to asa and we agree they aint been near here.

all cars need servicing. even leos and leo got they own garage, so makes this easy. i want to go back and take pix of leo. then pass them out...

i kept thinking, ewww. ewww. ewww.

As for the cars they use, don't 90% of the non-standard cars come from seized assets after busts? i.e. they could be driving ANYTHING that the last guy they busted was driving.

Narc units use drug monies to buy anything they want/need. Watching the watchers is kinda pointless, but I appreciate the tips.

Undercover Chargers

Last year the California Highway Patrol placed a $1.9 million order for 88 Dodge Chargers. This is the scene at the CHP's Fleet Operations Facility in West Sacramento, California. Looks like they took delivery.

(Compare this scene with another photo I took at the same location in April 2006.)

The Chargers will be used primarily as undercover vehicles, although 9 of them will remain at the CHP academy for training use. No word as to what's going on with the all-black Crown Vics in the foreground, but the tinted glass and civilian wheelcovers suggest they may be used for VIP transport.

The CHP fleet also includes:

-- 2042 Ford Crown Vic Interceptors (black and white)
-- 90 All-white Crown Vics (commercial enforcement)
-- 15 Chevy Camaros
-- 151 pickups (commercial enforcement)
-- 150 4x4 SUVs (Chevy Tahoes, Ford Expeditions, and Dodge Durangos)
-- 532 BMW motorcycles 

SOURCE: Flicker Account

Cell Picture Of Undercover Officer Sparks Arrest
Starsky and Hutch Car

Tampa Bay Online  | March 16, 2008 | Michael A. Scarcella
Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 8:27:25 AM by Lester Moore

Randy Dean Sievert drew ire from Manatee County sheriff's deputies as he aimed his cell phone camera at undercover investigators executing a search warrant in his neighborhood.

A deputy confronted Sievert, demanding that he destroy any photos of investigators and their vehicles.

Sievert was not a welcome observer of the drug raid. Authorities called him a "known drug dealer" based on a couple of past arrests. Taking photos of undercover officers jeopardized their lives, deputies said.

Sievert refused to remove his hands from his pockets and step away from his car after he was confronted about the pictures. Deputies forced him to the ground. The 20-year-old unemployed Bradenton man was arrested on a misdemeanor obstruction charge. 

SOURCE: Free Republic

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