Future Apollo Missions ~ Cancelled


Reconnaissance Office
November 15, xxxx

Memorandum For:
Dr. Kissinger
Dr. Berger
Mr. Stevenson

Subject: Future Apollo Missions

Regarding the discussions of the xxxx subcomittee on January 27, xxxx and July 17, xxxx on the subject of future Apollo Mission viability, it was determined that Missions 18, 19 and 20 would be cancelled due to evolving budgetary constraints in the xxxx and xxxx sectors.

Those in attendance and voting included:

On November 14, xxxx following the directives of xxxx the mission status of? has been altered. The revised status shifts from cancellation to postponement.
Potential dates of Mission reinstatement include xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx.

If orders to redeploy are received by xxxx, we confidently expect to launch xxxx or or before xxxxxxxxx.

Please refer to the memoradum enclosed herewith outlining the reservations of General xxxx and Colonel xxxx. Support materials and the subject of security including photographic reconnaissance files requested are forthcoming, expected by xxxx.

Wiliam ? ?
Major, USAF

Top Secret

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