The Star Gates
Speculation to Reality
by Ron Schmidt
and collected works by the
Pegasus Research Consortium
Greetings Seekers of Truth

Many people have considered the possibilty that Star Gates or similar portals have existed in the far distant past, and do indeed exist today. As of yet there is no accepted proof of theses devices existing, however there is a wealth of evidence from many sources that do lead one to believe that this is indeed possible. While it is almost impossible to discuss such a subject without bringing up the possibility of coverup by various groups and agencies, and we will make notes on that possibility from time to time, it is not our intent in this article to scream "conspiracy"

Rather we will present the evidence, add comments based on our opinions, and allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions. It is not our intent to offer "absolute proof" of the existence of Star Gates, but rather present various hypothesis and a wealth of interesting evidence, letting the weight of that evidence carry our point across.

Many people have come up independantly with various theories on who made them and when. Rather than duplicate all this research and work, we will offer a brief comment and link you to the work in queston.

If anyone out there wants to add something to our project, you can email the webmaster. Unfortunaely in our modern world there are many forgeries and hoaxes created and presented as "evidence", and on the other side of the coin there are many more "experts" that try to debunk everything. It is our firm belief that these "experts" do not always know what they are talking about. Many scientific advancements and new discoveries would never have happened if everyone listened to the "experts"

Stargate SG-1 the TV series covers many of the aspects that we consider in the hypothesis. We will be using descriptions from certain scenes and paralleling our evidence and facts in an interesting way. The TV series is very popular and very visual so in this context will be an excellent tool. We are in no way connected with the TV show, its writers and producers, and make no claim that they agree with our viewpoint. Whether or not any material in the show is intentionally portrayed or just plain good science fiction will be explored later in a seperate section.

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