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Greetings Seekers of Truth

There is little question today that the Ancients possesed certain skills and secret knowledge, knowledge that has been hidden by Secret Societies and in some cases lost to us for all time (Library of Alexandria burning for one)

Mainstream Academia has often in the past brushed this off as occult nonesense, witchcraft and pure fabrication, but recent policy has changed. Many modern Universities are studying Sacred Geometry, The Secrets of the Pyramid and other Ancient Arts. There are many that, though they don't actually teach a course in Alchemy, never the less study it in context.

Just in case there is doubt, a few examples...

Dartmouth University Sacred Geometry & Architecture
Dartmouth University The Golden Ratio and the Pyramid
University of Bristol School of Chemistry - Alchemy Page

Persented here are as many works as we have been able to gather on these subjects. Many more are in out local files waiting for completion of research and copyright permissions. Most of what we present is old knowledge from old texts and as such are in the public domain, yet many try to claim copyright by reworking old works. In this effort we seek to track the originals or the free copies that exist. This is a time consuming phase and anyone that finds such a free paper we would greatly appreciate either a copy with source or a link where we might find it. Send it to Webmaster we will post it and credit you with the find.

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"The teacher appears when the Student is Ready...
So too the evidence presents itself when the mind is truly open"
 Join us now on a Mystical Journey
of Discovery of Ancient Secrets
"The Cats Eye Nebula"
NGC 6543 is 3,000 light-years away in the northern constellation Draco.
Image NASA Hubble Telescope
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