The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Seal Rock"

This is a rock formation that makes an easy to spot landmark. It is included in the "Looks Like" category


"Crane 02"

This crane/steam shovel is in Image #2 left of "Seal Rock". It has a shadow of itself including the boom. Area "G"

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Update Now 30, 2006

This object has been reidentified as a Rock Drill. Similar images on Earth in the Kennecott Open Pit Copper Mine in Utah make this identification positive

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"X Drone 01"

Tubes crossing over each other? Pipes? Has shadow beneath it. John Lear said that the cross shaped machines are X-Drones.

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"Tank C"

This one looks very similar to Tank A in Area E. It also appears to have vapors coming off the top, so for now we will label it "tank" as well

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"Silo 01"
GRID 5L-7a

This one appears to be a silo shaped object, with a shiny round dome on top


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"Angle Rock 5"

This is one of several clearly identifyable landmarks that allow us to match locations in C#1-4 and C#5. It is an angular rock formation that shows bright veins aganst a dark background. It is this type of feature that would instantly attract any geologist, prospector or rockhound.

Angle Rock on C#2

"Venting Area 02"
GRID 5L-10a

This area corresponds to the venting area in Image #2. Though difficult to see you can trace out the top of object "J" , the step like object "I" and two tank shapes. The order and spacing is consistent with the area on #2


The clarity of the image is not important in this clip, but the location and the appearance of objects "J" and "I" are as they show the same anomalies from two vantage points.

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The location is on the ridge to the left and below the "Angle Rock" landmark on both images
"The Monument"
GRID 5L-11a

This object is truly amazing when see from above in C#5 with sharp angles and shadows. This is one of several areas showing a structure with sharp angles and straight lines and has a remarkable resemblance to Mayan pyramids.


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Monument in Copernicus # 2

"Tower H"
GRID 5L-11b

This view is just north of the monument. You can barely make out the half circle which represents the location of "Tower H" seen from above but close inspection will show the 'spoked effect" noticed on the other image


Above that you can see some very odd "Spires" casting shadows. To the right of Tower H there is another very large and interesting structure. {This one is in shadow on C#2}

Tower in Copernicus # 2

"Tank A"
GRID 5L-12a

This is one of the best enigmas as it is very clear and also found front view in Image #2. It is important to note that the sunlight is on the right with shadow on the left as opposed to craters where the sunlight hits on the left and the shadow is on the right. The shading on the tank is gradient indicating a curved surface.
First posted by Xabora, a member of ATS

Tank A in Copernicus # 2
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