The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"The Arched Roadway"
This one is a best case for a road. It goes up the incline in Area "D" #2. Then is covered by rock the rest of the way up the incline to the next tier. There are several really good anomalies along here. See below as we detail them.
Take a close look at this image for a few miniutes. Look at the definate "archway" pattern of the roadway. Can you spot the three interesting anomalies? A clue is their brightness.
The little sphere we call "light" does not appear to be a dust spot. But the "roadcrew" and the "bucket wheel" are extremely exciting finds. We have evidence in doucuments that show at least one was built and you can see one here on Earth to give you a size comparison with the one in the above image. Below are the best closeups we could manage from this image.
"Road Crew"

The roadway clearly shows the arches in this closeup. Siting on the roadway are a group of  "cubes" (3 grey, 1 black and one whiter) There is also a "stack" or "boom" venting white vapor.

Colorized to highlight details...
Labeled to show details...
"Bucket Wheel Excavator"

This one is amazingly clear considering the data we have to work with. A HUGE Bucket Wheel Excavator with Vapor venting from the top. This rates as my best find so far

Colorized to highlight details...
Labeled to show details...
Earth based Bucket Excavator for comparison...

SEE HERE for size comparison

SEE HERE for documentation

"The Reptilian"

What lurks in the dark shadows? For those who cannot fathom the mining industry, we offer a little escape...

IF you can get away from THIS critter...!!

Good luck!@!
"The Caves"
Area "E"

Here we have two tunnel entrances and a possible third or natural cave to the left. 

The one on the right features arches of a different color and finer material than the surrounding rock. There is a clear access path for the top two tunnels. 
"Enigma AE"

Appears to be a small group of cylinders next to the caves along the same level

"Tank A"
Area "E"

This is a front view of a giant tank first discovered in Image C#5. It appears to have markings on the "nose" and there is definite vapor venting behind it. It reflects sunlight very brightly. 

The size and location match concisely in image #2 and image #5. Highlighted here to accent details. See HERE for aerial view in C#5

Tank A in Copernicus # 5

"Puff 1"
Area "E"

A small bright spot of Vapor, or an object reflecting sunlight brighter than the surrounding rock. First posted by 
Xabora, a member of ATS

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