The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater
Section One
"The Sphinx"
Detail of Picture LO-2-162H Section 4 from Copernicus Crater
Though seeing "faces" in rock formations is quite common, this one is quite remarkable, especially the round balls that make up the "crown" or circlet above the brow. But the interesting thing is the shadow on the left has a sharp angular line, not the jagged edge you would expect following the contour of the "face". As these are un-retouched photos from Nasa's Lunar Orbiter II in 1965 {See declaration here}

Editors Note: More text will be added soon... The complete photos and discussion of them are available at ATS Some color has been added to offset the key points and they are enlarged sections of the originals, but no other enhancement has been made from the originals.

"The Pyramid"
Detail of Picture LO-2-162H Section 3 from Copernicus Crater

Excerpt from ATS posted on 13-9-2006 at 09:40 AM (post id: 2482718)

Regarding the Source of the photos that the above sections are taken from;

The first 4 are separate scans of one photo Lunar Orbiter 2-162H. I ordered this photo many years ago from a NASA contractor, I forget which. When the package arrived it was a 16x20 inch negative. It took until a couple of years ago to find someone in Las Vegas that could print from a 16x20 negative. I had 2 prints made, one a 16x20 print and one 20x24 which is now on my den wall. I took the 16x20 over to Bob Lazar's and he scanned it in 4 sections: no. 1 is top left, no. 2 is top right, no. 3 is bottom right and no. 4 is bottom left. No. 5 is a scan of Lunar Orbiter 5-155M.

The LO-2-162H has not been retouched as far as I can tell. LO-5-155 has been retouched which is obvious from others photos I have of 155. The other photo I am referring to is published in "Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes by Ernest H. Cherrington, Jr. published in Canada by the General Publishing Co. Toronto, copyright 1969, 1984. It is on page 230 I think but I will check.

LO-2-162H is an oblique photo of the north face of Copernicus looking north. I will post the technical data in the next couple of days. The Lunar Orbiter cameras were launched in 1965-1966 and 1967. There were 5 Orbiters. They sent back thousands of crystal clear photos of the moon. As I mentioned most of these photos have been retouched. Through some quirk of fate I not only received one that wasn't retouched but received the actual negative.

- John Lear

Author - John Lear; a member of from, LLP
John Lear's Moon Pictures on ATS

"The Whole Picture"
Picture LO-2-162H Section 1 - 4 Copernicus Crater
When you pull back on the view and add the rest of the "enigmas" pointed out above, you get a very eerie sense that something is amiss on the moon.
An Important Note on Shadows

Crater on C #5
Tank A on C #5
The direction of the sunlight in these images is effectively from the right. The exact angles are posted. That means sunken objects such as craters or crevices have the bright side on the left and the shadow on the right. Objects such as hills, spires and tanks have the bright side on the right, the shadow on the left. This is very important in searching for anomalies

Copernicus Crater Strip Mine
"The Old Strip Mine"
Picture LO-2-162H Section 1 & 2 Copernicus Crater
The interesting thing about the above picture is that it simply looks like the rocks have been disturbed by a large mining operation. Impact craters do not leave such terraces effects, tending to throw debris outwards like the Meteor Crater in Arizona {see below}. When they do make depression ridges they are generally even around the crater. The angled terraces and the debris piles on the left are more consistent with a mining operation than with erosion patterns, but then, as there is not supposed to be any air, wind or water on the moon to cause such erosion we can rule out that possibility.

It is the opinion of John Lear, myself and several others at ATS that this area is indeed a strip mine... and further that it is currently active, not an Ancient site

Strip Mine on Earth for Comparison
Meteor Crater - Arizona

The Evidence

On the following pages we will show you several anomalies in these photos. Many of them match anomalies on image #5 which is an aerial view taken on a different day of the same area covered by the first four images. The four have been split up due to the high resolution of the image, making it easier to study an area at a time.

For clarification there are three types of images presented here...

A} These are items that look like something, but are clearly tricks of light and shadow. Most of them are large, which if real would make them impossibly huge. We list them as they are the first obvious things most people see... so we can identify them to avoid confusion later...

B} The Shadows! There are many shadows that are clearly seen that are very interesting and unusual, yet there does not appear to be any source to create the shadow. Most of the ones we have picked are extremely interesting... so again we will include them for cataloging.

C} The real enigmas or objects that are out of place and present clear evidence that all is not right. These are small, yet clearly identifiable. They are in logical locations i.e.. on flat terraces, they are of the same size scale, and are consistent with a mining operation.

At the end you will find the large images posted with all the "finds" marked on the image, so you can compare them to the untouched originals for yourself. The items have been labeled by various people that found them based on what they thought at the time, and they have been credited with the find.

The "Box" or Structure

John refers to this as the "Parking Garage" due to its resemblance to such a building, but it also has resemblance to a mineral refinery on Earth. Whatever the object represents, it certainly does not belong on the Moon. First found by Ram, a member of ATS

Building on Moon
Refinery at Mine on Earth
This structure is to the right of the "Box" and "Cross" on the same ridge. The white triangle is interesting, but the perfect star shape is more of an enigma

Strange Shadows ~ The "Cross"
The "Cross"
Copernicus #5
Copernicus #1
GRID N-2,O-2
This "Cross" is located right beside the structure above and can be seen in that picture. This mark is one of the keys that has been used as a landmark to compare Copernicus #5 aerial view with Copernicus #1 to #4. But no one has yet wondered about the source of the "Cross" shadow that is so easily identifiable in both pictures. 

It is quite possibly a landing field, and as it is very large, would be easy to spot from above, as we did in the photos. It is in any case a highly unusual marking that is hard to attribute to "natural causes"

The Anomalies in Area "A" on Copernicus #2
Area "A" on Copernicus #2 Anomaly Locator ~ Full Untouched Image is Here

Please bear in mind that objects in the following images are named by what they most closely resemble, not necessarily what they are. NASA scientists routinely do this as well. It is simply human nature to label things as something we are familiar with. Don't let a label detract you from the object.

Area "A" Details
The "Caves"
These openings are in the face wall of the rock below the "Box". This means they are either natural caves, or mine openings. If you look closely in the large one you will see thin lines that might indicate some structures


First discovered and named by Valhall at ATS. Here we have a round object with a rectangular "window", you can see a round tube support on its right side, and another section barely visible above the rock on its right. It reflects sunlight brighter than the surrounding rock. More on this object here!


Click on Image for Highlights
The "Water Tower" and the "Airplane"
Click on Image for Highlights
These to objects are a little more difficult to see, but clearly they are not rocks. The "Airplane" is reflecting sunlight very brightly and a fuselage, wings, tail and tail engine are identifiable, hence the name. The three legs of the tower can be made out below the oval. To the right of the "plane" appears a "truss" like structure.


The  "Venting Tank"
This object is exhibits extremely bright reflection. From the left you can clearly see venting gases evident by the "V" shaped dispersal pattern. This is our first venting gases example. You will see more in other areas later. {The cross like object is a flaw in the negative}


Click on Image for Gray scale

Area "A" Oddities Not Researched Yet
"White Out"
This white rectangle glares out at you when you look at the center of the big picture. It is either missing transmission data, though that is usually black, or it is evidence of tampering. No conclusion as yet on this anomaly.
"Bird on a Pyramid"
This shadow of a "Bird on a Pyramid" has been included because it is interesting and has no apparent source that produced it, but the image also shows one of the crosshairs that exist on all the big NASA photos. These are not anomalies, they are part of the image process used to assemble large images. The technical term is a FIDUCIAL,
they are etched onto a sheet of glass , known as a RESEAU PLATE which sits between the film and the shutter. 
"White Square 1"
This white square has thin lines emitting from the corners in a symmetrical pattern. There is too little detail to draw a conclusion.
"More Tanks 2"
These rounded oblong objects appear to be some sort of tank. Again the detail is to small to make a conclusion, other than they do not appear to be natural. 
Close-up View of the First Ridge
Click Image for Larger View ~ Click Here for Highlights with Text
Mine Area Mapper
Front View Copernicus #2 and Aerial View from Copernicus #5
Note: #5 has to be rotated 90 degrees to the right to get the same perspective or orientation as #2
You can get the original full size image here.
In determining the area in #5 three key landmarks were used; the "cross", the angular rock formation and the "steps". These three are clearly identifiable in both images.

The Anomalies in Area "A" on Copernicus #5
Area "A" on Copernicus #5
Image #5 is both less detailed and a smaller scale as it is taken from a higher altitude. This makes it more difficult to clearly spot certain objects, but not impossible.
GRID 5-K-7a
This image is "Peekaboo" seen from above. You see here the round sphere connected by lines to other smaller spheres. To the upper left of the larger  sphere you can see a backward "C" shaped object with two lines forming an upside down "V". We will come back to this later in detail, or you can jump ahead to see it here!
"Cross 5"
GRID 5-K-5a

This is the "Cross" shadow next to the "Box". The formation to the right of it also looks peculiar.

"The Hand B"
GRID 5-K-5b

This one is a really unusual structure. It is found to the left of the "Cross'. It has not been located in #2 yet. Click on image to remove highlight.

"Structure Y"
GRID 5-K-5c
The shape in the center with the two points facing left is the top view overlooking the "Box" in #2. It is too fuzzy to make accurate determinations, but the location is the same. UPDATE: This enigma is in the crater above the one that should show the box.. It remains unknown.
See here for location.
GRID 5-K-6a

The two "Caves" in the rock face. This is a very good image to compare the scale of #2 and #5. All we need to find is the crater diameter to determining size of objects in these pictures.

"Bird on a Pier"
GRID 5-K-6b

This "Bird on a Pier" shadow is amazingly clear, yet there is no explanation as to its source. The gray color indicates shadow as opposed to a hole.

"Structure A"
GRID 5-J-5a

When you view this one on the original image and zoom in you will see a round sphere on a platform with shadow. There are faint lines connecting to smaller spheres similar to "Peekaboo". There are several more objects in other areas that exhibit this same peculiar structure

"Silo C"
GRID 5-L-7a
This one appears to be a silo shaped object, with a shiny round dome on top
"Structure D"
GRID 5-K-8a

Although this one is out of focus, you can still make out the small spheres and connecting lines, again with a large one in the center.

"Structure L"
GRID 5-K-7b

More strange structures connected by lines. More investigation required.

"Structure M"
GRID 5-J-8a

More strange structures connected by lines. More investigation required.

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