The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Venting Area"

This section provides the best evidence on this Image for gases venting from angular objects. Object "J" looks like a flat topped tank or bunker, while "I" has step like features
First discovered by Zarniwoop a member at ATS.

Vent 1 and Vent 2 exhibit classic "V" shaped dispersal patterns, being densest at the bottom. The brightness of the various venting areas that we have found indicate steam or water vapor as smoke is duller white, gray, brown or black {There are some samples of that} while other gases would be invisible

Below the flat ridge line, the white billowing area looks like a heavy dense mist pouring down the rock face. Close examination reveals the cloud like form of the mass, even swirling above the ridge line.

The central location of this area in regards to the main mining activity is further indication that this is a major venting area. This area has been located on Copernicus #5 and can be seen here.

Posted by Zarniwoop, on September 24, 2006
The second one appears to be a couple of large tanks emitting some sort of vapor out the top right side of each. 
"Tower 01"

This strange structure looks like a spoked wheel with a tower in the center. In Copernicus #5 you can very faintly see a spoked wheel. {See Below]


Tower H in Copernicus # 5
"The Monument"

This is the same object located in Copernicus #5 but this is in C#2. There appears to be some airbrushing in this area, especially the two long pure black straight shadows next to this object


More Info

Monument in Copernicus # 5


Hidden "Saucer" on the Moon?
"UFO Rock"
Copernicus # 2
On the scale of things in these photos, the above image is most likely a peculiar trick of light and shadow. However the clearly visible bands and classic "Saucer" shape do make it an interesting anomaly to include in this collection. Its size also means that it stands out in the image so the sooner it is identified, the easier it is to eliminate it in a search for the truly significant anomalies, which are actually small.
"Wall & Chimney"

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Hard to see detail, but the reflection is extremely bright, and the shapes are angular possibly indicating metallic surfaces.


Colorized to highlight detail
"The Shuttle Terminal"
GRID 5P-12

This is the PRIZE... A Delta wing shuttle, with the engine visible. It is right in fronr of a gear shaped structure


"The Shuttle Terminal"
GRID 5P-12



Gray Scale...
The image above is John Cryton's Shuttle from Farscape, the BBC TV Series. The resemblance is amazing.
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