The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"The Box"
N-2 to N-3

This was the first image to hunt for when John posted the original pictures.

Found by John Lear
First found by Ram,  of ATS

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Posted by johnlear, on September 18, 2006
Its obviously a 3 or 4 level parking garage, the ramp is on the left.

First discovered and named by Valhall at ATS. Here we have a round object with a rectangular "window", you can see a round tube support on its right side, and another section barely visible above the rock on its right. It reflects sunlight brighter than the surrounding rock. More on this object here!

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"Vapor Column"

This bright column of vapor is immediately to the left of "Peekaboo". It is brighter near the bottom where it is denser. The "cross" is one of the Fiducial Marks on the glass plate in front of the film

"Bird on Pyramid"

One of the many unusual shadows that have no apparent source The "cross" is one of the Fiducial Marks on the glass plate in front of the film

"White Square 1"

This white square has thin lines emitting from the corners in a symmetrical pattern. There is too little detail to draw a conclusion, though it appears part of a larger structure.

"Bone Yard A1"

Many structures here, the one in the center is either a very bright reflection off shiny metal, or it is a bright light. 
Posted by John Lear, 
a Member at ATS

Judging by the star like dispersion pattern I would say it was a light, actually more than one light.
Colorized to highlight detail.
Named by Papajake,
a Member at ATS
Detail of the above area. 
Notice the "rings" that were lurking in the shadows
Detail of the above area. 
Appears to be more than one bright light/
"One Armed Bandit"
GRID 5-N-8

Alien at a Slot Machine 2.

This is one of the silly shadows included just for fun. Being from Las Vegas I couldn't resist this one. Naturally there is no object that can account for this shadow. Perhaps NASA airbrushers have a sence of humor?

"The Base"
GRID 5N-12

This area is to the right of the second "STEP". It is the same location as the one above that has the "Cockpit" The strange shadow {see below} is present in both thereby acts as a landmark, thought in itself this shadow is an enigma.

Once again there are several odd items in this picture. There appears to be a cave entrance, but in front of it is a tapered oval object that is cylindrical judging by the shading.

Below that is a large sphere with three smaller ones arranged in a triangular pattern connected by thin lines. It appears to be floating based on the shadow beneath it.

"Odd Shadow"
GRID 5-N-12a

This shadow however is very unique. It shows thin lines and may even be a collection of objects. To the left of this "shadow" you see the large sphere surrounded by three small spheres connected by thin lines in a triangle pattern. This object appears to be floating as there is a shadow below it {More on this later}
The other point of note is that this same shadow can be identified and located on Copernicus #2. Though it does not look exactly the same, don't forget the angle and scale are different and the images 8 months apart. MORE INFO HERE


"Floating Spheres"
GRID 5-N-12b

Closeup of the Floating Spheres showing the connecting triangular pattern with the shadow below the object.

"Enigma R" Area C #5
GRID 5-N-12b
There are two small rectangular objects in this image. They are best seen zooming in on the original image as the cropping blurs the edges
This one is in the bottom left of the above picture. Notice the rectangular tower with appropriate shading, and the pyramid roof. It has two extensions out one side also with a pyramid roof.
This smaller one is just above the other one
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