The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater
Section Three
The Anomalies in Area "C" on Copernicus #2
"The Cockpit in Area C"
In this section there are three anomalies. The white sphere with the black rectangle that John Lear says "Looks like the cockpit section of a Douglas DC-6B. Do you think the Weekly World was right?"
Additions since previous examination
For this same area in Copernicus # 5 see here. Their are noticeable differences between this area and the one on C #5, but that is not surprising when you consider the images are about 8 months apart. That fact adds more evidence to the events being current. The images are also a different angle and scale.
"Spheres in the Shadow"

There are several spheres connected by thin lines within the strange shadow. 

"Spheres in the Shadow"

Sepia tone for details

"Factory with Smoke 01"
Area "C"
The smoke seen coming out of a large cone shaped enigma is grayish, as opposed to the white "venting" in Area "B"
Detail of the shaded Cross on the lower right. It looks like the cross is in a shallow depression
The white boxes highlight curious structures
A close up showing a large cone spewing smoke. with two matching smaller cones to the right that have round tops. To the right of that is another interesting structure with fine details visible.
"Factory with Smoke 01"
Area "C"

On the left side of this picture there is another cone spewing blackish smoke

On the right side and center you can see angular and parallel lines that look like some sort of structures
Detail of Black Smoke Plume
"Enigma Q" Area C #2
Round disc with sphere in center. This is one of many throughout the images hidden in craters. At the end we will put them in one collection like the floating spheres
The Anomalies in Area "C" on Copernicus #5

"The Base"

This area is to the right of the second "STEP". It is the same location as the one above that has the "Cockpit" The strange shadow is present in both thereby acts as a landmark, thought in itself this shadow is an enigma.

"The Base"

Once again there are several odd items in this picture. There appears to be a cave entrance, but in front of it is a tapered oval object that is cylindrical judging by the shading.

Below that is a large sphere with three smaller ones arranged in a triangular pattern connected by thin lines. It appears to be floating based on the shadow beneath it.

Enigma R Area C #5
There are two small rectangular objects in this image. They are best seen zooming in on the original image as the cropping blurs the edges
This one is in the bottom left of the above picture. Notice the rectangular tower with appropriate shading, and the pyramid roof. It has two extensions out one side also with a pyramid roof.
This smaller one is just above the other one
Enigma S Area C #5
Here we see a whole collection of spheres, with one larger and darker one roughly  in the center.

The Spheres and the Tubes
Found by Valhall at ATS
The images abound with spheres... some obviously floating at various heights above the ground. {Determined by the distance from their shadows} and some on the ground. "Peekaboo" is the only one we have a clear detail of as it is on a ridge and appears larger than the others. Below is a highlighted version so you can see the sphere and the tube. This is on the top of the "rubble heap" below the "Box" on Image #2 
Below is the same location, top of the "rubble heap" in Image #5. We were surprised  at what we found there. {Note: Page one has the locator details}
You can clearly see a large sphere and several smaller ones connected by faint lines. {image # 5 is taken from further away}. There is a "C" shape {reversed} on the upper left, with two lines in an inverted "V", one connecting to the sphere. 
The importance of this find became clear when we were presented with the following image...
This is another craft the same as "Peekaboo" Notice the similarity between the objects. This one is from a NASA Apollo 16 photo. Its in the sky just straight up from the camera on this image AS16-111-18035HR.jpg In this image it is in the correct orientation from the original picture. Below is a comparison of the two images. {On the NASA image the object is two cross hairs above the camera on the stand. It appears as a small dot until you zoom in close. We think it was missed because it is so small in normal view, but the image is very high res and clearly shows up in zoom.}
Now the image on the left is in the sky above the Lunar expedition of Apollo 16 in 1972. The one on the right is on the moon in 1966, before Apollo 11. It was this discovery that convinced me that the activities on the moon are current, not Ancient.
The Enigma of the Sphere Part Two
To see the floating spheres with shadows that we have found so far you can go here, {Floating Spheres}. We found three areas that are flat and square, {though seen at an angle they appear diamond shape}, that we called "Mining Camps" because that is what they resemble. Especially the second one if you zoom in. But all three areas have at least one sphere "parked" in them.

Looking deeply into several craters and other areas we found that there are many unusual groupings in "hiding". Mostly due to the fact that they appear small to the scale of the images, but once you understand the scale and know what to hunt for, they are easy to spot. Are they spacecraft or habitats? It appears they are both, as some look like silos rather than spheres, and judging from the shadows they leave. The one above was obviously in flight in the Apollo 16 image, and the floating spheres certainly are in flight as well.

"Enigma S" Area C #5
GRID O-12a

Here we see a whole collection of spheres, with one larger and darker one roughly  in the center.

"Enigma Q" Area C #2

Round disc with sphere in center. This is one of many throughout the images hidden in craters. Lines connected to wall

"Enigma A" Area A #5
GRID 5J-5a

Round disc with sphere in center. Small spheres around connected by lines

"Enigma V" Area J#5
GRID 5E-3a

Round disc with sphere in center. Lines connected to wall

"Enigma" T  Area J#5

This one is the same as "Peekaboo". Notice the "C" and "V" line combination. Click on image for closer view More Info

"Enigma U"  Area J#5
GRID 5C-9a

Large and small spheres on a platform

The Anomalies in Area "J" on Copernicus #5
"Zone One"
Area "J"

#1 Three spheres in a triangle with some visible connecting lines
#2 Some sort of structure showing right angles
#3 Interconnected rounded shapes
#4 Strange towers with thin lines that are clearly visible in the shadow

"Square Structure"
Enigma BC Area J C #5
GRID 5D-5a

Very unusual shape. More study of this enigma is warranted. An attempt to match location on the other images is underway

Enigma BC Area J C #5

Colorized to show contrast. This image is clipped from the true orientation of C #5

"Zone Two"
Area "J"

#1  A long line of connected spheres
#2 A curious pattern of lines

"Tunnel Tube"
Enigma BB Area J C#5

I've had a quick look through all the pages and I haven't seen this part of Copernicus 5 mentioned but some of the pictures from some posters don't show up, so I'm sorry if this ones been covered. All the same I find this one very interesting it's at the bottom left of center. It seems like a tunnel of some sort and some sort of equipment. 
First spotted by Spyke, a member of ATS

Colorized to show detail of the enigma. This image is clipped from the original orientation of C#5 as it is easier to see the enigma at this angle

Enigma BA Area J C#5

Same post as above... 
First spotted by Spyke, a member of ATS

"Enigma BA" 
Area J C#5
GRID 5C-4a

Colorized to show contrast. This image is clipped from the true orientation of C #5

Looks like the entrance to a tunnel, or an archway. As this is taken from above though it is most likely something else. The parallel lines lower in the image are also interesting.


Area "J" ~ Just for Fun
"The Figa"
GRID 5C-2a
This is actually a real rock formation as is evident by the matching shadow on the left side of the object. The shadow on the right that looks similar is from another source. The rounded objects in the lower right are very unusual.
"The Figa" Highlighted
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