The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Odd Shadow"

This shadow  is very unique. It shows thin lines and may even be a collection of objects. To the left of this "shadow" is the large sphere John Lear labeled "Cockpit"{More on this later}
The other point of note is that this same shadow can be identified and located on Copernicus #5. Though it does not look exactly the same, don't forget the angle and scale are different and the images 8 months apart. MORE INFO HERE

"Factory with Smoke 02"

The general impression when viewed from a distance is that of camouflaged buildings. On closer inspection there are many startling features. Below is a colorized version followed by to close ups. Other than the color added these images are simply enlargements of the area with no other enhancement.

This image contains one of several examples of BLACK SMOKE.. To the right of the smoke are several highly detailed structures. The cross structure on the right stands out easily. The bottom corner contains several pipe like anomalies and a "gear" shaped structure below the cross.
"Factory with Smoke 02"

Detail of Black Smoke

"Area C and the Cockpit"
For this same area in Copernicus # 5 SEE HERE. There are noticeable differences between this area and the one on C #5, but that is not surprising when you consider the images are about 8 months apart. That fact adds more evidence to the events being current. The images are also a different angle and scale.
John Lear says "Looks like the cockpit section of a Douglas DC-6B. Do you think the Weekly World was right?"
The Cave in this image corresponds to one in C#5 as does the shadow. The conical tank appears shiny by the reflection. The dome and structure are very interesting to say the least. There are several small spheres in the shadow connected by lines. This is a recurring feature in these photos and we have listed many of the best ones we have found. - Zorgon
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