The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Mine Camp # 2"

This area in Area "G" has the look of a flattened section with odd shapes on it. It is the second similar area that we have labeled "Mining Camps"Again the same square pattern viewed at an angle, but fewer objects in this one.


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Mine Camp # 1

Mine Camp # 3-5

"The Arches"

The arch on the left is the easiest to see clearly. This is on C #2 Area "G" or on the left side. It also appears on C #1 as this part overlaps. 

We consider this one one of the best enigmas on the photo.

Take a close look at this spot in the original photo. The areas highlighted are all noteworthy. The green is the arch supports. Brown is structures of some sort and the yellow is vapor or smoke. Above the arches is a very unusual object. But use the original photo to zoom in on this area.

Structure of some kind with "legs" or supports all around. There is shadow beneath it indicating it is raised on leg supports. Center right a series of tubes leads to an oval shaped object.

Highlighted for detail...
"Puff 2"

A curious bright object that is either a very shiny object reflecting light to the ground, or a "puff" of smoke or vapor.
First posted by Xabora, a member of ATS

"The Pyramid"
Detail of Picture LO-2-162H Section 3 from Copernicus Crater
"Water Spots"
GRID 5-K-4 and 5-L-4
These water spots caused by the onboard film developer cover a large area of Cpernicus #5. They are not true anomalies.
"Cross 5"
GRID 5-K-5a

This is the same "Cross" shadow next to the "Box"as in Copernicus #2. It is one of the key landmark formations. The formation to the right of it also looks peculiar.

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"The Hand B"
GRID 5-K-5b

This one is a really unusual structure. It is found to the left of the "Cross'. It has not been located in #2 yet.


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"Structure Y
GRID 5-K-5c

The shape in the center with the two points facing left is the top view overlooking the "Box" in #2. It is too fuzzy to make accurate determinations, but the location is the same. 

UPDATE: This enigma is in the crater above the one that should show the box.. It still remains unknown.

See here for location.

"Caves 01"
GRID 5-K-6a

The two "Caves" in the rock face. This is a very good image to compare the scale of #2 and #5. All we need to find is the crater diameter to determining size of objects in these pictures.

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"Bird on a Pier"
GRID 5-K-6b

This "Bird on a Pier" shadow is amazingly clear, yet there is no explanation as to its source. The gray color indicates shadow as opposed to a hole.

"Peekaboo 2"
GRID 5-K-7a

This image is "Peekaboo" seen from above. You see here the round sphere connected by lines to other smaller spheres. To the upper left of the larger  sphere you can see a backward "C" shaped object with two lines forming an upside down "V". We will come back to this later in detail, or you can jump ahead to see it here!

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"Structure L"
GRID 5-K-7b

More strange structures connected by lines. More investigation required.

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"Structure D"
GRID 5-K-8a

Although this one is out of focus, you can still make out the small spheres and connecting lines, again with a large one in the center.

"Hawk on a Perch"
GRID 5-K-8b

This "Hawk on a Perch" shadow is amazingly clear, yet there is no explanation as to its source, though most likely this one is holes or crevices

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