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Pegasus Research Consortium has many Guest Contributors that cover topics of interest to us. If you would like to become a contributor and promote your own ideas, books and websites, contact us.  Below is a list with links to current contributors.

Honored Guest Contributors

Russ Hamerly's UFO Files
Senior Project Manager at a major west coast aerospace company (retired)
Pegasus UFO Files
Ancient Earth History & Mysteries
Clark McClelland's Files
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida
Clark's Website: Stargate Chronicles
Personal Appeal
Rosslyn Gateway
by Brian Allan; England
P.E.G Paranormal Encounters Group Providing Support
Gravitational Forces of the Sun
Pari Spolter - New Theories on Gravity
Letters to John Lear and Pegasus
Keith Laney's Files
Digital Imaging and Software Applications Specialist
MOC Image Processor
Lunar and Martian Anomalies
Kieth's Website: kiethlaney.net
Project Camelot
John Lear Tells All - Las Vegas, Nevada - April 2008
Project Camelot's NEW  interview with John Lear - ATS Thread
Links to the Videos here
Mike Singh's Anomalies
Mahendra Singh, Moonbase Delta
Mars and Other Objects in the Solar System
Mike joined Pegasus
Michael Salla Ph.D.'s Files
Exopolitics: The ET Connection
Michael's Website: Exopolitics.org
Honolulu Examiner - Exopolitics
Sleeper's Files ~ Lou Baldin
Coming Clean About Aliens
Visit Sleeper at his New Website
Extraterrestrial Nation

Lou Baldin on Facebook
Ted Twietmeyer's Files
The Secret Space Corps
Mars Anomalies and More
Ted's Website; Data4science.net
Steven Myers
Author and Founder of
The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation

Brotherthebig's Files ~ (ATS Alias)
Collection of German Saucer Tech Reports. Also Anti-Gravity, Time Travel and NAZI Related Topics

Past Contributors

Bluebird's Files
Studies of Mars and Venus
Pegasus Mars Anomalies Pages
Bluebird is a NASA Scientist wishing to remain anonymous. She left before doing Venus pages
Time Lord… Louis Essen D.Sc., F.R.S.
Challenging Einstein
Louis Essen Website [website down]
Passed Away Aug 24, 1997
Jose Escamilla's Files
Video Producer
Moon Rising Website
Jose Escamilla's Roswell Rods
Luna Cognita's Video Files
NASA video analysis and anomalie study
STS 75 Tether Analysis
Luna Cognita's Youtube Channel
Allan Sturm
NASA Photo Apollo Lunar Anomalies
Lunomaly Research Group
Exuberant1's Files
Laser Power Beaming, Photonic Crystals
Exuberant1 was a Pegasus Forum Admin
Dr T Lobsang Rampa
A Collection of His Work
Books and Multimedia
Important News From Tibet
Contributors From ATS
Various Members that have Contributed Important Anomaly Discoveries
Steve Austin 
Lunar and Mercury Anomalies

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