Cosmic Secrets
Gravitational Force of the Sun
by Pari Spolter
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Pari Spolter: Gravitational Force of the Sun 

Pari Spolter, Gravitational Force of the Sun (1993 ISBN 0
9638107 5 8, 260 pages, index, hardcover, $29.95US). Orb
Publishing, 11862 Balboa Blvd. #182, Granada Hills, CA
91344-2753 USA. Tel.: 818-363-2003, Fax: 818-363-6965. 
Book summary

The book presents new concepts in the study of gravitation. A new equation for the gravitational force is introduced, which is the correct interpretation of Kepler's third law and which has been verified experimentally to very high precision. The equation is F = a.A, or force = acceleration Area. The book also presents equations for the sequential distances of the planets from the sun and of satellites from the centers of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, with correlation coefficients upwards of 0.99, concluding that gravitation is quantized. A simple and useful equation for eccentricity is presented as the ratio of the sum of perturbations to the gravitational force of the sun. It is shown that Kepler's second law is not a general law; i.e., equal areas are swept in approximately equal intervals of time only near aphelion and perihelion. There is now confusion between the concepts of "force" and "energy." In the last chapter of the book, new units are introduced to clarify the two concepts. Any equation containing "mass" relates to the concept of "energy". Force is independent of mass. 



THE NEXUS MAGAZINE, pages 4-5, December 1996-January 1997.

I am writing to thank you for reviewing a book called "Gravitational Force of the Sun," by Dr. Pari Spolter, in NEXUS, June-July 96 (vol. 3, no.4). I bought the book to find out how to calculate the gravitational force of celestial bodies, for a project I'm working on, thinking it would be a well-understood and thoroughly documented area of research beyond controversy-more fool I!

Dr. Spolter exposes the fundamental mathematical errors in both Einsteinian and Newtonian theory with such elegance and ease that even a mathematical recalcitrant like myself was inspired to recall my high-school mathematics (last used in anger 20 years ago!) to follow her working out. No, I am not making this up: I voluntarily engaged in strenuous mathematics for my own enjoyment!

"Gravitational Force of the Sun" is very focused. Dr. Spolter successfully knocks the pins from under two great, unchallenged theories of science by reviewing the original documents that Newton wrote and examining the mathematics and assumptions that Einstein and Newton used. I have seldom before read a more thorough hatchet job. She must be a relentless researcher with prodigious memory and intellect.

The book is not negative. Dr. Spolter shows Kepler's contributions to be far greater than I previously suspected (Kepler's work is the foundation she builds her work on), and what she tears down she rebuilds.

With this book I can go forward in my project: without it I would be doomed to failure. Thank you, Dr. Spolter, and thank you, NEXUS.

Regards, Paul M., Sydney, NSW, Australia



Truth about Relativity and Gravity, January 1, 2008
By  David de Hilster (Long Beach, CA USA)

If you are like most all science students, relativity never sits well with the rest of science. Something is wrong but it is not always easy to put your finger on it and relate it to the history of physics and science. Pari Spolter not only succeeds in explaining special and general relativity, but then sets about in a clear and concise way in showing their flaws by sighting experiments, scientists, and quotes from Newton, to Einstein, to more modern contemporaries putting relativity in it's proper place in science and history. With a plethora of references to books, science papers, concepts, and scientists, it is a study in well-researched references and boiling it all down into 250 pages. If you have always thought relativity to have problems, this book will clear things up.

It is also a great reference book for gravity - one of the great unsolved mysteries of science. Spolter puts out reams of data on the solar system, planets, orbits and the measurement of gravity. All around, it is a wonderful book filling the need in the dissident world to rely on experimental data when taking aim at relativity and gravity instead of philosophical mumbo jumbo. And being a mathematician, Spolter shows math in the book, but it is in the grasp of the average science buff who studied basic physics in college.

Bad reviews on this book are definitely a result of those who are in love with Einstein's theory and take personal offense at any criticism. Yet it is criticism of basic assumption that Spolter points out, not tweaks or slight modifications and there is plenty of other "respected" scientists in the last 100 years she so astutely elicits and puts together in a very quick and to-the-point manner that leaves no extra words on the page. Don't read this book if you are in love with Einstein. You may have to find a new lover after reading this book!


Pari Spolter Shreds Newton & Einstein, April 26, 2008
By  John Lear (Las Vegas, NV USA)

Pari Spolter in 'Gravitation Force of the Sun' exposes scientifically and mathematically the farce of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation and Einstein's theories of relativity both general and special.

Using current and accepted scientific references Spolter shreds our current beliefs about density, mass and gravity and brings us, scientifically, to what is really going on.

And what is really going on is that we have been hoodwinked by mainstream science to believe that gravity is proportional to the quantity and density of an inert mass of a celestial body.

If you are working on a degree or expecting advancement in the scientific community do not read this book.

However if you are searching for the truth no matter what the cost and you are willing to watch proven scientific data crumble before your very eyes buy a copy of Spolters' 'Gravitational Force of the Sun' and find a nice quiet place to read.

When you finish her book and understand what she is saying I can assure you, you will never be the same. But you will know the truth.

Scientific truth will spring forth in spite of the considerable and combined efforts of the military industrial complex who consider it their sole property.

Pari Spolter will be luckier than Giordano Bruno. Bruno got burned at the stake for supporting the Copernicus idea that the earth revolved around the sun.

All that will happen to Pari is that she will be shunned, denounced, excommunicated and insulted from and by the mainstream scientific community for her efforts to publish the truth.


Mass is a Fictitous Quantity, September 27, 2006
By  Charles W. Lucas Jr. (Mechanicsville, Maryland United States)
Pari Spolter, who is not a physicist, argues based on experimental observations that the force of gravity is proportional to acceleration and not the fictitous quantity called mass. Furthermore, she argues from experimental observations that gravitation is quantized. These arguments invalidate the approximate theories of Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation and Einstein's General Relativity Theory when the scientific method based on the rules of logic is used. It is sad that science has degenerated to fads and political maneuvering to garnish government funds for research such that original thinkers such as Pari Spolter are largely ignored.
Charles Lucas - PhD Physics


Grav. F of the S shows some major errors of modern physics, March 4, 2001
By  F. A. Pruijn

After reading this book it becomes clear how wrong Einstein really was. The way Mrs. Spolter tackled his theories is most convincing and gives me some comfort there are still some independent thinkers who know how to ring the bell.


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