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Time Travel

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I will go now through SKUNK2 post, but before I just would like to say thanks to Seeker PI, great stuff and I will analyze later in detail.

As Zorgon show us, the 2 PDFs (Stargate Wormhole from AFRL)are very helpful. I only add NASA-Status of "Warp Drive", and as stated:

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"Your tax dollars at work... and this is just the public released stuff :D"

Also I could not forget a reference to the Portuguese]João Magueijo who is working on Variable Speed of Light theory. The NEC experiment appears to demonstrate that Magueijo was right from the beginning.

I remember reading about an experiment to attest Einstein’s Relativity Theory, they placed an atomic clock on a fast plane (600 mph) and they measure this clock against a clock on the ground, and according to Relativity Theory if that was correct a slight difference will show that the clock on the plane should be “younger” than the clock on the ground, and that was the case, so you could see that this is a small time travel (the difference was something around a few billionths of a second).

I googled and I found]this reference, I could not remember but was the Hafele-Keating experiment. I will try to summarize in simple words and based on Stephen Hawking's work, his book The Universe in a Nutshell  is simply marvelous, more or less an updated version of Einstein’s and Leopold Infeld book “The Evolution of Physics: The Growth of Ideas from Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta”, one of my firsts books, great!

The Schrödinger equation defines the relation between the position and the speed of a particle, and obeys to the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle. In terms of General Relativity time is curve and the 2 diverse solutions from  Schwarzschild and Gödel lead directly to Black Holes and Time Travel.

Math of time travel could go to something that is beyond my humble knowledge, but a simple explanation is here.

More References:

Karl’s paper conclusion (part)

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But all that does not show if the Pravda article is genuine, someone has any other references to the same story?

I think that in the end we simply could not conclude that time travel is impossible.

Thanks :)


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About the Pravda article; for the moment it is inconclusive, but here are more sources:

Videos: Can anyone confirmation the Pravda article is a hoax?


Editor's Addition:
Here is the Pravda Paper in Question..
"Time has been one of the most complicated and less studied scientific issues since ancient times." - Original Source; Pravda

Pegasus Addition:

April 8, 2007 10:47 p.m. PT

Physicist needs $20,000 for time-travel experiment
Without funding, lab space will be lost...


The Seattle scientist who wants to test a controversial prediction from quantum theory that says light particles can go backward in time is, himself, running out of time...

It's a project that aims to do a conceptually simple bench-top test for evidence of something Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance." The test involves using a crystal to split a photon, a light particle, into two reduced-energy photons that -- through careful manipulation -- Cramer thinks could reveal a flash of time traveling backward...

For information on how you can help P-I reporter Tom Paulson can be reached at 206-448-8318 or

Source and Rest of Article Here

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