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Avro Project Y2 and “The Bell”; Are They Related?

Posted by brotherthebig, on March 26, 2007 at 20:41 GMT
ATS Thread Avro Project Y2 and “The Bell” are they related?


The Avro saucer VZ-9-AV is well known:

Info Links:

Avro VZ-9-AV

Project Silver Bug: PDF File (2)
Also from Avro but less known are Project Y and Y2, see the unclassified report; 
Project Silver Bug and this video:

Avro VZ-9-AV and Project Y2
At min 1:29 you could see the “Viper Test rig”

Addition by Pegasus:
Canada's Flying Saucer - Avrocar vz-9av

AVRO Canada builds UFO!!!

Viper Test Rig

This structure is very similar to the “Fly trap” (or the Henge), from a Nazi (WWII) complex in Wenceslas mine (Ludwikowice/Poland) where they operated and researched “The Bell”.

Fly Trap

The Bell was a controversial project and powerful, but should not be related to nuclear energy. The following video shows the Fly trap at min. 6:50.

The Bell/Fly trap

Could they be related? Does anyone have information on Germans involved in The Bell, that after the war and through Operation Paperclip went to Avro?

More references:
Silver Bug - 
Avro, John Frost - 
The Bell -
Jakob Sporrenberg - 

Thank you. :)


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