by E. Vegh © 2006 


I. Cover

II. Acknowledgements

III. Introduction

Chapter 1: The Sumerian Thread: As Above, So Below

Page 1 - "Deep Space" 
Page 2 - "The Dragon on His Throne"
Page 3 - "Mirror, Mirror"
Page 4 - "The Akkadian Thread: The Birth of Osiris"
Chapter 2: The Babylonian Thread: The Birth of Osiris

Chapter 3: The Egyptian Thread: Primeval Mounds

Chapter 4: The Chinese Thread: President of the Four Mountains

Chapter 5: The Hindu Thread: Mt. Sumeru and the Rainbow Serpent Bridge

Chapter 6: The North American Thread: The Hopi Star Gate 

Chapter 7: The Central American Thread: Aztlan

Chapter 8: The South American Thread: Gateway of the Sun

Chapter 9: The Scandinavian Thread: The Bifrost Bridge to Valhalla

Chapter 10: The Megalithic Connection

Chapter 11: Symbols of Solomon's Temple

Chapter 12: In Conclusion

IV. Notes

V. Index

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