by E. Vegh © 2006 
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I think a future flight should include a poet, a priest and a philosopher. We might get a much better idea of what we saw.
- Michael Collins, Apollo Astronaut 

Ancient history is a labyrinth of immense proportions. Time and distance appears a nearly insurmountable barrier to discovery in many ways. However, weaved throughout the millenia of monuments, megaliths, pyramids and mythological texts, is a thread that bridges the years and allows us to see the events of ancient times with the clarity of hindsight. This hindsight has only been dimmed in the past few centuries, by the accumulation of "educated" presumptions, no doubt a result of learning from the same text books, the same theories, the same arguments and the same methods. Nothing could be less revealing or more debilitating to discovery. As a result, this book will deal primarily with fresh and alternative perspectives on old mysteries, taking up that thread through the labyrinth of the ancient past and sharing with the reader, where it leads. 

For example, many of the ancient monuments appear to be intimately connected in a surprising number of similar ways. The similarities so far outweigh the differences, that the honest discoverer is compelled to ask: How can this be a coincedence? The question is answered shortly thereafter, with yet more confirmation of intimacy, found in the mythological and historical texts from that long ago time. Such texts are the voices of those who built the megaliths, pyramids and ziggurats (or at the very least, assisted in the endeavours), and as such, their words should be afforded the same respect as the towering monuments, themselves. This book will attempt to allow our ancestors at least that small dignity. 

In addition, revealing and uncovering the thousands of similarities between the ancient monuments, lead to new theories and new insights. One such discovery occured while revisiting an old theme, that of the biblical and Sumerian flood. It appeared a sort of technological and ancestral amnesia had suddenly and simultaneously descended on most of the near, middle and far east, around 3500 BC. The two eras, pre- and post-flood, had to be clearly delineated so the writings of the ancient past could be best understood. Nowhere was this information more readily available than in the writings of the ancient people of Sumer, Egypt, India and Akkadia. This pivotal moment in history became a reliable anchor and repository of ancient information in an otherwise, overwhelming silence. 

What I discovered was nothing short of astounding: Ancient humans had not only been visited and assisted by the "gods," they often told their human subjects stories of their arrival to our planet, using terminology their listeners could understand. They recounted amazing tales through human scribes, tales of technology that would allow them to visit other planets, places and dominions, by simply passing through "gates" or via star-fairing ships. Our ante-diluvian ancestors also witnessed this astounding technology, technology that today we most closely associate with star gates, wormholes, lasers, cloning, recombinant DNA, space craft, nuclear and teleportation devices. 

Then something went terribly wrong. 

The flood arrived and the resulting cataclysm laid waste to the earth-based civilizations of the "gods". When the waters abated, many of the old gods were gone, as well. Their star gates had been swallowed up by the earth, and only scattered remnants of human survivors remained to remember their tales, their deeds and their technology. 

At that crucial moment in human history, following the flood, is where we pick up the thread and begin to unravel the mystery of the ancient days of planet Earth. With the help of reverse engineering and comparative analysis, we will attempt to rediscover, together, the old gods and their devices, in their hiding places. Armed with this new information, it is my hope that the rest of ancient history will begin to take shape for the reader, from an entirely new perspective. Perhaps, what was once a marginally understandable series of fantastic stories from the ancient past, will become crystal clear, startling revelations. 

Truth is stranger than fiction. 

E.Vegh, January, 2006

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