The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Floating Sphere"

I realize it's a box we're supposed to be looking for... but this is the floating sphere that caught my eye in the Copernicus 1 image 
Author: Worldwatcher; a member of

More Spheres:

"Crane 3(2)"

This crane/steam shovel is in Image #2 on the top left edge of the picture. It has very sharply defined features. This one is the best evidence of machinery so far. First discovered by Zarniwoop a member at ATS


This crane/steam shovel has also been located in Copernicus #5. 

See other view here

See Here for Comparison

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Posted by Zarniwoop, on September 24, 2006:
Anyhow, the first one is what appears to be a large piece of machinery (perhaps a crane) at the entrance to an opening into a wall face.
"Square Crater"

"As I was searching through the numerous anomalies that you've amassed my attention was drawn towards an area on the Cap-1 photo in the top right region. This area appears to may be possibly comprised of 45 degree angles and is in between (and just to the lower left) of an area you've marked out with a sphere and a bit lower, a crane..."

First Spotted by Johnny Anonymous, 
A Member of ATS

"Square Crater"

"I find it interesting that there would be any square shaped craters on the moon in the first place. All my attempts at trying to reveal any detail of this square area were met with failure (perhaps someone with better expertise can present their findings). Perhaps this particular area was 'air-brushed' out, I really don't know. But it's around the square that as I was filtering seem to reveal perhaps some objects/anomalies that didn't seem to belong..."

First Spotted by Johnny Anonymous, 
A Member of ATS

"The Monolith"

This  "tower" stands out in both C #1 and C #5. Looking at the brightness and the billowy structure, this is most likely a column of smoke or gases. In either case it would be a couple hundred feet tall. I have seen this column in other low res photos of Copernicus. When I relocate them I will add them to this section

"The Monolith"
GRID 5I-9 to 5I-10

This is the same area in C#5. The fact that the "tower" has changed form is significant and makes a good case for a plume of venting gases.

"Venting Structures"

Several rectangular shapes with a large and reflective plume of vapors. Front left corner of Copernicus #2 and bottom right on Copernicus #1


The area that contains this anomaly first posted by The Secret Web, a member of ATS "Interesting shapes... hmmmm"
Peekaboo 3 Closeup
Center of Image
This one is very similar to Peekaboo 2 in C#1
"Structure C3B"

No comment yet


Sepia Tone to highlight detail
"Enigma A"
GRID 5J-5a

When you view this one on the original image and zoom in you will see a round sphere on a platform with shadow. There are faint lines connecting to smaller spheres similar to "Peekaboo". There are several more objects in other areas that exhibit this same peculiar structure


More Info
"The Stack"
GRID 5J-7a

On a scale of this size, the small objects which actually are the best evidence are tricky to find. Here is one that is quite clear and looks similar to Object J in Area "B". Bottom left corner of J-7. Best found in original orientation of image.

"Structure M"
GRID 5J-8a

More strange structures connected by lines. More investigation required.

More Info
"Spire B"
GRID 5J-9a

A very clear Spire or Tower with a sphere on top, and it has a shadow that matches the sphere.

Highlighted here to show detail
"Spire A"
GRID 5J-11a

Very sttange looking "tower" or "spire" with even stranger shadow. To the left are the ever present spheres and tubes.

Highlighted for detail...
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