The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Tufts of Mist"

Bottom right corner of the Village" image above looks like a mist has moved in. The littles "Tufts" rising above indicate a cloudlike state

Colorized to highlight the mist.

More possible cave entrances or openings to allow light in. 

Located on C #1 just below the top ridge in the center of the image. The one on the left has a double arch. The one in the enter has a structure of some sort in the opening
"The Statue"

This anomaly cannot be real as it would be huge. {several hundred feet}. But it is so remarkable and stands out we just have to include itThe anomalyhas an unusual form that I can only describe as a statue.

Highlighted here to show the detail. This spot has not yet been located on C #5. In the bottom left corner is another small anomaly.

Another View

"Machinery 01"
GRID 5H-7a

Spoked ring on a tower, another crane like object and a building. This area needs further investigating. 

Highlighted here to show detail...
GRID 5H-7b

This looks very similar to the Arches in Area "G" though not as well defined. It may be the same area but that has yet to be determined. This requires further study.

"Tank B"
GRID 5H-8a

This tank is half in the shadows but you can see a support leg very clearly. Like Tank A it appears to have markings on the nose.

Highlighted here to show detail...
"The Butler"
GRID 5H-11 to 5H-12

This is one of the "Looks Like" images that stands out like a sore thumb. People always look for anomalies like this to make a case for Alien Life. We think that this sort of claim only makes serious efforts at finding anomalies and convincing others so much harder. But human nature will win out. So its best to have our fun and eliminate them.

Finds like this make one really wonder if NASA editors are pulling one over on us. After all this Copernicus #5 is supposed to be touched up...

But I really wonder what THIS object is...

This enigma is in Area "H" and will be looked at there with several other anomalies.


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