The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater
Section Five
The Anomalies in Area "F" on Copernicus #1
"Shuttle Rock"
GRID I-4 to I-5
This rock formation has an uncanny resemblance to the Space Shuttle. Looking at it from above in C #5 {below} it soon becomes clear it is only shadows. However once again this makes a good orientation landmark.
"The Monolith"

This  "tower" stands out in both C #1 and C #5. Looking at the brightness and the billowy structure, this is most likely a column of smoke or gases. In either case it would be a couple hundred feet tall.

"The Monolith"
GRID 5I-9 to 5I-10

This is the same area in C#5. The fact that the "tower" has changed form is significant and makes a good case for a plume of venting gases.

"Crane 1" Area "F"

This on one of the three cranes identified so far. The bright white area in the upper right appears to be smoke emitting from the top back of the crane

"The Statue"

In the upper right corner is the crane in Area "F" on C #1. The bottom left has an unusual form that I can only describe as a statue.

Highlighted here to show the detail. This spot has not yet been located on C #5. Since the images are taken months apart, it is also likely the objects have moved, which would be indication of an active and current operation.
The Anomalies in Area "F" on Copernicus #5
GRID 5I-9a

This little critter is most likely a "puff" of vapor or trick of shadow, but we just had to include it.
First posted by Steve R, a member of ATS

"Tank B"
GRID 5H-8a

This tank is half in the shadows but you can see a support leg very clearly.

GRID 5G-8a

There is a small "silo" in the center of this section.

"Spire B"
GRID 5J-9a

A very clear Spire or Tower with a sphere on top, and it has a shadow that matches the sphere. Click to enlarge.

"The Stack"
GRID 5J-7a
On a scale of this size, the small objects which actually are the best evidence are tricky to find. Here is one that is quite clear and looks similar to Object J in Area "B". Click to enlarge.
"The Pipe Line Bridge"
GRID 5I-8a

Here we see a pipe line crossing a crater. Halfway it goes into the sunlight but you can still trace it until it is shadowed near the top. Click image for other view.

"Spire A"
GRID 5J-11a
Very sttange looking "tower" or "spire" with even stranger shadow.
Area "F" Original Orientation {(90 degrees left rotation form C#1-4}
"Machinery 01"
GRID 5H-7a

Spoked ring on a tower, another crane like object and a building. This area needs further investigating. Click to enlarge.

"Corporate Center"
GRID 5I-7b

Very symmetrical formations. These are either structures or very unusual rock formations. The overall impression is of an office complex

GRID 5H-7a

This looks very similar to the Arches in Area "G" though not as well defined. It may be the same area but that has yet to be determined. This requires further study.

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