The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"The Sphinx"
Detail of Picture LO-2-162H Section 4 from Copernicus Crater
GRID G-8,H-8,G-9,H-9
Though seeing "faces" in rock formations is quite common, this one is quite remarkable, especially the round balls that make up the "crown" or circlet above the brow. But the interesting thing is the shadow on the left has a sharp angular line, not the jagged edge you would expect following the contour of the "face". As these are un-retouched photos from Nasa's Lunar Orbiter II in 1965 {See declaration here}
"Sphere & Shadow"

This sphere is on the ground casting a GRAY shadow on the left {The black spot on the right is not the shadow as the sun is on the right. This sphere is part of an interesting area we will look at later

More Spheres:


"In The Mists"
GRID G-3 to H-3
There are many tufts of mist rising above what may be a possible roadway, but they are clearly cloud like in nature. These images make a good case for some atmosphere being present on the moon.

This is a very unusual object. Some of it is in shadow, but the "pipe" out front and the sphere on top are easy to make out.  Certainly not a natural formation. Right side of the ridge above

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"Pipes & Arch"

To the right of the "pipes" above you can make out a faint arch. Due to its thin appearance it is most likely a truss structure.

Colorized to enhance detail...
"Zone Two"
Area "J"
GRID 5G-3 to 5G-4

#1  A long line of connected spheres
#2 A curious pattern of lines

"Silo 02"
GRID 5G-8a

There is a small "silo" in the center of this section. Several other odd lines surround the silo

Highlighted here to show detail
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