The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Sprayer Ridge"
GRID F-5 to G-5

The "Caves" above are of interest because of the flat bottomed opening and their position along a ridge, looking at a cliff face. What further justifies calling them caves is the anomaly at the end of the ridge on the right, DETAILED HERE.  Look closely at the pattern of the "dump area" on the right side of the dump) center of image. It looks very similar to a tailing stream at many Earth mines. Sitting on the ridge at the apex of the stream is small structure, which also showes a v shaped venting patern to the left along the ridge. All in all a very interesting ridge, which is detailed below.


"Pump House"
This little structure is sitting on top of a ridge and is consistant with scale. The appearance of the bright "venting" on either side indicate a steam like release behind the "pump house" and an arching spray going down the hill on the right side.
"Facility 01"
GRID F-6 to G-6

This anomaly looks like a yard or storage facility. The "roofs" of the two "hangers" are very reflrctive compared to the surounding area. There is a long boom on the right side. Unfortunately it is too much in shadow to see details.

"Peekaboo 06"

right in the Center of this image is a group of six spheres eqaully spaced around a central sphere. You can see the thin lines connecting them.

At first, I thought there was a squiggle on the scanner, but upon a closer look, I'm not so sure. I guess even peekaboos need to recharge/refuel at some point.

Fill-er up!!! - Zarniwoop a member of ATS . This Post

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