The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Machine & Smoke"

Top right looks like another "crane" or "steam shovel" emitting a very obvious and bright reflecting stream of vapor.

"Machine & Smoke"

The square structure with the dark center has been found on Copernicus #5. From the center there is a plume of dark smoke emiting from the hole

More Details

Behind the white stream of steam is a series of rectangular and square structures. In the colorized image the large square is emitting black smoke! Below is a group of spheres and tubes. The whole thing is sitting on a ledge in a large crevice on C#1 top left of the uppermost ridge. Following along the ridge reveals several other small structures consistant with scale and types of structures found in a mining operation - Zorgon
"Tank AB"

This object sits on the ridge to the right of the machinery and resembles a round flat petrol tank on Earth. Gradient shading indicates a curved surface.

"Structure AC"

This object sits on the ridge to the right of "Tank AB". As yet it has not been identified. More objects are continued on Page B. See also Top Ridge

"Packman Sphere"

This odd structure is found in Image #1 center left edge.Very unusual with an equaly unusual shadow.

This Sphere was first posted by Xabora an ATS Member

More Spheres:

Colorized to highlight contrast...
"Control Valve"

A pyramid shaped tower with a center structure and ball top,  sits on four thin legs. In the background appears to be a pipe connected to a terminal. This is one of the better easily noticed anomalies, and quite clearly NOT a rock formation or camera glitch or developing error.


Colorized to highlight contrast...
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