The Enigmas on the Moon
Top Ridge
Top Ridge on Copernicus #1
GRID A-3 to B-3

"Machine & Smoke"

Top right looks like another "crane" or "steam shovel" emitting a very obvious and bright reflecting stream of vapor. 

Behind the white stream of steam is a series of rectangular and square structures. In the colorized image the large square is emitting black smoke! Below is a group of spheres and tubes. The whole thing is sitting on a ledge in a large crevice on C#1 top left of the uppermost ridge. Following along the ridge reveals several other small structures consistant with scale and types of structures found in a mining operation
Another Version
Same Enigma in C #5
Machine & Smoke Closeup
Same Area in C#5
Grid 5D-5a
"Tank AD"
Grid B-3a

Round structure with dark roof and pipes extending down.

This ridge has many interesting structures along it. Colorized for detail.
 If you look closely on the bigger picture the pipes are lines extending down the ridge. There is also a vague hint of more structures to the left, but to blurry to make out...

The Operating Bucket Wheel Excavators
Grid B-3b
"Bucket Excavator 3 & 4"

This appears to be two bucket excavators beside each other. The one on the left is detailed below. Dark smoke plumes are also visible, as well as some spheres in the center

"Bucket Excavator"

Detail and comparison.

Bucket Excavator 3 & 4 Closeup


The Roadway
GRID C-3 to D-3
Sepia Tone...
Some have said that this line is just a scratch. But the presence of the "turn around" at the left, and the fact that it matches to contour and goes behind the hill on the left makes it very likely that it is indeed a roadway. Below is a clip from a satellite image on Earth...
"Structure AE"
Grid D-3a

Round structure with spires. This one looks like a raised platform. This one is further along the same ridge to the right of the "roadway"

Colorized and outlined for detail.
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