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did the ancient greeks have laptops?
« on: February 05, 2016, 04:12:30 PM »
 gotta luv those folks out there finding these  ;D   8)

No, The Ancient Greeks Didn't Have Laptop Computers
They didn't have Wi-Fi in 100 BC.

? 02/05/2016 02:57 am ET

Ed Mazza
Overnight Editor, The Huffington Post

J. Paul Getty Museum

Some people believe this funerary relief from Greece circa 100 BCE, which is part of the J. Paul Getty Museum collection, shows an ancient laptop in use.

A photo being widely shared on social media shows what some claim is a laptop computer in a funerary relief from ancient Greece.

Unlike many images that get passed around in conspiracy circles, the photo of this 2,100-year-old relief hasn't been altered or "digitally enhanced."

At first glance, the relief from the J. Paul Getty Museum's collection does, sorta, look a bit like someone holding open a laptop:

J. Paul Getty Museum

The notion of this sculpture featuring a laptop raises all kinds of obvious questions. What did it plug into? Did they have wifi? Netflix and chill? Why a laptop and not an tablet? And where did it come from? Was it made by an ancient Steve Jobs, left behind by a time-traveling Bill Gates or was it a gift from ancient aliens?

In reality, the sculpture of course does not show a laptop -- and those holes aren't USB ports, either. The museum said the relief, which is titled "Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant," depicts a slave holding a shallow chest.

"The depiction of the deceased reaching out for an item held by a servant has a long history in Greek funerary art and probably alludes to the hope of continuing earthly pleasures in the afterlife," the museum wrote in the description.

In the book "Greek Funerary Sculpture: Catalogue of the Collections at the Getty Villa," author Janet Burnett Grossman described the woman in the relief as reaching for "the lid of an open flat box or mirror."

Of course, anyone inclined to believe it's a laptop computer in the first place probably isn't going to believe that it's a flat box or a mirror. 

The truth is out there.

    ;)    well dang it how about cell phones?     8)
? 01/11/2016 04:31 pm ET

David Moye
Reporter, The Huffington Post

Ancient Babylonian Cellphone Isn't Ancient, Babylonian Nor A Nokia
"There are several indications that this post was simply a joke."


Everybody loves that Steven Spielberg movie when a cute, child-friendly ET phones home.

That movie, of course, is pure fiction, but so are news reports claiming that an 800-year-old cellphone, used by extraterrestrials, has been found in Austria.

Images of that curiously shaped object are indeed remarkable. Nevertheless, even if they were genuine, they do raise an interesting point: Why would spacelings, advanced enough for interplanetary travel, not use iPhones or Androids or something even more advanced.

Instead, these ETs would "phone home" with something that looks exactly like an outdated Nokia -- the sort that were popular more than a decade ago.

The truth behind this intergalactic controversy: German sculptor Karl Weingärtner created these clay objects in 2012, with lettering designed to look like they were from ancient Sumeria.

Weingärtner, who was selling the items online, posted a photo of his sculpture on Facebook where someone called it "BabyloNokia." He has no idea why some websites got the story so wrong. And he's angry about it.

"The photo was used without my knowledge and without my consent,” he told HuffPost. “It's not what I wanted. I do not believe in UFOs and I do not believe in aliens."

The story first appeared Dec. 21 on the Conspiracy Club website under the headline "800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Found In Austria? Check This Out."

"The strange and wonderful mobile phone was found in Austria. This strange thing was discovered in an excavation in Austria," the story claims. "It has many similarities with the wireless devices today [sic]."

The Express website used Weingärtner's photo without attribution and followed the initial report with more detail:

"The tablet was dated to around the 13th century BCE. By that time, the Sumerian writing style -- usually known as cuneiform -- had already been around for a few thousand years." 

The Express also cites the Paranormal Crucible YouTube channel, which asks, "Is it evidence of an advanced civilization or time travel?”

In none of the reports do the writers identify who supposedly found what would be, if verified, perhaps the most extraordinary archeological discovery ever.

Two days after Conspiracy Club posted its story, posted a piece suggesting the clay cellphone supports Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin's controversial theory that extraterrestrials created modern-day humans through genetic engineering.

"The tablet looks surprisingly like a modern phone, with the 12 keys, a display and a ‘talk’ button. Could these extraterrestrials have tried to introduce the Sumerians to a phone-like communications device, only to find they weren’t ready for it and dialed them back to a stylus and clay tablets?"

The author of that piece, Paul Seaburn, told HuffPost he saw the Conspiracy Club article but didn't link to it.

Seaburn said he thought it was strange that the article didn't name the researchers or link to a source. He also wondered how the 800-year timeline was determined.

"I think I did the best I could under the circumstances while still trying to get the story up in a timely manner," he said.

Since then, the alien theory has been bandied about in various blogs as well as the Daily Mail, which describes the cellphone story as "absurd." connected the dots between Weingärtner and his cellphone last week, declaring, "There are several indications that this post was simply a joke."

When HuffPost showed the Snopes piece to Seaburn, he conceded it was a more likely explanation than any alien theory.

However, Seaburn has not updated his own story.

"Someone posted the Snopes article on the comments. I think that's enough," he said. "Hey, we work in weird news. We're not Bob Woodward."

whole list of stuff at this's just one more

Mystery Revealed In Space Station Astronaut UFO Photo

NASA / Scott Kelly

When International Space Station astronaut Scott Kelly snapped a photo of south India on Nov. 15, Internet UFO hunters speculated about the bright, tube-like object at the upper right of the image. It was just the latest in a long series of objects photographed by space station astronauts that fuel Internet chatter about UFOs. In this case, however, a simple adjustment of brightness and contrast of the original image clearly reveals that the UFO in question is a UHF antenna attached to the space station.

ahhhhhhhh the truth is out there...believe it or don't...bwhahahahahahahahahaha

these views are those of the reporters.. I just did a copy and paste..

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Re: did the ancient greeks have laptops?
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2016, 05:06:33 PM »
I go by the ruins all the time, if i find one , i'll post it.

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Re: did the ancient greeks have laptops?
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2016, 04:15:40 AM »
Not saying it IS a Lap top :P

but a main stream museum saying what it is doesn't help much..

...they have an agenda to cover up the 'truth' that doesn't fit their version of history :P

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Re: did the ancient greeks have laptops?
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2016, 09:12:49 AM »
Well, they did have tablets. :) USA, LLC
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