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The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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The best source of information about what really happened at Roswell, is to listen to people who were actually there.

But no one had ever been willing to talk, because of the Pentagon's original coverup and severe intimidation program around Roswell.

To hear Stanton Friedman tell it, it was he who was first contacted 30 years later by one of Maj. Jessie Marcel's emissaries.

Being terribly busy at the time, Stanton passed along the contact info to William Moore, and the result was the 1980 book -

The Roswell Incident

By Charles Berlitz & William L. Moore

Which was a real gobsmacker back in the day, because until then we had never had a whistle- blower of this magnitude come forward before.

Then researchers began looking into the story and playing the cat and mouse game of getting people to talk, period, let alone talk publicly.

The result of this 2nd investigation was the 1991 book -

UFO Crash at Roswell

by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt   


Then in 1992 - 

Crash At Corona

Written by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner

And in 1994, Randle and Schmitt published -

The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell

And more recently in 2007 Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt published -

Witness to Roswell

Which contains the bombshell confession by the man responsible for the headline heard round the world -

Lt. Walter Haut, then the public information officer for the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell:

In WWII, Lt. Haut had been a navigator and then a bombardier as a crew member of the 509th,
but on that fateful day in 1947, after weeks of intense UFO sightings, he issued this stunning official AAF release to the nation's press:

"The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Airfield was fortunate enough to gain possesion of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff's office of Chaves County.

The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff's office, who in turn notified Maj. Jesse A. Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office.

Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher's home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters."

From that day on, until his death in 2005, Lt. Haut kept his oath and never revealed publicly what he knew about the monumentous events of that day in Roswell.

However in 2000, he privately gave an interview with 2 researchers he trusted, first stipulating that the interview was not to be released until after his death.

Then in 2002, he prepared a notarized affidavit, which was sealed and not to be made public until after his death, and thus he kept a promise made to Col. Blanchard, to not disclose it while he was alive.

So now, in his own words, what did yet another -man who was actually involved in the event- have to say about that fateful day?

"In July, 1947, I was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Base in Roswell, New Mexico, serving as the base Public Information Officer. I had spent the 4th of July weekend (Saturday, the 5th, and Sunday, the 6th) at my private residence about 10 miles north of the base, which was located south of town.

I was aware that someone had reported the remains of a downed vehicle by midmorning after my return to duty at the base on Monday, July 7. I was aware that Major Jesse A. Marcel, head of intelligence, was sent by the base commander, Col. William Blanchard, to investigate.
By late in the afternoon that same day, I would learn that additional civilian reports came in regarding a second site just north of Roswell. I would spend the better part of the day attending to my regular duties hearing little if anything more.

On Tuesday morning, July 8, I would attend the regularly scheduled staff meeting at 7:30 a.m.

Besides Blanchard,
CIC [Counterintelligence Corp] Capt. Sheridan Cavitt;
Col. James I. Hopkins, the operations officer;
Lt. Col. Ulysses S. Nero, the supply officer;
and from Carswell AAF in Fort Worth, Texas, Blanchard's boss, Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey
and his chief of staff, Col. Thomas J. Dubose were also in attendance.

The main topic of discussion was reported by Marcel and Cavitt regarding an extensive debris field in Lincoln County approx. 75 miles NW of Roswell.

A preliminary briefing was provided by Blanchard about the second site approx. 40 miles north of town.

Samples of wreckage were passed around the table. It was unlike any material I had or have ever seen in my life. Pieces which resembled metal foil, paper thin yet extremely strong, and pieces with unusual markings along their length were handled from man to man, each voicing their opinion. No one was able to identify the crash debris.

One of the main concerns discussed at the meeting was whether we should go public or not with the discovery.

Gen. Ramey proposed a plan, which I believe originated from his bosses at the Pentagon. Attention needed to be diverted from the more important site north of town by acknowledging the other location. Too many civilians were already involved and the press already was informed. I was not completely informed how this would be accomplished.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. Col. Blanchard phoned my office and dictated the press release of having in our possession a flying disc, coming from a ranch northwest of Roswell, and Marcel flying the material to higher headquarters. I was to deliver the news release to radio stations KGFL and KSWS, and newspapers the Daily Record and the Morning Dispatch.

By the time the news release hit the wire services, my office was inundated with phone calls from around the world. Messages stacked up on my desk, and rather than deal with the media concern, Col Blanchard suggested that I go home and "hide out."

Before leaving the base, Col. Blanchard took me personally to Building 84 [AKA Hangar P-3], a B-29 hangar located on the east side of the tarmac. Upon first approaching the building, I observed that it was under heavy guard both outside and inside.

Once inside, I was permitted from a safe distance to first observe the object just recovered north of town. It was approx. 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic. No windows, portholes, wings, tail section, or landing gear were visible.

Also from a distance, I was able to see a couple of bodies under a canvas tarpaulin. Only the heads extended beyond the covering, and I was not able to make out any features. The heads did appear larger than normal and the contour of the canvas suggested the size of a 10 year old child. At a later date in Blanchard's office, he would extend his arm about 4 feet above the floor to indicate the height.

I was informed of a temporary morgue set up to accommodate the recovered bodies.

I was informed that the wreckage was not "hot" (radioactive).

Upon his return from Fort Worth, Major Marcel described to me taking pieces of the wreckage to Gen. Ramey's office and after returning from a map room, finding the remains of a weather balloon and radar kite substituted while he was out of the room. Marcel was very upset over this situation. We would not discuss it again.

I would be allowed to make at least one visit to one of the recovery sites during the military cleanup. I would return to the base with some of the wreckage which I would display in my office.

I was aware two separate teams would return to each site months later for periodic searches for any remaining evidence.

I am convinced that what I personally observed was some type of craft and its crew from outer space."


Lt. Walter Haut, Ret.

[Source: Tom Carey & Donald Schmitt, Witness to Roswell, 2007]

Reading the books listed above puts you in a position to be able to provide educated positions and speculation on the events at Roswell. 

Here is further explanation from Maj. Marcel -

Major Jesse Marcel in his own words



Recollections of Roswell

These are the original interviews done by ufologist and nuclear physicist, Stanton T. Friedman, of the witnesses to the 1947 Roswell Incident.


0:33 - Bill Brazel ("Mac" Brazel's Son)
1:33 - Loretta Proctor ("Mac" Brazel's Neighbor)
2:37 - Frank Joyce (Former Announcer, KGFL Radio)
4:03 - Phyllis McGuire (Sherrif Wilcox's Daughter)
5:33 - Elizabeth Tulk (Sherrif Wilcox's Daughter)
6:58 - Barbara Dugger (Sherrif Wilcox's Granddaughter)
12:46 - Jesse Marcel (Former Intelligence Officer)
13:26 - Jesse Marcel Jr. (Son of Intelligence Officer)
16:39 - Lewis Rickett (Former CIC Sergeant)
20:16 - George "Jud" Roberts (Former Manager, KGFL Radio)
21:15 - Frank Joyce (Former Announcer, KGFL Radio)
22:28 - Lydia Sleppy (Former Secretary, KOAT Radio)
22:59 - Marian Strickland (Brazel's Neighbor)
23:50 - Walter Haut (Former Public Information Officer)
25:06 - Robert Shirkey (Former Base Operations Officer)
28:37 - Robert Porter (Former Flight Engineer)
30:30 - Robert Smith (Former Flight Crew Member)
34:10 - Robert Slusher (Former Flight Crew Member)
38:28 - Beverly Bean (Melvin Brown's Daughter)
41:30 - Jesse Marcel (Former Intelligence Officer)
41:41 - Brig. Gen. Thomas DuBose (USAF [Ret.])
42:50 - Bill Brazel ("Mac" Brazel's Son)
44:00 - Glenn Dennis (Former Mortician)
1:03:23 - Sappho Henderson (Pilot Henderson's Widow)
1:05:25 - Katherine Groode (Pilot Henderson's Daughter)
1:06:00 - John Kromschroeder (Pilot Henderson's Friend)
1:07:18 - Vern Maltais (Barnett's Friend)
1:08:52 - Alice Knight (Barnett's Niece)
1:10:16 - Harold Baca (Barnett's Neighbor)
1:13:24 - Robert Drake (Retired Archaeologist)

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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Pappy Henderson -


Cpt. Oliver W. "Pappy" Henderson


(1)  My name is Sappho Henderson

(2)  My address is:  XXXXXXXX

(3)  I am retired.

(4)  My husband was Oliver Wendell Henderson, who was called "Pappy," because he was older than the other pilots in his squadron during World War II and had prematurely gray hair.  We met during World War II, when he flew with the 446th Bomb Squadron; he flew B-24s and had  30 missions over Germany, for which he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses and the Air Medal with Four Oak Leaf Clusters.

(5)  After the war, he returned home and was sent to Galveston Air Force Base, then transferred to Pueblo AFB, and then sent to Roswell (later Walker AFB), where he stayed for 13 years.

(6)  While he was stationed at Roswell, he ran the "Green Hornet Airline," which involved flying C-54s and C-47s, carrying VIPs, scientists and materials from Roswell to the Pacific during the atom bomb tests.  He had to have a Top Secret clearance for this responsibility.  After separating from the service, he operated a construction business in Roswell.  He died on March 25, 1986.

(7)  In 1980 or 1981, he picked up a newspaper at a grocery store where we were living in San Diego.  One article described the crash of a UFO outside Roswell, with the bodies of aliens discovered beside the craft.  He pointed out the article to me and said, "I want you to read this article, because it's a true story.  I'm the pilot who flew the wreckage of the UFO to Dayton, Ohio.  I guess now that they're putting it in the paper, I can tell you about this.  I wanted to tell you for years."  Pappy never discussed his work because of his security clearance.

(8 ) He described the beings as small with large heads for their size.  He said the material that their suits were made of was different than anything he had ever seen.  He said they looked strange.  I believe he mentioned that the bodies had been packed in dry ice to preserve them.  He was not aware of the book [The Roswell Incident] that had been published about this event at the time he told me this.

(9)  I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed:  Sappho Henderson
Date:  July 9, 1991

Brigadier General Thomas DuBose

In fact chief of staff at 8th Army-Air Force Headquarters at Fort Worth, Texas - General Thomas DuBose, (shown here on the right, posing solemnly along commanding Brigadier General Roger Ramey inspecting the remains of the weather balloon he had just had his staff demolish for the big picture opportunity)

after many years of silence stated: "[It] was a cover story. The whole balloon part of it. That was the part of the story we were told to give to the public and news and that was it."

General Thomas Dubose, chief of staff to Gen. Ramey (and both of whom appear in press photos with weather balloon in Ramey's office), said in an affidavit:

"The material shown in the photographs taken in Maj. Gen. Ramey's office was a weather balloon. The weather balloon explanation for the material was a cover story to divert the attention of the press."

In several interviews, like Marcel, he indicated they substituted material they had brought in from elsewhere for the real debris, which he said even he was never allowed to see because of all the secrecy.

He said Deputy Chief of the Strategic Air Command, General Clements McMullen ordered him by phone to start a coverup.

Several days before the press photos were taken, Dubose said McMullen also ordered a shipment of debris from Roswell to Washington by "colonel courier," and subsequently was flown on to Wright Field for analysis.

McMullen ordered absolute secrecy, said Dubose, and said it was so secret it was "beyond top secret." Dubose was not to discuss this with anybody. [1]

General Roger Ramey

Researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt found one witness, a B-29 crew member at Fort Worth in 1948, who said while waiting to board the plane, he overheard Ramey talking with an officer about the Roswell incident.

Similarly, former AF intelligence officer and UFO researcher George Filer recently (2011) related speaking with Mrs. Ramey, who told him her husband "was very embarrassed about having to lie about the weather balloon--he was very upset about that." 

She also related they became good friends with President Truman afterward.  Two second-hand witnesses claim Mrs. Ramey told them her husband related it involved a "spaceship."

Roughly one year later (after Roswell), Gen. Ramey and other officers were waiting on the tarmac at Carswell AFB for a taxiing B-29.

An enlisted crewman was waiting with the rest of the crew to also board the aircraft. One of the officers on the crew was overheard asking Ramey about the 1947 Roswell events. "What about it , General?" the officer pressed. "What was that stuff?"

To which Ramey answered, "Oh that. It was the biggest lie I ever had to tell." After a moment Ramey added, "It was out of this world, Son. Out of this world!"

(From telephone interview with Marion Brimberry in 2000)

Colonel Edwin Easley

Colonel Edwin Easley was the Provost Marshal at Roswell.

He said he had sworn a security oath and could not talk about the crash.

When he asked if the extraterrestrials theories were on the right track, however, Easley agreed.

Easley admitted they held Brazel at the base under armed guard for several days.[45]

Easley’s doctor, Harold Granik, reported Easley spoke about creatures at Roswell on his deathbed.[46]

Chase Brandon

In 2012, retired CIA agent Chase Brandon performed an interview with The Huffington Post talking about the Roswell UFO incident. He told that the debris recovered was not a weather balloon, and claimed it did not come from this planet.[53]

Brandon was inside of a special section—the Historical Intelligence Collection—of the George Bush Center for Intelligence in Langley, Virginia in the 1990s where he discovered a box labeled Roswell.

Inside were documents and photographs confirming there was a crash and a recovery of a space ship.[54]

Under law, he is not allowed to say what the documents exactly were.[53]

Retired United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was asked about the validity of his employee, and he refused to challenge it.[54]

Werner von Braun

You can be sure that Von Braun was more interested than most, in all these 1947 saucer sighting reports (see The Day Before Roswell thread

of incredible maneuvers at unimaginable speeds, and read the daily reports with great curiosity.

In fact he would be an obvious expert for The Pentagon to consult on what these new mystery discs might be.

And already having active TS clearances for his work, he would be ready to go on any sudden field trips that might arise, such as the one related by Clark C. McClelland:

During the periodic MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) meetings that were held at Cocoa Beach, I was able to talk freely and briefly with such scientists, particularly Dr. von Braun.

"On one such occasion, he and I had taken a break and stepped out of the Cocoa Beach Ramada Inn into the back patio. I admitted that I was aware that he and his German Scientific team were located not too far from the crash site at that time. They were launching captured V-2 rockets from the White Sands Testing Range.

On this night, I asked him a question concerning the Roswell Incident that caused his eyebrows to raise.

Did the Roswell Incident in fact happen, was an alien craft recovered along with alien bodies? Did you have a chance to go to the crash site?"

Von Braun lit a cigarette, thought for a second, and then began to discuss the crash openly.

He trusted me to hear such astonishing events because I vowed to not report it to newspapers, magazines, television, etc. I never broke that vow. Since he is deceased, and the incident happened over fifty years ago, I am now disclosing what I heard...

Dr. von Braun explained how he and his associates had been taken to the crash site after most of the military were pulled back. They did a quick analysis of what they found.

He told me the craft did not appear to be made of metal as we know metal on earth. He said it seemed to be created from something biological, like skin. I was lost as to what he indicated, other than thinking perhaps the craft was "alive."

The recovered bodies were temporarily being kept in a nearby medical tent. They were small, very frail and had large heads. Their eyes were large. Their skin was grayish and reptilian in texture. He said it looked similar to the skin texture of rattle snakes he'd seen several times at White Sands.

His inspection of the debris had even him puzzled: very thin, aluminum colored, like silvery chewing gum wrappers. Very light and extremely strong.

The interior of the craft was nearly bare of equipment, as if the creatures and craft were part of a single unit.

That's when I became lost in the moment. We returned to the awards ceremony, in which he participated, later bidding farewell. I went home with my head spinning from all I had heard."

It is therefore no suprise that we find the final following quote:

"Wernher Von Braun knew about the extraterrestrial issue." -
Dr. Carol Rosin, spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun last years of his life.

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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 ;) ;D thx

I think that about covers the chain of command, from out in the desert to all the way up to the Pentagon.

It appears that those who were actually there say it was advanced spacecraft with Alien bodies.


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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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From Kevin Randle's excellent Blog -

"Blanchard, Lytle and Roswell

Before we start, let me say this. I have known Robert Hastings for nearly twenty years and I have always been impressed with his integrity and his intellect.

I knew Chester Lytle for a long time. He was a man of impressive credentials who had no reason to embellish his position and suggest UFO knowledge if he had none.

In other words, talking about flying saucers wouldn’t have done him much good and certainly could have hurt him.

Now both of these men come together in Hastings’ UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites. Hastings had the opportunity to interview Lytle on a number of occasions and Lytle shared an interesting story about the Roswell UFO crash. I will note that Hastings had shared this information with me prior to the publication of his book, so I have known about it for some time, but he asked that I say nothing until his book was available.

According to Hastings, he was interviewing Lytle about his involvement with atomic energy and what he might know about UFO sightings near nuclear plants or facilities. Hastings said that with no prompting from him, Lytle moved on to the Roswell crash and told Hastings that William Blanchard (seen here),

who had command of the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell at the time of the crash confirmed the alien nature of the event.

Lytle told Hastings that in February 1953, with Blanchard now a general officer, they were in Alaska while Lytle’s wife was in Chicago about to give birth. Lytle was desperate to get home and Blanchard said that they could take an Air Force aircraft to Illinois, land at one of the bases close to Chicago and Lytle could get home from there.

While on the flight, somehow the subject of UFOs came up, maybe because of a couple of sightings at Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage sometime earlier.

Blanchard then told Lytle that an alien craft had crashed near Roswell.

According to Hastings, Blanchard told Lytle that four bodies had been recovered.

Surprised by this, Hastings asked Lytle, "Blanchard actually told you that the Roswell object was an alien spacecraft."

Lytle said, "Oh, absolutely."

In break with the traditional story, Blanchard said that some of the bodies had gone originally to Muroc Army Air Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), but that they all wound up at Wright Field.

Now, granted, this is second-hand testimony about what Blanchard said, but there is no reason for Lytle to invent it, and it is quite clear that Lytle held many clearances and had been trusted with the secrets of the Manhattan Project. He was a credible man who would not have made up the story."

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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"He looked for all the world like a young Tyrone Power decked out in his flight gear getting ready to take on the Luftwaffe in 1941’s A Yank in the RAF, or like the similarly situated and motivated Robert Stack in 1942’s Eagle Squadron. In a case of reality imitating art, instead of vice versa, such movie plots were real life for Lieutenant Colonel Marion Milton “Black Mac” Magruder. After developing tactics he had learned from night-fighting with the British, he would go on to become an “ace” fighter pilot and squadron commander of the legendary “Black Mac’s Killers” in World War II.

For sweeping the night skies of Japanese aircraft over Okinawa in 1945, the biggest and bloodiest battle in the Pacific during the war, his squadron would win a Presidential Unit Citation. Additionally, “Black Mac” would be awarded two Bronze Stars, the Air Medal with Gold Stars, the American Defense Service Medal with Base Clasp, the European-African-Middle Eastern Area Campaign Medal, the American Area Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal.1

The summer of 1947 found 36-year-old Magruder in class at the Air War College (AWC) at Maxwell Field in Montgomery, Alabama. This was the second such class to commence after the war,2 and Magruder would have the honor of becoming the first Marine officer to attend and graduate from the Air University of the Air War College.3

The class was filled with officers whose ranks ranged from general down to lieutenant colonel, which was the lowest rank permitted in the program. The officers chosen for the class were deemed to represent the “best and brightest” in their respective branches of the military destined to become the future leaders of U.S. military doctrine heading into the post-war era.

Magruder’s class at the Air War College was scheduled to last for approximately one year, from July of 1947 to June of 1948, during which time the officers would receive advanced training in military history, decision-making, and geo-political strategy.

The class had been in session for nine months when, in April of 1948, all class members were flown up to the newly merged Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for a week’s worth of classes and on-site training.4 The class’s “opinion” was desired on a matter of utmost urgency and importance. According to Mark Magruder, Marion’s son, the military wanted the class’s feedback on a strategic decision regarding military and political planning. “Basically, the higher-ups in the military were looking for guidance on a critical decision they had to make.”5

Not knowing what to expect, the curious officers were led into a room where they were told about the recovery to then–Wright Field of an extraterrestrial spaceship that had crashed near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, the previous summer.6

Most of the officers had not been aware of the crash and were puzzled when some of the strange wreckage was brought out for them to examine.7 According to Mark, his father described the wreckage as being “out of this world.” The most interesting item was a piece of what his father described as “metallic cloth,” which was light and strong, and which could be folded up into a ball and, when released, would resume its original flat shape. His father also used the term “foil-like” to describe it. (We, of course, would today call it a piece of “memory metal.”)

His father also talked about handling pieces of wreckage that had strange markings inscribed on them, which he referred to as “hieroglyphics,” for want of a better term, that he could not make sense of.8 Marion also told his son that his group was shown photographs of the craft that had crashed, and that it was definitely not crescent-shaped (as Kenneth Arnold had described what he witnessed near Mt. Rainier in June 1947) or triangle-shaped (as described by discredited dissembler Frank Kaufmann in the early 1990s), but was more like a disk.

To “Black Mac,” the stuff that he had closely examined was clearly “otherworldly” and like nothing he had ever seen or handled before.9

The real shocker, however, was yet to come. After everyone had a chance to examine and handle the strange wreckage, they were led into another room. There, they were shown something else that would haunt Marion Magruder for the rest of his life.10 He somehow managed to keep what he saw there to himself for the next 20 years.

But on July 20, 1969—the day that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the moon in Apollo 11—“Black Mac” Magruder finally confessed to his five sons—Mark, Mike, Merritt, Marshall, and Marion, Jr.—that he knew from an experience in his past that ET was real. And in response to the obligatory question from one of his sons about “little green men,” he matter-of-factly replied, “They weren’t green.”11

Black Mac did not expand upon his statements to his sons as to how their father knew these things at that point, but in the ensuing quarter century, especially after the books and TV shows about Roswell started appearing in the 1980s and 1990s, he gradually overcame his reluctance to discuss with them “the rest of the story” of what he and his Air War College class had learned on a trip to Wright-Patterson Air force Base back in 1948.12

While lying on his deathbed many years later, “Black Mac” Magruder recalled the otherworldly encounter he had on his trip to Wright-Patterson with his Air War College class in 1948: After being told about the Roswell crash/recovery and having examined some of the wreckage, the class was told that there was a survivor from the crash, and they were then led into another room. As had his four brothers, Magruder’s son Mike had heard the story before, but this telling was meant for Mike’s daughter, Natalie, who was interested in UFOs.13

Marion told her that the “creature,” as he referred to it, was about 4 feet tall, humanoid in general appearance, but with long, thin arms and an oversized head for its small frame. Its other features, as described by Mark Magruder, were also similar to the descriptions of others who have claimed to have witnessed the Roswell bodies: a thin, one-inch slit for a mouth, just two small orifices where the nose should be, a small orifice on each side of the head instead of ears, and large, wide-set eyes.14

One big difference from most other descriptions, however, was the color of the creature’s skin. Not only was it not green, as Black Mac had previously stated, but it wasn’t gray, either. According to Mark Magruder, his father stated that the being’s skin had a “flesh-tone” color to it.15 (NOTE: The pinkish color might be explained by the fact that this being was still alive, whereas most other witnesses who have described the color of the skin had viewed bodies in various stages of decomposition.)

Seeing the creature again in his memory, Magruder stated that, although he did not converse with it, some sort of connection was made at the time, in that he felt great empathy for it. As a result, throughout the years he made sure to emphasize the “human-like” qualities of the small, child-like being.16

A similar feeling was reported by another eyewitness who had had a close encounter with the live Roswell alien being: Roswell fireman Dan Dwyer had gotten to the crash site just before the military when he came face to face with a living, ambulatory alien entity. He told his family that, although he did not talk to the being, it talked to him “in his head,” and he was overcome by a strong sense of sympathy for it as it was obviously stranded alone on strange planet.17

In his final reminiscence for his granddaughter, however, Black Mac nevertheless allowed to her that, despite its human-like qualities, the creature he saw looked squiggly (rubbery) to him, and there was no question that “t clearly was not from this planet.”18

Unknown to Colonel Magruder, even on his deathbed, where he passed away peacefully on his 86th birthday on June 27, 1997, the same general terms he had used to describe the Roswell “survivor” were also used by other military officers years earlier who had had a chance to see the bodies from the Roswell crash close-up.

The year prior to Magruder’s class trip to Dayton, Captain Oliver “Pappy” Henderson had flown not just wreckage but also the first group of alien bodies to then–Wright Field on July 8, 1947 (see Chapter 6). Having viewed the bodies lying on the floor of the hangar just prior to loading them for the flight, Captain Henderson would later describe their appearance as reminding him of the cartoon character “Casper the Ghost.”19

Major Jesse Marcel, Sr., the Roswell base intelligence officer who was dispatched to the crash site on July 6, 1947, and who reignited interest in the Roswell story 30 years later by breaking his silence regarding it, told a subordinate of his that the Roswell aliens had the appearance of “white, rubbery figures.”20

It would not be too much of a stretch here to suggest that all three men were simply using their own perspective and respective terms to describe the same thing.

According to Mike Magruder, his father later learned that the military had been conducting experiments on the being he saw, but that it had died in the process. To Black Mac Magruder, his eyes tearing up at the thought of the small extraterrestrial he had seen at Wright-Patterson, “It was a shameful thing that the military destroyed this creature by conducting tests on it.… They killed it!”21

Marion “Black Mac” Magruder graduated from the Air War College in June 1948, for which he coauthored the thesis “The Impact and Role of Missiles in a War During the Foreseeable Future (5–10 years).” In 1950, Magruder was personally selected and sent by the Secretary of the Navy to Germany. As the only Marine in the European Theater, he was tasked with drawing up a plan for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in case of a Russian attack, and the plan remained in force during the Cold War.22

In 1954–55, he attended and graduated from the National War College, where his thesis, “Nuclear Weapons—An Instrument of National Policy,” won special honors for its future strategic implications. Along the upward trajectory of his military career, he also handled a number of prestigious special assignments all over the world, including serving as chief of staff, G-4 Fleet Marine Force Pacific, as well as becoming the commanding officer of the Marine Air Station at Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii. In the latter capacity, he hosted President Eisenhower for a five-day visit.23 By 1961, Magruder had been a “full bird” colonel for 10 years, but with a Commandant of the Marine Corps harboring a petty grudge, he concluded that he would never achieve flag (general) rank. So, on August 31, 1961, after 26 years of exemplary service to his beloved Marine Corps and his country, Marion M. “Black Mac” Magruder retired.24

Not content to just sit back and live off his military pension, now-civilian Mac Magruder entered the world of high business with the same skill, aggressiveness, and professionalism that he displayed when he was ridding the skies over the Pacific Theater of Japanese Zeros. Deciding fairly quickly that he would rather be a private businessman than work for someone else, he purchased a McDonald’s franchise in the state of Colorado. Before he retired for a second time, he owned as many as 30 McDonald’s franchises in the states of Colorado, Arizona, and California.25 Given Mac Magruder’s self-confidence, his foresight, his personal skills, and his commitment to success, Mac Magruder’s civilian achievements came as no surprise to anyone who knew him.

The larger point to be made regarding the Air War College’s class trip to Wright-Patterson in April 1948 is that, by that point in time, the Air Force, acting in consort with the government, still had not decided how to proceed with the secret they were keeping from the citizens they were serving as well as from those within their own ranks.

Having killed the Roswell story and a potentially chaotic situation nine months earlier by denying everything, the Air Force had finally caught its breath and was looking to its upcoming “best and brightest” for some sage advice. How would soldiers react to the knowledge that they were not alone in the universe? Would they panic, or, as some officers did down in Roswell, just “lose it”? Could they be trusted with that knowledge, and, most importantly, would they still keep it secret from everybody else?

We do not know the AWC class consensus regarding these questions, but Magruder told his sons that the military was looking for the class members’ opinions on what to do. Strategically (and sociologically), what did they think would be the best course to follow, and could the class members themselves handle this truth? 26

The Air Force and/or the government apparently were still not quite sure how to proceed, as the next Air War College class—the class of 1948–49—was also invited up to Wright-Patterson to examine the Roswell wreckage and to meet ET.27 Kevin Randle, a Roswell researcher of note and a former Army intelligence officer himself, notes, “In the military, when you are presented with an already cleared, talented, and senior group, you might well take advantage of that expertise because it is…well, there.”28

This would be the second and last AWC class to make that trip. A decision had been reached: The Air Force and U.S. government would continue to keep “The Secret” secret from everybody, deny that the Roswell incident (as a crash and retrieval of a UFO and crew) was anything more than a balloon and a dime-store mannequin, and deny that UFOs exist until one lands on the White House lawn.

The Magruder family has provided ample and convincing evidence in the form of documentation that their father was where he said he was at the time he said he was with his Air War College class during the first week of April 1948. Skeptics would say that, although that may be true, it still doesn’t prove that the ET part of the story is true.

For the skeptics, only an authenticated photo of “Black Mac” shaking hands with ET, or a notation in the AWC’s class schedule stating “Field Trip to Wright-Patterson AFB to meet ET,” will suffice.

For the rest of us, the veracity of the story, given the documentation in hand, turns on the type of person that “Black Mac” Magruder was in life and the credibility of his surviving family members. In the cases of past hoaxers, an agenda for telling tall tales usually becomes apparent at some point in the investigation, one that normally involves attention-getting in the hope of a monetary reward at the end of the rainbow.

Given his wartime military record, coupled with his post-military business success, neither attention-grabbing nor hope of financial gain would seem to apply in this case.

Having divested themselves of their father’s “McDonald’s Empire,” the Magruder family is more than well off today. Experience also tells us that surviving family members of the “rich and famous” and notables of all stripes like to preserve a positive memory of dignity and respect for their departed in the minds of the public, and the word “UFO” is not a word they want attached to that memory or seen in an obituary.

So, given what we know about the principal and the surviving family members in this case, there is no logical reason for them to make up a story, like the one discussed in this chapter, about their beloved father. As it was, Black Mac’s real life needed no embellishing, and he would not have approved it. Being one of the greatest of America’s “Greatest Generation” will do that for you."

Excerpt from INSIDE THE REAL AREA 51 - The Secret History of Wright-Patterson - Carey/Schmitt

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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"It should be noted that in 1947 Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining was the commanding officer of the Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson, which controlled the Air Force’s intelligence functions. Known as “T-2 Intelligence” at that time, it later became the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) in 1951, then the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) in 1961, and today it is known as the National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC). It was this military organization that was primarily responsible for analyzing any and all foreign, new, or unknown aerial technology that came into the possession of the United States by whatever means. After World War II, it was logically assumed that most such material devices would be of Russian origin.

Numerous flights had originated either from Wright Field to retrieve wreckage from the Roswell crash or, as in the case of Captain Oliver W. “Pappy” Henderson, from the airbase in Roswell. In utmost secrecy, Henderson piloted a plane filled with wreckage and something else nonstop directly from Roswell Army Air Field to Wright (Army Air) Field, as it was then called, on July 8, 1947, which was the second day of the recovery operation taking place in the New Mexico desert.

He kept this special flight a secret from everyone, including his wife, Sappho, for years, until the early 1980s, when he saw the Roswell story featured on the cover of a supermarket tabloid and figured that, if the story was out in the public domain, it was all right for him to talk about it.3

Henderson, who passed away in 1986, told his wife that he had wanted to tell her about it for years. He told her that he knew flying saucers were real because he had flown a planeload of such wreckage to Wright Field back in the 1940s. He didn’t tell her much about it except that the debris was strange. And, according to Sappho, he never told her about the something else—the little bodies—he had transported in addition to the wreckage. The flight’s destination had been Dayton, Ohio, and then back to Roswell again in a C-54 Skymaster transport plane.

Henderson was a member of the First Air Transport Unit, known as the “Green Hornets,” which was assigned to Roswell Army Air Field at the time. He would go on to tell his wife that it was a routine flight except for its high classification status.4 Our investigation has been able to identify and locate one of the crew members on this flight: Tech Sergeant David Ackroyd. His widow, when asked whether her husband had ever discussed this flight with her, responded in the affirmative: “All I remember about it is that this one day during this [UFO] thing he came home early in a big rush and told me, ‘I need to get some things. I have to go on a special flight with Pappy back east. I’ll be home in a day or two.’ That was all he said.”5 Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate any other crew members on this flight, but given the fact that, according to Ackroyd’s wife, her husband’s flight took place during the time frame of the Roswell recovery, there is no doubt that it was Oliver “Pappy” Henderson’s flight to Wright-Patterson on July 8, 1947.

Captain Oliver “Pappy Henderson told close friends and family that he flew strange wreckage and “little creatures” from Roswell to Wright Field in early July 1947.

Pappy kept the secret as long as he thought it was required of him, but once some of the preliminary information was published, he started to open up to his friends as well as his wife. In 1982, at a reunion of his B-17 flight crew from World War II, the subject of Roswell came up when he told them of piloting the wreckage of the spacecraft.

There, at the reunion, he described how he flew the very aircraft they had been talking about from Roswell to Wright Field. He also mentioned for the first time the little humanoid bodies he observed lying on the hangar floor before his flight departed.6

A former World War II bomber crew member by the name of Vere McCarty was also in attendance at the reunion. In a letter written in 1989, he recalled that Henderson was extremely serious in recounting his story for them that night, after which the discussion went on to other UFO sightings. “The captain made comments about flying saucers on other occasions,” he said, “always telling his listeners that he believed in them because so many other pilots reported seeing them. He never broke his silence about his own role until the last few years before he died.”7

Sappho remembered that, sometime after the incident when they were still living in Roswell, her husband had been outside with their daughter Mary Katherine staring up into the night sky. When asked by his daughter what he was doing, he told her, “Looking for flying saucers. They’re real, you know.”8 Pappy was able to tell his daughter that fact with a certainty that few others possessed. The more amazing part of Henderson’s reasoning at the time—why he knew they were real—had yet to be told.

Corroboration of the Henderson story comes from a former B-29 pilot from WWII stationed in Amarillo, Texas, in the summer of 1947: Captain Joseph Toth. He was sent to Wright Field at the time of the Roswell incident to undergo a complete physical exam to determine whether he could maintain his flight status. While waiting for medical tests, he strolled outside for a quick smoke and saw that a C-54 transport plane had just arrived and taxied up close to the base hospital, where a hasty unloading then took place.

Toth immediately noticed men removing and carrying several stretchers from the hold of the aircraft with bodies of short, large-headed corpses and quickly taking them into the building. Later, he remembered hearing the excited scuttlebutt back in Amarillo about the activity that had taken place over in Roswell, and he especially recalled that much of the talk at the Wright-Patterson base that day was about what had arrived in the C-54 that he had fortuitously observed.9

When asked if the bodies recovered from the crash at Roswell went to Wright Field, Brigadier General Arthur Exon said, “That’s my information. But one of them went to a mortuary outfit…I think at that time it was [Lowry Air Force Base] in Denver. But the strongest information was that they were brought to Wright-Patt.”10 General Exon had been a lieutenant colonel and an administration student at Wright-Patt at the time of the Roswell incident, and in the mid-1960s became the base’s commanding officer.

General Exon was not alone in his beliefs that the bodies had been brought to Dayton. Former First Lieutenant Raymond A. Madson said that he and his wife, who both worked at Wright-Patterson, had heard rumors of bodies stored there.11 And Norma Gardner, an employee at the military facility until 1959 when she had to retire due to health reasons, would often hint to friends that she knew more about the “flying saucer situation” than the government was saying or was comfortable with her knowing about.

A typist with top security clearance, she had been given the duty of logging in all UFO-related material, which included parts of the interior of a spacecraft that had been brought to the base prior to her employment there. Everything had to be photographed and tagged and labeled, and all the documentation had to be filed by someone. Norma Gardner had that task.12

At one point, she saw two bodies as they were being moved from one location to another. The bodies had been preserved in some kind of chemical solution. She said that they were small, about 4 feet tall, but with large heads and slanted eyes, and “obviously were not human.” In the course of her duties, she also typed the autopsy reports of the remains. All of this, according to her, was done while she was employed at Wright-Patterson.13

Norma Gardner died shortly after recounting her story, which would in effect make it the equivalent of a “deathbed confession.” Such statements are accorded a special status in “truth-telling” in courts of law throughout the land.

Support for Norma Gardner’s reports regarding alleged alien autopsies came some years later via Leonard Stringfield. As we’ve mentioned, he developed numerous contacts with military and civilian personnel who were or had been employed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, or had contact with the base in some form or other. One of these was a doctor described by Stringfield as his “prime medical contact” for information regarding the alien bodies recovered from Roswell.

From this source, Stringfield received detailed descriptions of the body structure of the recovered crash victims.14 Given all of the medical information at his disposal, Stringfield felt that he had enough data to try to illustrate how the Roswell aliens must have looked morphologically. This led to several attempts by Stringfield at line-sketching an alien, each of which was submitted to his medical source and returned to him with comments as to its accuracy. In 1978, after many tries, he was finally able to put together a composite sketch that was accepted by his medical source as being an accurate depiction of an alien entity that had crashed at Roswell and was autopsied at Wright-Patterson.15

A former Air Force major by the name of Truman Weaver provided additional information. He displayed to researchers a letter from a friend by the name of Robert Thompson who was a technician at Wright-Patterson in the early 1950s and claimed to have worked across the alley from the building where the bodies were kept.

Thompson said by 1953 there were 13 of them stored in a room on the third floor there. He claimed that on some days a strong odor drifted across the alley, and when he asked about it he was told that it was embalming fluid. According to Thompson, “This was before air conditioning was installed, and with the windows open I could smell the strong odor of formaldehyde. It was sickening.”16 The strong smell of formaldehyde at Wright-Patterson isn’t enough to suggest that alien bodies—or bodies of any kind—were there at all. Thompson went on, however, explaining that his boss, a man named McAdams, showed him a report that confirmed the rumors that there were bodies and a captured saucer being stored at Wright-Patterson.

The next day, according to Thompson, the paper report was taken from McAdams, and officials later denied that it even existed.17 In April 1979, Thompson wrote Stringfield, who had received the story from Richard Hall, then the editor of the MUFON UFO Journal, confirming the original story but with a notable addendum: “The building number [where the bodies were stored] was 18F, 3rd floor. The 13 bodies and 2 saucers are at a small air base [Langley Air Force Base] at Hampton Roads, Virginia, if they have not been moved again.”18

John G. Tiffany reported that his father was stationed at Wright Field in 1947 and that his unit, as part of their assignment, supported the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell. According to Tiffany, his father, along with his crew, had been flown to a “destination in the southwest.” There they picked up strange, metallic debris and a large cylinder that reminded him of a “giant thermos bottle” for transport back to Wright Field. Tiffany was told by his father that the metal was very lightweight but very tough. It was smooth, had a “glass-like” surface, and everything that the flight crew had attempted to deform it—mark it, bend it, or break it—failed. But what bothered the airmen most was the unusual cylinder and its unknown contents.

Tiffany wasn’t sure if his father had actually seen anything resembling bodies firsthand, but he did state that “two of the corpses were intact,” which suggests that he had.

After the flight, the crew started to experience a strange sensation—a feeling that they were somehow “contaminated.” According to Tiffany, “They couldn’t get over [the feeling of] handling something that foreign.”19

Once they arrived at Wright Field, everything was off-loaded, including the giant, thermos-like capsule. The entire cargo was loaded into trucks, and once the vehicles departed, the flight crew was debriefed by a high-ranking official who told them that the just-completed flight never took place.20

Was this the second body-flight, which originated as a large wooden crate in Roswell, then was flown to Fort Worth Army Air Field, Texas, on July 9, 1947, under armed guard in the bomb bay of a B-29 named the Straight Flush? The large, hermetically sealed, thermos-like device aboard Tiffany’s aircraft suggests that something very out of the ordinary, something that was possibly epidemiologically harmful to humans—or simply smelled bad—was being transported (recall the crew members’ strange feelings after the flight). Tiffany’s father told him that they picked up the capsule in Texas!21

A similar feeling of uneasiness regarding the bodies also overcame the aforementioned Captain Oliver “Pappy” Henderson when he told a close friend and fellow military officer, Dr. John Kromschroeder, about them. According to Kromschroeder, he and Henderson were sharing stories while on a fishing trip, and after a few hours Henderson mentioned that he had seen the bodies of alien visitors and the remains of their craft.

Kromschroeder said that Henderson was nervous about it. “He was clearly uncomfortable talking about it.”22 Henderson, according to Kromschroeder, did not like being around the dead or injured and wanted to get away from them as quickly as he could. Kromschroeder quoted Henderson as saying, “I couldn’t really look at them.” But he did see enough to say that they were “kinda little guys.”23 He also told Kromschroeder that the bodies had been put into the deep freeze and that, as late as 1986, he thought that they were still at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.24 Naturally Kromschroeder wanted to know more about it, but Henderson would only repeat the descriptions (gray little men with big heads, slanted eyes, and tiny mouths) and then ended the conversation with “I just can’t talk about it.”25

Helen Wachter said that she had been a nursing student at a school in Dayton, Ohio, in the summer of 1947. According to her, she was visiting a friend who had just given birth. While Wachter was in their small studio apartment, the husband of the new mother returned home in an agitated state. He dragged his wife into the single bedroom and told her, in a voice that could be easily overheard, that something of a top-secret nature had happened at the base that day. Bodies of “alien creatures” had arrived at the base—four of them. He knew because he had been one of the guards posted when the plane arrived with them. That was all that was said about it: Four bodies had come onto the base one day during the summer of 1947.26

Could one of the other guards posted that day have been a famous stage, screen, and recording star from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s? Hard to believe, we know, but…
An interesting story of a similar nature involving famed stage, screen, and recording star Gordon MacRae (Oklahoma!, Carousel) comes to us from his former wife, actress Sheila MacRae (The HoneyMooners, Petticoat Junction).

According to her, back in the 1940s her former husband was an armed security guard who had stood guard over a wooden pallet at Wright-Patterson AFB. On the pallet was something that was completely covered by a canvas tarpaulin. Told not to let anyone near the pallet and not to look under the tarp himself, MacRae complied with the first part of the order but not the second. When his chance arrived, he peeled back the tarp to receive the shock of his young life—for on the pallet lay small, large-headed creatures from another world!

His story was told publicly on a late-night TV talk show by Sheila MacRae shortly after Gordon passed away in 1986. In a chance meeting following a stage show in New York City a few years ago, respected UFO researcher Peter Robbins heard the story directly from Sheila MacRae herself.27 In 2010, with Robbins’s help, we attempted to arrange an interview with Sheila MacRae to confirm, deny, or learn additional details of the story as described to us. We also wanted to find out just how it was that her former husband came to view the aliens at Wright-Patterson, as we knew that Gordon MacRae had been in the Air Corps during World War II, but by 1947 he was already on the Broadway stage and presumably a full-fledged civilian citizen. These questions remain unanswered.

After an initial period of apparent cooperation, the MacRae family stopped communicating with us, and the interview with their mother never took place. The family knew of the story about their iconic father and have not denied its veracity, but they will no longer discuss it. We have since learned that Gordon MacRae may have recounted the episode himself on a TV talk show, perhaps The Mike Douglas Show, in the 1970s. His widow, Sheila, is still living but is understandably no longer available to us for an interview.28

In 1957 a military photographer confided to his son that he was stationed at Wright Field in 1947, where he was assigned to the base photo lab. One day, an officer instructed him and another camera man to follow him after grabbing two 16-millimeter cameras. They were led to a heavily guarded hangar, stopped briefly outside, and then allowed to enter. Inside, the two men observed a heavily damaged circular craft, and the floor covered with wreckage of a similar metal, all of which were on top of a canvas tarpaulin. The officer directed them to immediately start filming the unknown craft and debris.

Upon completion, they were taken to the back of the building where a refrigeration unit was housed. Inside the unit was a “museum case” containing the remains of two small, thin, grayish creatures with “large eyes.” One was notably severely injured, and the other body was apparently not. A guard was told to open the case so that the two men and their cameras could get a clear view. Beyond the shock of witnessing the two bodies was the strong odor. “[It was like] the smell of dead fish,” added the photographer to his son. Both men’s cameras were confiscated and they were warned of the consequences of ever repeating what they had just filmed. The man’s son commented that, “My father was a true patriot and a very religious man”29—ideals that must have been put to the test on that fateful day!

The late reporter Carl Day, a newsman with the FOX affiliate in Dayton, interviewed two MPs in May 1991. They both described “frozen bodies, wreckage, and a ship” that were kept in Building 21, which they guarded. All of which they said had been transported to the base (Wright-Patterson) on planes many years before.30

UFO researcher Thomas Blann interviewed a retired Wright-Patterson colonel off the record who said, “In the earlier years, they had taken some bodies to this base, but later on, it depended where they were found. They had a hell of a time setting up procedures for this operation [most likely “Operation Blue Fly” and/or “Project Moon Dust”], as well as getting the craft out of the area without being observed. Usually, this was done at nighttime.”31"

Excerpt from INSIDE THE REAL AREA 51 - The Secret History of Wright-Patterson - Carey/Schmitt

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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Is the inside area 51 book mostly covering the stuff I already know about?  I mean that the witnesses said crash material was flown to Wright Field and the Foreign Technology Division take over from there?

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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Is the inside area 51 book mostly covering the stuff I already know about?  I mean that the witnesses said crash material was flown to Wright Field and the Foreign Technology Division take over from there?

Well it depends on what one already knows about. Yes it primarily covers Wright Pat and the FTD.

Also the bodies.

Area51 and it's goings on are not covered.

However in your case there may only be a few tidbits of new information as you are pretty well up to speed on the evidence.

But it is quite apparent that there are members who are not, so hopefully this and other threads will get them up to speed as well.

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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"Our late colleague and friend Leonard H. Stringfield, who was the first researcher to accept UFO-crash retrievals as legitimate, met with a doctor he described as his “prime medical contact.”1 What was described to him by this individual were the basic physical attributes of the nonhuman victims of such crashes.

On another occasion, Stringfield had the opportunity to converse with another doctor who allegedly participated in an autopsy of an alien specimen at Wright-Patterson. This new source, according to Stringfield, provided a great deal of additional data. “From him, in time, I was able to envision the body entire,” Stringfield said. “I learned of its internal chemistry and some of its organs—or, by human equation, the lack of them.”

Stringfield, working from statements from his medical contacts, was able to draw a number of conclusions. According to Stringfield, the being was humanoid, 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall. It weighed about 40 pounds. The skull was proportionally larger than a human head. The two eyes were large, round, deep-set, and wide apart. The nose was vaguely defined, with only a slight protuberance, and its mouth was a small slit that opened only into a deep cavity. The mouth apparently did not “function as a means of communication or as an orifice for food ingestion. In addition, there were no teeth. There were no earlobes or protrusive flesh extending beyond apertures on each side of the head.” The head, as well as the rest of the body, was devoid of hair. Its neck was slender, as was its torso. The arms were long and thin, reaching down close to the knees, and the hands had slight webbing between the fingers. “Skin description is not green,” Stringfield continued. “Some claim it was beige, tan, brown, or…pinkish gray, and one said it looked almost ‘bluish gray’ under deep-freeze lights.… The texture was described as ‘scaly’ or reptilian’ and as ‘stretchable, elastic, or mobile over smooth muscle.” He noted that, “Under magnification, I was told, the tissue structure appears mesh-like.… This information suggests the texture of the granular-skinned lizards, such as the iguana and chameleon.”2

After more than a year of “negotiations,” Stringfield arranged to receive a written statement from a hematologist who claimed to have been involved with a nonhuman autopsy. It also described in nonprofessional terminology the unusual anatomy. The typewritten statement went as follows:

SIZE—The specimen observed was 4 foot 3 and 3/8 in length. I can’t remember the weight. It has been so long and my files do not contain the weight. I recall the length well, because we had a disagreement and everyone took their turn at measuring.

HEAD—The head was pear-shaped in appearance and oversized by human standards for the body.

The eyes were Mongoloid in appearance. The ends of the eyes furthest from the nasal cavity slanted upward at about a 10-degree angle. The eyes were recessed into the head. There seemed to be no visible eyelids, only what seemed like a fold. The nose consisted of a small fold-like protrusion above the nasal orifices. The mouth seemed to be a wrinkle-like fold. There were no human-type lips as such—just a slit that opened into an oral cavity about two inches deep. A membrane along the rear of the cavity separated it from what would be a digestive tract. The tongue seemed to be atrophied into almost a membrane. No teeth were observed. X-rays revealed a maxilla and mandible as well as cranial bone structure. The outer “ear lobes” didn’t exist. The auditory orifices present were similar to our middle and inner ear canals. The head contained no hair follicles. The skin seemed grayish in color and seemed mobile when moved. The above observations are from general anatomical observations. I didn’t autopsy or study the head portion in any great detail since this was not my area of specialty.3

As originally agreed upon with Stringfield, the statement was unsigned and had no masthead. The name of the doctor remains confidential in his files as per agreement before Stringfield’s passing in 1994.

Further confirmation of autopsies has come from another source. Dr. Lejeune Foster, a renowned expert on human spinal-cord structures who had a practice in San Diego in 1947, was called on to perform a special assignment for the military. She did not travel to Wright Field, but went to Washington, DC, where she stayed for approximately one month. During Foster’s absence, Dr. Laura Henderson filled in for her at the San Diego clinic.

Because Dr. Foster had worked undercover for the FBI during World War II, and because she already had a security clearance, she was flown to Washington to examine the bodies retrieved near Roswell.

She reported that it was possible that one had been recovered alive. Foster would later secretly confide to family members that she examined two of the corpses. Her task was to define their bone structures, which would include the spinal cord. Comparisons would then be drawn to human anatomy. Like the other doctors who saw the bodies, Dr. Foster described the beings as short, with proportionately larger heads than those of humans. She said they had “strange eyes” and that the spinal cords did not resemble our own.

According to her confidants, Foster was very upset upon her return from Washington. As she had been debriefed, she had been told that if she talked about what she had seen, she would lose her license to practice medicine and that she risked being killed. “Someone in the government is trying to keep me quiet,” she would often say.4

Depiction of one of the Roswell aliens drawn by UFO crash researcher Leonard Stringfield. The drawing is based upon the descriptions given to Stringfield by doctors who were present during the autopsies.

In the mid-1970s a former volunteer at the Wright-Patterson Air Museum had a rather serendipitous encounter that he will not soon forget. Our source of information about this volunteer is Lt. Colonel Richard Hoffman, who presently works on classified projects for the Army Materiel Command in Huntsville, Alabama. Hoffman had a private conversation with this individual, who made reference to the “little fellows” hidden at Wright-Patterson at that time. He would leave Hoffman dumbfounded with the information that would follow.5

Our research indicates that this volunteer was Dr. Leon E. Kazarian, a senior-level scientist with the Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson in the 1960s and 1970s. He specialized in biomechanics, which is a field of science that studies the structure and function of biological systems such as humans and animals.

Kazarian’s specialties included spine and backbone anomalies resulting from such factors as atmospheric flight, space flight, microgravity conditions, radiation exposure, and the effects on crashed pilots’ bodies and vertebral columns from the physical impact. On a number of occasions, he testified in court as an expert on accident reconstruction and injury causation. He is also the author or coauthor of technical publications such as “Flight Physical Standards of the 1980s,” “Spinal Column Considerations,” “Bone Mineral Analysis in Space Flight,” and “Escape Injury Assessment,” among numerous other reports. It should be noted that almost all such research studies were Wright-Patterson publications, and many of them had to be approved for release through the Defense Technology Information Center (DTIC) of the Department of Defense.

Kazarian possessed the highest of clearances given the sensitive nature of his work; he also served as an Air Force witness and consultant in biomechanical-related injuries. As part of his unique resume, he also taught at Wright State University in Dayton.6

It was during the private meeting with Hoffman that the medical scientist mentioned, “He had been to numerous crash sites, examined beings with no backbones, and had to perform autopsies on these.” According to Hoffman, Kazarian went on to describe his “team’s work” in studying the effects of being in a space environment on the human body, and confessed that they had been sharing bone marrow studies with the Soviets on the Cosmonauts who spent extended periods of time in space. He ended the remarks with the position that his team’s findings showed conclusively that if we lived in space for generations, the newborn would have a similar appearance to the “beings reported in UFOs.”

Hoffman was left speechless and did not have additional time to ask Kazarian a thousand questions—not even one.7
When we called Kazarian, hoping that he would answer our question, he pleaded ignorance of the original incident and expressed his bewilderment that Hoffman would claim such things. Amazingly, what he would admit was that he too had heard talk when he was at Aero Med about bodies being brought to Wright-Patterson years before the 1960s.

Likewise, he did not refute the story of a crashed UFO at Roswell and has many times pondered such a possibility. The last corroboration he acknowledged to us was that he was completely aware of “memory-metal experiments” in space by NASA. He added that such scientific study would be “folded into existing defense research so that no one would realize the extraterrestrial impetus of the technology.”8

In 1959, the U.S. government enlisted Dr. Leon B. Visse, a French expert on biological elements connected with cellular tissue (in other words, DNA), for a special assignment at Wright-Patterson. Two years prior, in 1957, one of his colleagues, Dr. Francis Crick, had demonstrated the relationship among DNA, RNA, and proteins. A year later, research began on proving a genetic code, and indeed, 1958 is considered the birth of molecular biology.

At Wright-Patterson, Visse’s job was to establish the histonic weight of specific cells provided to him for testing. As the analysis proceeded, he noted that the histonic weight of his sample was much lower than that of a human being. Each time he repeated the procedure, the same outcome was verified. Astonished by the consistent results, he finally asked to see the contributing specimens. At the time, the biologist did not know if he was dealing with a new virus or genetic organism he had never encountered before. From the lab, Visse was taken into a secret room. There lay the bodies of two humanoids.

Both corpses were badly mangled, as though they had been in some type of crash. “The forehead high and broad.… The eyes were stretched towards the temples which gave them an Asiatic appearance. The nose and mouth were small. The lips were thin.… The chin was small and slightly pointed.… The hands were human-like but slender.” The French professor was relieved that his genetic hypothesis remained intact, and after being sworn to secrecy, he was very happy to return to Paris and resume more terrestrial studies.

Some 20 years later, when Dr. Jean Gilles of the French Centre for Scientific Research (the CNRS is considered the French equivalent of NASA) tracked down Visse, he denied the story. But, according to Gilles, what he did concede is quite telling. Visse suggested that only a highly qualified biologist and exobiologist could describe the details in such a story, and he noted that the bodies exhibited a far more developed lymphatic system than normal. In contrast, he also suggested that due to prolonged space travel, there would be an atrophied muscular as well as diminished cardiovascular system.9

Colonel D’Jack Klinger was a pilot who lost his plane over France during WWII, escaped to England, and wound up assigned to Wright Field after the surrender of Germany. A USAF flight surgeon, Klinger was once given the duty of locating and retrieving a disabled bomber on the U.S./Canadian border armed with nuclear weapons. His mission was successful, and as a result, he was promoted to command a special team that secured downed aircraft, crew or bodies, and/or weapons. This assignment would take him all over the world—including New Mexico.10

Klinger retired in 1975 and confided to fellow executive Ronald SeCoy of Ohio the following story: Back in the late 1940s, he witnessed and helped document part of an autopsy performed by pathologists at Wright-Patterson AFB. He observed two humanoids on a table—one, horribly burned, the other appearing uninjured after a crash of some type of ship. Each one was approximately 4 feet in length. Men moved around the body from different angles to film and photograph the entire ordeal. Dr. Klinger described the eyes as having layered membranes, which were more like “optical instruments.” The bodies were slender down to the fingers, and there was a lack of discernable genitalia. To him, the skin appeared “fabric-like,” and noted that the interior of the torso and apparent skeletal system resembled those of an insect.

Now, 30 years after reliving something so “foreign” to the human psyche, according to SeCoy, the doctor, most visibly upset, made him promise on his word of honor never to repeat what he just described. There was no question that Klinger was still terrified of the government. He as much as said so. But what haunted his memory and so riveted SeCoy was Klinger’s recollection of the badly burned body—specifically the face. He said the expression on its face was “frozen in anguish.”11

Klinger’s story has now come to be included with all the other stories that provide no physical evidence, no proof, just the culmination of circumstantial eyewitness testimony that clearly rises beyond the mundane. Actually, it rather approaches the germane, as surely it does for all of these “storytellers” who have had to live with the fear of government reprisal for speaking out about something that does not exist.

Earlier in 2013, documentary producer James Fox and screenwriter Tracy Torme interviewed one of the former directors of Project Blue Book, Colonel Robert Friend. During the course of the exchange, the subject of Roswell came up. Friend remarked, “I don’t know why they would have taken burned bodies to Wright-Patterson. If they would have had burned bodies they would have gone to Texas. They had the Military Burn Facility there.”12 Now, neither Fox nor Torme mentioned anything about “burned” bodies during the discussion with the retired officer.13 And what is more intriguing is that, throughout all of our previous writings about the subject, neither have we.

Excerpt from INSIDE THE REAL AREA 51 - The Secret History of Wright-Patterson - Carey/Schmitt

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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A comment for anyone who has looked into Roswell.  There is a school of thought that it's Roswell CASE CLOSED!  I find that completely hilarious.

Roswell is anything but case closed.

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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The only people in the world, it seems, who believe in conspiracy theory, are those of us that have studied it.    Pat Shannon

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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The only people in the world, it seems, who believe in conspiracy theory, are those of us that have studied it.    Pat Shannon

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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The only people in the world, it seems, who believe in conspiracy theory, are those of us that have studied it.    Pat Shannon

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Re: The Men Who Were Actually There - Roswell
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The only people in the world, it seems, who believe in conspiracy theory, are those of us that have studied it.    Pat Shannon USA, LLC
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