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Zorgon's Flea Market
« on: December 25, 2012, 05:10:20 PM »
Zorgon's Flea Market

The past several weeks I have been busy getting my online store fronts in order hence the reason I haven't been posting as much as normal.

Our current job situation for the family and my medical issues have put a severe stress on us financially as most of the regular members already know.

For many years, well most of my life actually, I have been a collector of many things, mainly minerals but also antiques and collectables. Our house is like a museum. In the past I used to go to swap meets and antique markets on the weekends to sell... and of course the ever present Gem and Mineral Shows.

Today many of these venues are floundering because of the internet sites like Ebay etc... so I had to gear from a 'show and sell' setup to putting everything on the internet.

LOL It takes a LOT of time to photograph ever piece and I will be at it for some time yet just catching up.

The Flea Market is a set of web pages listed by category and some of the items will be listewd at sites like Etsy, Ebay, Listia, Craigslist and others where all the work is done for you until I get the shopping cart buttons added.

In the meantime if you do see something you like, just email me and 'make a deal'. Just like any other Flea Market I can be flexible and negotiate (all except items listed at Ebay Auctions, because once the bids start you cannot change it)

My whole family has been doing this for decades and its both fun and can earn your keep. Hunting treasures is also fun and you develope an eye for spotting stuff.

I have set up THREE SHOPS:

Pegasus Merchandise

This will be for logo merchandise and other forum related items that I come across like related topic books, etc. Coffee mugs and John Lear hats are already available and we are working ob placing the first orders for T-shirts and calendars. Not sure the calendar's can be ready for 2013... but we may issue a small run into January

Land of Legends Gallery Shoppe

This shoppe was originally geared for our Medieval Guild activities and was the main company that we were planning to use to create a theme park. I will get into details in the New Year about what happened and attempt a revival of that project. In the meantime I plan to get that dhop running fully to market Antiques, Collectables  etc and this is the store that will have the Gems and Jewelry and the Rocks, Minerals and Healing Stones.

This is going to be an ongoing project and stock will be listed as available, many will be one of a kind items that once gone, there will be no replacement available.

Zorgon's Flea Market

This store is my "Catch All" shop were I will put anything and everything I want to sell :D You never know what you will find there.

I am planning to have a 'Classified" section available to Pegasus members that have items for sale. Not sure how I will set that up yet. It will NOT be like Ebay etc... it will simply be a classifieds section and members will be on their own to sell, collect money and send the object. Paypal already has in place protections for sellers and buyers so it should be easy to do it via Paypal. If you need help with that let me know

So if you have items to sell watch for the CLASSIFIEDS thread in the next few days. I will also add Seller/Buyer resource information in this thread.

Shipping charges are a MAJOR issue these days and you need to be aware of them. There is no way around it unless you leave large objects "for local pickup only" (ie Craigslist)


Pegasus Store - The Living Moon Merchandise

Land of Legends Gallery

Both these links are also in Board Business for easy access

Zorgon's Flea Market

There are also two areas targeted specifically for Re-enactors but open for all

Medieval and Re-enactors Listings

Medieval, Historical and Ethnic Jewelry Listings

There are still many errors on the pages and I need to add pricing and shopping buttons over the next few days so bear with me. Feel free to report any broken links however... I never catch them all :P

I have a LOT of work to do on the Rocks and Mineral Section but needed to get the other areas up and running first. You will find some of the top specimens I have listed first. Don't get a heart attack on the prices as those are the few museum quality specimens I have in my own collection and will likely end up in auction in the future. Getting old enough now that it's time to move some of my collection along with the other specimens :D

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