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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #75 on: January 28, 2014, 05:37:15 PM »
, , , and then there is this point I am just not sure is correct also, , ,

700 lt. per min to run an engine.

What engine?!?!?  :P

Most "modern" well constructed HHO producers will deliver enough to run an engine without the high volume storage tanks. Only need a small tank for start up.  ;D

Do more research and you will discover these facts.  :)
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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #76 on: January 28, 2014, 06:07:21 PM »
Now lets talk about that other system SOLAR


Storage of electricity CURRENTLY is only available in huge batteries. Your car battery is 12 volts at 50-70 amps. Your house current is 110V (approx) and 220V for stoves AC etc (and in Europe)

So to get batteries to supply 120V  you would need 10 car batteries in series (about $100.00 a piece)  those 10 batteries may run your lights for an hour or two so to run your entire house you are going to need a LOT of batteries (I will leave some electrical genius to calculate how many  :P )

Batteries give off fumes...  Since they have a positive and negative pole that is in acidic water, when you charge them they release HYDROGEN...


So, how about the use of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries for the storage? They have been around for a while, but are one of the latest conventional bat. technologies. Yes, AGM bats. are more expensive than wet cell bats, but the out-gassing is not a problem. AGM batteries are exempt from shipping restrictions, and can even be shipped by air. They are ok for use on aircraft, boats, cars, etc, and can even be installed sideways and upside down. Lifecycle is much better than wet cell. I have used dual AGM bats in my F350 diesel pickup, and
dual bats in an RV. Had no problems with them. I bought Lifeline AGMs for my RV, and Sears Die Hard AGMs for my truck

AGMs are promoted for use with solar!

Just FYI, here are a couple of links on the AGM/solar that speak a little to this subject :
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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #77 on: January 29, 2014, 05:53:36 AM »
All other methods besides solar are seeming potent and ripe for danger....either to the user, or the equipment.... watch hydrogen pop off in a lab and multiply that times a what HHO does to lubricated parts in a internal combustion engine, and youll either be retrofitting aftermarket parts, or replacing stock ones quite often.

Yes, Solar is good, not for those who live in perpetually gloomy places though, of which we have many across the globe.....

Solar doesnt always require a molten battery, or a bank of acid filled lead requires a thoughtfully constructed system of flywheels, lithium rechargables, and an extremely thoughtful level of electronics to make it viable for the everyman....and installation and purchase of..for the average home...keeping quality and longevity in mind.....about fifty thousand dollars worth of equipment beyond the flywheel and fancy batteries...for that add another twenty thousand, plus engineering and installation.

I have installed solar power systems dozens of times, from roof to inverters, and let me tell you if not done right, it will be inoperative the first time some tiny part fails in the electronics, or a wire corrodes and stops conducting somewhere you never expect it...etc.etc. Better get the service plan folks....and a loooooong warranty.

There is no free energy currently, as the infrastructure demands investment to extract it....and even then maintenance and repairs will be commonplace for decades until industry gets its poop together to unify the design of a standardized unit or method, which can be shared with the world.

Fat chance of that, those oil guys arent giving up their Bugattis and Rolexs anytime soon, and whoever tries to take those luxuries from them, has paid dearly in one way or another through the past.

It isnt technology where we are failing, it is with the people who block and suppress that technology. Those people must either be eliminated, or removed from power, so we can get back to power.
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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #78 on: January 29, 2014, 08:41:15 AM »
That is why we must push the research a lot further, get some working prototypes going, then release all the info in one big sunami of info. Take them by surprise.

Then we do the same with antigravity, fusion reactors etc.

This is why i give updates on our research behind the scenes, but Joe public (and his oil baron bosses) can't see it yet. We have to be every bit as devious as they are ;)

Even then most peeps won't believe it, there have been so many free energy scams lately that when a real one comes along, it will be ignored.
That may work in our favour, by the time they realise it's real we would have sold 500 units, made a few bucks, and then we wil release ALL of it.

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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #79 on: January 29, 2014, 05:08:44 PM »

That is probably the ONLY image on the web that has the polarity reversed as any simple google search will show. I used that because it had the balloon collectors.  At leat someone is paying attention

Hydrogen fuel is doable... in fact even the big oil company Shell is pushing hard for that and are already using it in many countries around the world

And yes  hold the bic to the negative side and breath the positive side :P

I would recommend wearing safety glasses when popping off Hydrogen. The glass can shatter.  ::)

It seems that nobody here wants to seriously discuss the real potential of Hydrogen as a viable fuel source instead of petroleum. OK, but I will say this, every problem here, that has been brought up about the use of Hydrogen as a fuel source, has been overcome. Most of them were solved by the middle 1970's.

As for me, living on a boat that is in salt water and requiring less than 100 horsepower for all power needed aboard, Hydrogen is the best alternative fuel source, and as it is lighter than air, it wont settle in the bilge's and blow me up. Total installation expense, less than $10,000.00

Misdirection and misinformation remains alive and well. The information war continues.  :)
I won't be posting in this thread again.  :P
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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #80 on: January 30, 2014, 10:59:07 AM »
It seems that nobody here wants to seriously discuss the real potential of Hydrogen as a viable fuel source instead of petroleum

Oh no?
At one time i had 6 peeps working on it, they were successful, i posted the complete plans in that thread :P
One of them is now making kits to sell. Something we should be doing ::)

Worry about lawsuits later, first get it out there 8)

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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #81 on: January 30, 2014, 11:04:48 AM »
Oh no?
At one time i had 6 peeps working on it, they were successful, i posted the complete plans in that thread :P
One of them is now making kits to sell. Something we should be doing ::)

Worry about lawsuits later, first get it out there 8)
I am still working on my hydrogen peroxide setup also... so where is those not wanting to discuss it?

Look closely: See clearly: Think deeply; and Choose wisely...
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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #82 on: January 30, 2014, 05:43:38 PM »
Of course, dear freind i would love to discuss these things with you, maybe i'll have to make a 'how to' thread in the IG public area ;)

Here's an interesting article from way back when (keeleynet BBS);

November, 2005
N. Huntley, Ph.D.
If the public could adjust their perspective of what constitutes normality in our society, or in other words, to reset their zero, the degree of evolutionary deviation this planet is exhibiting could be conceived, and moreover a commensurate explanation for this extreme negativity would then be more readily accepted.
The scepticism of anti-conspiracy proponents is not helped by the inadequacy of the term 'conspiracy'. Let is analogue this to clarify what we are saying. Consider, say, a manager of a company informing the president of suspicious behaviour within the company from, say, a couple of groundfloor workers and a further manager. This might be termed a conspiracy. Now, as a second version and to simulate our real circumstances more closely, the president, who is, say, with his executives in his office, thanks the manager for the information and promises to investigate the matter (which might be certain staff members' unethical dealings with another company) . But as the manager leaves the president's office, the president turns to his executives, smiles and murmurs, 'If only he knew . . . we're running the company' (meaning the heads of the company are involved). It thus may be a very big picture in which the term 'conspiracy' is inadequate.
We see that the perspective is very different from the simple conspiracy example, or it might be considered that the conspirators are in fact the relatively few good-intentioned members whose purpose is to expose and remove the miscreants.
Let us now relate numerous examples covering a wide range of applications to illustrate the extensiveness of these nefarious activities. Within conventional technologies, individual engineers over the years have succeeded in converting the combustion engine of the motor vehicle to run on hydrogen obtained from the dissociation of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. This was once impractical when the process for electrolytic conversion was inefficient and energy consuming, but today there are superior methods involving resonance with the requirement of little electrical input, and moreover the use of a special metallic alloy requiring no input.
One pioneer of this research was a pop musician with a degree in engineering. In applying this principle he eventually had his car running successfully on water—no petrol required; no pollution. However, according to his published magazine article when he began to disseminate his success, members of the energy department paid him a visit, politely explaining that introducing water-driven vehicles would upset the economy, in particular, would endanger the oil industry. It became clear that any resistance on his part was futile and that he was being ordered to desist, or else.
A couple of contrasting examples worth mentioning of attacks on companies are the following: one involving theoretical physics, and the other a commercial home-energy installation system. The first involved a test of the theory that all bodies fall at the same rate; almost the first datum taught to school children. This had never been tested experimentally by official scientists (except by indirect observations, such as in weightless orbits). The company was Zirbes Industries (and was contacted directly by the author). An experimental team was set up. They had spheres of different material made up by a foundry, and dropped these 2000 ft down a disused mine shaft, using high-speed camera equipment in the basement.
Not only did they discover that different materials fell at different rates, some 10 to 20 feet (on recollection) but possibly even more important the spheres exhibited spin characteristics, and further, that when a group of spheres were dropped they clustered together. These features are of immense importance to physics and literally could transform the whole of science. (Note that any clustering has a negligible contribution from the angle that the two verticals make through the bodies to the Earth's centre. Also gravitational effect between the two bodies would be negligible.)
The company compiled their results and sent them to over one hundred universities. Not only were they ignored but their laboratory was destroyed. No further comment is necessary here. Let us move onto the contrasting commercial example. Note that both these cases were investigated about 25 years ago by the author.
This company used the name Earth Realignment 2000. They had installed self-perpetuating energy systems in about 3000 homes in the States. It was a simple closed refrigeration-type system using freon gas. The 'perpetual energy' was obtained from the ambient temperature of the environment. Even zero degrees centigrade gave 40 degrees of heat relative to the boiling temperature, -40, of freon; and higher outside temperatures would of course be more efficient. The company was raided by the law, vital pieces of research equipment stolen, and the president framed and imprisoned for one year. Note that imprisonment of 'pioneers' is very common—no newspaper or mainstream publication dares report such activities.
We see that everything which brings more freedom or independence with energy is forbidden on this planet, but also that this confiscation of rights must be manipulated covertly so that its existence escapes the programmed and deceived public. Even theoretical physics is not free to develop in any direction. For example, one would think most school children would know that our Moon is an astronomy enigma. But how many adults do? Could this be because there have been theories by, for instance, Russian scientists that suggest strongly that the Moon is artificial and was brought into orbit billions of years ago by advanced extraterrestrials? Even NASA has data which supports this and the whole subject is riddled with mysteries (to be covered in a future article). If people began to realise their ET connections in ancient history the world would be a very different place.
Let us focus now on systems which have the potential to solve all our energy problems. Ever since the development of the H-bomb it has been universally recognised that if we could harness the H-bomb power, sufficient energy could be extracted from water, as per Einstein's famous equation, to supply all needs forever—a mere glassful would run a town for months. Note that this method would not violate conventional physics laws, such as the conservation of energy.
More recently claims have been made with cold fusion—harnessing H-bomb power in a controlled manner in the laboratory, and without the need for colossal temperatures. In spite of the announced false alarm, and even a documentary with a principal proponent admitting error, there apparently have been numerous successful attempts at cold fusion. We might finalise this contribution by relating the report given by a precious metal merchant in the U.S who received a call from local university scientists for the purchase of palladium—an element used in the cold-fusion experiment. Later the scientists resold the palladium to the dealer owing to the threat of government funding being withdrawn if they continued with this research.
None of the examples given so far fit into the category of free-energy devices, which conventionally appear to violate the laws of physics. The example of the home-energy installation was free energy from the environment but well conformed to orthodox science. Similarly, energy systems such as wind or waterwheel power or solar panels provide free energy but they are conventional and not sufficiently effective to revolutionise the energy industry. Note that systems of this kind, continuous free energy from the environment, can be called open systems as opposed to closed systems such as a clockwork motor, battery-run electric motor, or petrol engine, which eventually run out of power and are not supplied with a continuous external source (see article: Open and Closed Systems).
Now isolated experiments have been conducted by reputable physicists over the past 50 years which have revealed non-conventional energy behaviour, such as what physicists call 'broken symmetry' and 'negative resistance'. Tom Bearden has analysed and evaluated the mechanisms involved in the phenomena of broken symmetry and negative resistance and their relationship to free energy probably better than anyone.
Broken symmetry was discovered by Lee, Chang and Wu in 1957 and a Nobel Prize awarded. Broken symmetry is telling us that all charges, for example, the terminals of a battery or generator are continuously regenerated, nonsymmetrically from the vacuum or zero-point energy, and they are not static. Quantum physics, the most advanced science on the planet demands this—nevertheless electrical engineers are not heeding this and are still using the closed, symmetrical electrostatic formulations.
Let us illustrate this vitally important concept and its misuse by the following simple analogy. Picture a tank filled with water. The water represents energy. Conventional technology adds a pipe at the bottom with a tap in it. We open the tap, the water rushes out and, say, turns a waterwheel, which can now turn a generator and provide electricity. However, as we can see, the head of water descends and eventually there is no more energy to turn the wheel. We must provide more energy to replenish the original level (compare charging up a battery). This taking and using the energy, and paying it back is related to the symmetry to which we have referred.
Now we have to imagine that it has been overlooked (or suppressed) that there is a pipe carrying water going into the tank, say, on the left, and another, releasing water on the right. They are balanced so that the tank level is constant (providing the tap at the bottom is not open). There is a powerful flow going through. We now see that the energy is dynamic, not static (as before). This corresponds to the asymmetric aspect. We can now see how ridiculous it is to use the bottom tap and let the energy deplete, rather than closing off this tap and place the wheel at the end of the pipe on the right, for continuous power with no loss of the head of water.
Similarly, an electrical potential is not static but dynamic and, for example, a battery, once charged, does not have to lose its potential (voltage). (See Dr Bearden's material for examples on how to achieve this, practically). The continuous energy coming in and going out corresponds to the asymmetric aspect (this is the continous virtual flux of energy (particles) absorbed by the charged poles and transducing into real observable particles going out).
Professor Deborah Chung and colleagues of Buffalo University discovered an electrical negative resistance in carbon fibre composites. She is internationally recognised for her work on carbon composites. A patent was filed by the university, but denigrating articles appeared in the press, pointing out the notion that negative resistance violated natural law (which is naive and out of date). Furthermore the university was prevented from providing a 'data package' to interested major companies.
Different applications would highlight the appropriateness of the term 'negative resistance'. A simple illustration of negative resistance would be to imagine holding up the palms of the hands, which are acting as a resistance to a person opposite who is pushing with their hands against yours. This is an analogy for the natural resistance of nature in the form of inertia or friction, etc. which classically exists at all times (except at cryogenic temperatures). By pushing back, you act as this resistance. Now imagine pulling slightly instead of pushing—and we have a rough idea of negative resistance. [The author has researched this in human body movements and revealed a similar phenomenon: a negative resistance in high skills enabling the muscles to relax more—see articles on skill and the book The Attainment of Superior Physical Abilities.]
Now let's give a simple analogy for those who find them useful, to show how our closed systems of knowledge (and dogmas) develop and can be right and wrong simultaneously (depending on the context); how breakthroughs that correctly invalidate the status quo are opposed unjustly; and how there are fundamentally really no closed systems.
As a closed system of knowledge we imagine a closed cage. Let the energetic entities within the cage be, say, bears . In their activities there is energy exchange and a certain maximum and limited energy (the cage boundary represents man's limitations, both natural and self-imposed). The physics of bears is worked out and we have for instance the law of conservation of energy. Within the context of bear physics the theories self-prove. Next an anomaly is observed: rats are going in and out through the bars, upsetting and violating the laws, such as the conservation of energy. The observation is ridiculed and attacked, and we have scientific dogma. Eventually acceptance and proof occurs as a further cage with narrower bars around the first cage is created and now we have a new formulation: the rat-bear physics. Everything is secure again, we have a closed system of knowledge and new laws apply.
This may repeat through many levels (into nested and inner-space dimensions—there are basically no closed systems). Let's say mice are now observed changing the total energy in the cage and upsetting the laws, and again we eventually, after great resistance arrive at the new mice-rat-bear physics. Remember the bear physics is still correct relative to the bears only (that is, the limited data).
At the earlier bear-physics stage we might now consider that some physicist presents equations, such as Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, but that these equations, owing to Maxwell's extraordinary insight, contain terms corresponding to the future mice-rat-bear physics. The extra (scalar) terms relating to the mice-rat physics are a puzzle to more contemporary physicists since the terms have no connection with current formulations—the bear physics. They are considered of no consequence and discarded, and necessary adjustments made. Maxwell's extra terms should not have been made to fit contemporary physics but vice versa, physics premises should have been changed to match the new framework. An opportunity was missed for a rapid advancement to mice-rat-bear physics.
This did, in effect, happen to Maxwell's equations, which now can be referred to as the Maxwell-Heaviside equations with Lorentz regauging, and an opportunity slipped by for a unified field theory, in particular, the benefits of abundant free energy. In reality there are no closed systems except those agreed upon or limiting us at any particular point in evolutionary cycles. The cages (closed systems) within cages continue indefinitely—or towards the One whole Source from which all springs because of the amazing fractal structure of nature (for example, a twig extends back through fractal levels of branches to the source; the tree trunk).
The basic structure and evolution of knowledge follows an expanding spiral. We are educated to close off the spiral and form closed system loops; and further to denounce anyone who attempts to unstabilise the loop and restore the spiral (but note this is part of the deliberate suppressive programming and thought-control agenda).
Quantum physics tells us that every point in space is a virtually (in both senses) infinite supply of energy. When creating a vacuum and removing all thermal energy (absolute zero temperature) there was expected to be found no energy (zero point). However, we now know, in particular, from quantum physics that the vacuum is an unlimited plenum of virtual flux of potential energy—hence zero-point energy. Every charged point or terminal whether battery or generator poles or so-called static from friction, is a gateway into zero-point energy. They are not in an equilibrium and symmetrical state of static fields but contain flowing dynamic fields. Only a fraction of this energy is involved in an electrical circuit, and moreover the method for utilisation of the electrical energy, that is, a looped wire (normal circuit) cancels the potential at the terminals by allowing charged mass to flow, that is, electrons. And the gate to zero-point energy is closed; it must be opened again by inputting energy, for example, to charge up the battery. Even Tesla as far back as early last century knew about this. There are circuit designs which can use the potential energy but maintain it, so that the terminals once charged are never depleted. Tom Bearden has generously released information on how this continuous potential energy from vacuum can be utilised practically (see his website for examples).
Pioneers have been, usually accidentally, tuning into zero-point energy for about the past hundred years (creating open systems). These over-unity devices or apparent perpetual-motion machines were disbelieved and ignored, or when tested by academics, duplication failed (since the subtle part of the circuit allowing the endless virtual potential to be retained was not recognised).
In general, we have been educated to confuse perpetual motion with open systems. Imagine creating a wheel like a windmill and, say, not being aware of a continuous wind, and thinking one had created perpetual motion. Academics have been thoroughly trained to confuse the two, and denial of the open system has occurred, as simply demonstrated by the 'bear' physics analogy.
Early last century, Dr Henry Moray startled visitors—government officials and scientists—with his 'radiant' energy device. He described it as a discovery which provided a one-way gate for the high frequencies of space. It had 29 stages of special detector valves which were expensive and difficult to produce and the total weight was about 60 lbs. It could provide free electricity for the home. When necessary he would move all the equipment into the middle of a field to demonstrate the absence of wires or hidden sources. The patent was refused on the basis of the unknown energy source and that it used a cold cathode which was 'impossible'. Dr Moray's laboratory was regularly broken into and components stolen, and during his presence a vital unit of his device was destroyed. His dogs were shot; he in fact was set up as a radical and wounded from gun shots in 1940.
Radiant energy machines were also produced by Nicola Tesla, Edwin Gray, and Paul Baumann which operated on ordinary electricity by 'fractionation'. The potential energy of dynamic electricity, falsely referred to as static electricity, can be drawn off in stages without depleting the voltage (potential energy and voltage not being the same). A company in Switzerland apparently has several units running on this free energy.
Around the 1950s John Searl in England developed an antigravity disc of which many were said to continue levitating and leave the atmosphere, since initially the spinning levity disc could not be controlled. He constructed many scaled saucer-type levity discs, one 10ft in diameter, photograph in a local newspaper, seen rising rapidly and lifting clods of earth, characteristic of some UFO lift-offs. The author obtained his newsletters covering a period of more than 20 years. Typically he was raided by law-enforcement officers when he was providing electricity to his home with an over-unity generator. The attack was sufficiently disruptive to cause his family to break up, leave their house, he was put in a home, and during this time their house (was?) burned down.
The public have no idea of the sufferings these revolutionary inventors experienced at the hands of the corrupt secret government. A similar case occurred for Otis Carr in the States. In the 1950s he and his team built an antigravity saucer craft capable of being manned (photograph of it shown on the grounds of his residence). Reports state he offered it to the government for $20 million. They confiscated it and threatened the company with imprisonment if they continued with their research (the covert government already had more advanced systems).
Nicola Tesla was the greatest electrical engineer, some would say scientist, and the true father of electricity, whose radiant-energy oscillator tower, to bring free energy to everyone on the planet was eventually destroyed for salvage, owing to withdrawal of funding. Similarly in the 1970s Golka, duplicating Tesla's tower was thwarted with a similar set-back. Tesla, the founder of AC mains electricity held hundreds of patents, which included: electric motor, turbine, dynamo, electronic tube, arc light, high-frequency systems, loud speaker, robots, satellite earth ring, telegeodynamics, Tesla coil, etc., and many inventions not acknowledged, such as radio and electric light bulb. His name was forbidden in all text books and further discoveries were confiscated by the government on his death in 1943.
Note that the field of a permanent magnet is also a gate into zero-point energy, and as a result there are numerous successful permanent over-unity magnetic motor designs around the world.
The great Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger was caught by the Nazis during W.W.II and forced to work for them, or be executed. His knowledge of the vortex and how to create and harness it enabled him to develop antigravity systems—what we conventionally recognise as a powerful suction towards the centre of the vortex which also will be found to curve space and manipulate gravitons. Note that antigravity will convert to free-energy device applications; his implosion engine was such a device. He signed over his inventions to an American syndicate which promised to market his discoveries, but they shelved them—Schauberger died a disillusioned and broken man.
There are a host of other inventors relevant to this exposure: Tom Bearden, Gabriel Kron, William Fogel, Frank Golden, John Keely, Wilhelm Reich, Townsend Brown, William Hooper, Bruce De Palma, Joseph Newman, Bedini, Winchell, King, Wallace, Schappeller, Laithwaite, Henderson, Fisher, etc.
The same type of repression occurs in the medical field. Possibly the two most outstanding and valuable inventions in medicine were those of Dr. Royal Rife and Dr Antoine Priore. In the early half of last century Rife, one of the greatest biologists and inventors of the 19th century, astounded the medical community with his work on viruses and, in particular, how to destroy them by resonance using what he called mortal oscillatory rates (MOR). He was initially acclaimed with great honours by colleagues of the medical profession until the threat became evident of a possible universal cure. Some mysterious deaths occurred of medical practitioners who continued to support Rife's work, and Rife himself was imprisoned. In addition, his extraordinary light microscope design, which would boggle the mind of physicists today, regarding its utilisation of prisms and heterodyning to bring viruses from invisibility into visibility without killing them, superior to the electron microscope, was suppressed from production.
Probably the ultimate medical device of all time, including the future (assuming technology is still being required for healing) is one which utilises scalar electromagnetics and phase conjugation for reversing any disease—it cancels out, in effect, the negative waveforms of a disease. In the future this will be much smaller and simpler than Priore's device described below.
Let us firstly give a simple description of this principle. As per quantum physics, everything can be described as or reduced to a packet of frequencies or waveforms. Imagine using a specially modified oscilloscope to show the waveforms of the body. A healthy area could reveal harmonic modulations of sine waves that are in proper mathematical alignment. A diseased area will have out-of-phase sine waves, and consequently the resultant (addition) of these sine waves would give a spiky wave. This misaligned wave pattern is then replicated by the device, and re-radiated into the diseased area in reverse (180 degrees out-of-phase/phase-conjugation/time-reversal). Thus the positives and negatives cancel. Holding this condition for a few minutes would enable the mind to gradually recreate the correct healthy condition, and the body could then heal itself (only the body heals itself in all treatments).
In effect, Dr. Priore succeeded in achieving the above with a large plasma machine utilising high frequencies (9.4 gigahertz modulated to 17 frequencies in a powerful magnetic field). In the 1960s he demonstrated a virtually 100 percent cure in thousands of laboratory tests utilising animals with all kinds of carcinomas, leukemias, etc., including amazing successes with humans. Initially the French government funded several million dollars for Priore's research but as the full potential of this 'strange' device was uncovered it was withdrawn. SEM (scalar electromagnetics) were used to irradiate the total body of the biological organism which exhibited phase and conjugated electromagnetics. Precise tuning was necessary. The phase conjugate wave had to penetrate all cells. Every structural level above the cell will have the pattern correlated to all others (for normal healthy cells), and the system will be found to be holographic. This would be fractally holographic; for example, a disease pattern in a local cellular region would have a corresponding pattern at the organ level and the whole body level. Thus whole body scanning would be much more successful. Normal cells are unharmed.
In 1975 Priore built a huge version of his original design which was expected to provide a thorough irradiation of every cell in the human body, but a component blew and he was no longer able to obtain funding. After his death in 1983 attempts were made to duplicate his machine but Priore never revealed the secret and no one understood SEM; nor is it well understood today, apart from such enlightening contributions by Tom Bearden. The Soviets nevertheless have utilised this knowledge for their massive SEM weapons.
As a final example of a much more recent case, that of Dr Hulda Clark, after publishing her book The Cure for all Diseases she literally had to flee the U.S. She was eventually imprisoned but now has a clinic in New Mexico.
We witness the endless ways of manipulation by the controlling powers; the energy, medical, and psychological fields being particularly targeted. Through deceptive pretext of intelligent education man is subtly made naive and closed-minded by means of a structuralisation of consciousness into limitations within a thought-control context, rather than expanding consciousness, creating greater freedom of thought; and finally by cunningly programming man to enslave himself.

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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #83 on: January 30, 2014, 05:56:09 PM »
My apologies to the OP A51Watcher, after the fact of my posting I realized that this was a "petition". My bad, sorry.

No, I would not sign this petition as it is far too expensive to use what you recommend. Besides the fact that large volume storage tanks are not really necessary. As I stated. That would just be another "control" and get rich scheme.

I come back to this thread to say my apologies and that being said I will only add this.

The powers that be will allow YOU to use this for personal use only.

Try to "market" this cheap fuel source and see what happens to everything you care about.  :'(
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Re: Petition To Decriminalize Free Energy
« Reply #84 on: March 02, 2014, 02:37:20 PM »
Most "modern" well constructed HHO producers will deliver enough to run an engine without the high volume storage tanks. Only need a small tank for start up.  ;D
One of my old neighbours has one running in his _____ (good Brit car).  It works but he has to keep it secret as it is illegal here in the uk so I can't say what car. USA, LLC
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