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Tesla Wireless
« on: October 19, 2012, 03:29:07 AM »
Tesla is a fav of mine, here is a link to a group working on his wireless.
Hi Thomas this is a reply from Mehmet on Evgray group.  I forwarded your post to them.

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<<Hi Thomas,
On the video as you separate the terminals or antennas florescent bulb loses brightness,
I think this happens not because of distance but changing frequency. Which further
indicates that transmitter and the receiver they don't have a oscillators or they are not tuned. 
In the radio receiver circuits as you know there is a block osc. circuit that allows
receiver to tune to transmitters frequency. It maybe complicated to build a separate
oscillator circuit within the tesla coil. However how about making something like
these home made variable caps
to tune the circuits to each other.
The secret of long distance wireless power transmission it's totally precision fine tuning art.

Here is a story for you: Retired radio broadcasting engineer told this case to my son few years a go.
But the incident It happened in UK around 1970's.  There was a area about 18 miles away from the antenna  that
people couldn't get a radio broadcasting signal, they called it dead zone! Took them long time to
figure out why  no one was able to receive 5 miles radius radio signal. Then finally they figured out.
Middle of that dead zone one home owner  had some antennas
around his house with precise radio receiver that he built and he was able to capture that radio transmission signal
step it down and power his house. They kept the case super quite and compensate the man so
he dismantled his power receiving station. As far as home owner was concern he was receiving RADIANT ENERGY
from the SKY. :-)
Anyway, quite humerus and inspiring story.

 On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 11:18 PM, george gray <> wrote:
Have a look at the video of Thomas at work.

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Subject: [jk_wireless] Wardenclyffe tower small scale replication

Hello everybody,
I have created a video showing the power propagation via ground. There are interesting dependencies which need to be explored further.
I hope it will give you some indication for your own replication. Don't hesitate to contact me. Please watch all the previous videos of one wire power and wireless power propagation or transmission to see the evolution to this stage.




and this.. What happened to this technology?


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Re: Tesla Wireless
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2012, 03:42:37 AM »
Here's another post, from Brett Watt <> we must keep on keeping on.
Hi All,

I finally got my Function Generator in the post today. First test was a success.
I live in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere and the CCW works better as the transmitter but using the CC as the transmitter and CCW as the receiver still works.
I tried multiple signals SINE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE and SAW TOOTH. All work but the best results are from SINE and SQUARE wave.
With SINE wave Transmitter VPP 6v the Receiver was getting around VPP 15v
I have one problem when I hook up a bridge rectifier on the receiver with a digital meter on AMP's the signal from the Receiver on the oscilloscope goes all distorted and the AMP reading is very small about 0.018 mA but when I measure it from the Transmitter I get minimal distortion on the signal and around 0.054 mA. Is there a better way to measure the AMP's? I want to get the Wattage of the Transmitter and Receiver to see if there is any loss in power?
I have ordered the parts for the PWM circuit so will try that next.

--- In, "Brett" <brettwatty@...> wrote:
> I have been very interested with this forum/Open Source project for a while now. This has the possibility for many applications.
> A couple of though for application that came to mind are:
> Ferry/Barge crossing vessels- could possibly have a receiver and earth in the water with power transmitted from land. (This would save fossil on fuels)
> Power companies transmitting power with only single wire. Would save costs of expensive copper and steel wire/cabling.
> Even for transmission of the Internet data. If scaler waves can penetrate anything all every house would need is a single common earth wire theoretically.
> On the last though can you have multiple Transmitters and Receivers with each paired coils tuned to a different resonance frequency for each other pairs sharing the same common earth wire.
> Anyway I am currently living in New Zealand (but originally I am from Australia)so I can double/triple test the CC vs CCW windings southern hemisphere theory.
> I have started building my coils - I had the local acrylic shop to laser cut the base and top disk. I have wound 2x 70CW5 and 2x 70CCW5 with some AWG #30 insulated wire. I have also wound 1x 98CW7 and 98CCW7 with #24 enamel copper. I did this because originally I was going off Steve Jacksons instructions and worked out the ratio to be 1/14 (Primary/Secondary). But after reading all the discussions it sounds like 5x Primary is the key. No issues I can wind back 2 on the primary if it doesn't work.
> I have a oscilloscope but am currently waiting for the delivery of my Function Generator from China. So very excited to see this in action.
> Thanks to all so far for making this Open Source the world needs it.
> Regards,
> Brett USA, LLC
Free Click Tracking USA, LLC

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