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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
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I keep hearing about this from time to time !

Wonder if Brandon Lee and The Crow fit any bill in this sotry ?


Thats odd, My sisters daughter married a guy named Eric from sweden and they had a son together named Draven. Both are goth and live upper sweden, way upper.

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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
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From Venesuela

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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
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A stuffed toy?
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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
« Reply #18 on: May 09, 2014, 08:43:43 AM »
I do believe that the mothman is a real creature. What I do wonder is what dimension from whence it comes.  I do believe our time isn't constant and ripples can take place between us and and them. This theory could also explain how many go people go missing each year and never leave a trace...

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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
« Reply #19 on: May 09, 2014, 10:49:02 AM »


that's a poodle moth    ;D   if anyone wants to look for more info on it

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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
« Reply #20 on: October 08, 2014, 04:45:17 PM »
This is an Unsolved Mysteries article about the Mothman...

I just watched the program about it...and found it very unusual...Many people claimed to have witnessed it and even the "Men In Black" were said to be involved in contacting some witnesses..

There were suggestions that it was created  from a Government experiment..

Unfortunately I cannot find a copy of it on Video to post.  :(


Case File: Mothman

Location: Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Date: November 15, 1966 to December 15, 1967

Description: Point Pleasant is a city in Mason County, West Virginia, United States, at the confluence of the Ohio and Kanawha rivers.

The population was 4,637 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Mason County and was the final home of Confederate Brigadier General John McCausland, the next-to-last Confederate General to die, who died at his farm at Grimm's Landing on January 23, 1927 and was buried in nearby Henderson. Point Pleasant is most famous for the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge, which killed 46 people.
History: Mothman is an unidentified creature reported as a large, seven-foot tall, grey creature with man-like legs, bat-like wings and horrifying red eyes. The creature is said to have no head with its eyes stuck to its chest and its arms are replaced by the wings, which are used to fly at over 100 mph. It was first seen on the night of November 15, 1966, when Linda Scarberry, her husband, and another couple were in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, driving near the "TNT area," a local area that was used as a munitions factory and storage facility during World War Two, when they saw something in one of the buildings that described as half-man, half-bird, with glowing red eyes, and a wing span of eight to twelve feet. When the creature let out a horrific screech, the couples drove away, but the creature was in close pursuit, even reaching speeds of over 100 mph, but it backed away as they approached the bright lights of the city. The next night, Marcella Bennett was leaving the home of her brother's house with her young daughter, when she saw the creature leaning against the car. She then ran screaming into her brother's house with her daughter and the locked the door and turned out the lights. They then saw the creature lurking around the windows with its glowing red eyes until it vanished. A few days later, Tom Ury was driving near the TNT area when he saw the Mothman flying in the air, in the middle of the day, and he was one of the few people to see it during the daytime. Over the next year sightings of the Mothman increased throughout Point Pleasant, and the national media descended on the small town, along with thousands wanting to get a glimpse of the creature. Then, other strange things began to occur, including mysterious animal mutilations, where the animals were drained of blood and their heart removed, and they also received visits from the Men In Black, people believed to be from the government that tried to get the residents of Point Pleasant to stop talking about the Mothman. Some believe that the Mothman may have been involved in the worst disaster to fall on the city. On December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge leading out of town collapsed and fell into the river, killing 46 people, and one witness claimed to have seen the Mothman on the bridge shortly before the collapse. However, the cause of the collapse was later determined to be a structural failure. No more sightings of the Mothman occurred after the collapse, and the bridge has since been rebuilt. Still, thousands of people visit Point Pleasant hoping to see the creature. Books have been written and a major motion picture has been made; the Mothman, real or imagined, is now more famous than ever.
Background: Some believe that the Mothman was a government experiment gone wrong, or possibly a mutant bird created by the chemical residue from the munitions plant, and some believe that the creature may have been a misidentified large sand hill crane, which is as tall as a man and has two red patches of skin that may be mistaken for glowing red eyes.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: The original airdate for the episode is July 26, 2002.
Results: Unsolved

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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
« Reply #21 on: April 16, 2015, 04:59:55 AM »
Andy Colvin, 'Mothman Photographer' On Mothman

with Andy Colvin, Mothman Photographer

1. In your opinion what is the UFO Drone Connection?

This is the theory, originally developed by John Keel, that a small percentage of the strange lights seen in the sky were not energy phenomena or hallucinations, but were actual craft built by a “breakaway civilization.” Keel would say never say outright who he was talking about, but he left lots of clues by using the UFO “name game.”

It sounds like it was the Paperclip ex-Nazis, in league with the Navy and other agencies. These craft were probably being built in the area I grew up in, near Pt. Pleasant, WV, at the time of the Mothman sightings.

2. Do you think aliens really exist and are visiting Earth?

I’d like to say “no,” because saying that it might be only “1% possible” only encourages those caught up in that CIA mind-op known as the “Extraterrestrial Thesis” or ETH. Begrudgingly, I have to admit that interdimensional beings are possible. Ghosts, ethereal beings, and psychic phenomena are pretty much “proven,” although we still don’t have the math on them yet. Aliens from outer space? Certainly not, unless you count other dimensions as “outer space.” The problem with all this, of course, is that humans are mimicking these ethereal processes. That alien a witness sees is either in their head, coming in temporarily – as sort of holographic image – into their sphere of awareness, or a post-hypnotic suggestion or “screen memory” of an encounter with humans – probably scientists using advanced EM technology or drugs on them.

A lot of this can be called the “Copycat Phenomenon,” too, where people see stuff on TV and imagine it into their lives. That particular “copycat” meme blames everything on jealousy or other simple motivations, thus obscuring the heavy mind control being applied directly to witnesses who have seen, or research, the physical development of the drone aerial craft.

And as you know, many UFO researchers have died mysteriously when they started babbling the truth. The MIB only protect the pro-ETH people and certain cryptozoologists who are helping to cover up the drone development by exploiting whatever “diversion” capability can be found in debating whether or not these creatures are “real” or “interdimensional.” I am now toying with the idea that although Mothman seems like a real, interdimensional, archetypal creature, the Bigfoot situation has been set up from the get-go. While there may be an actual archetypal Wild Man in our history, the spooks may have decided to “ape” it by stimulating Bigfoot sightings – either through Copycat memes or the use of EM waves beamed surreptiously at the witness.

3. What in the hell is Mothman actually if you could summarize its high strangeness or categorize it?

Yes, I think he is a messianic-style, archetypal deity. The Buddhists call it the Garuda, but it is called by different names in different countries. Birds are more connected to the supernatural than any other animal (see “The Folklore of Birds”). The Garuda has several different tasks he is apparently involved in, most having to do with regulating the airwaves of the superspectrum. He is drawn to the activity of other supernatural creatures and “dark” forces (as a “first responder”), which explains his appearances at certain places and times. There actually seems to be a decipherable code there. Another role of the Garuda is to “stabilize” the minds of humans as they advance on the evolutionary scale, both personally (within a lifetime) and societally (over time). This force is, I think, what Aleister Crowley was attempting to control or understand. If it couldn’t be used operationally, it could be exploited as a psyop to keep others from understanding its power.

4. Could you tell us about your personal Mothman sighting and experience?

I first saw his silhouette during the original flap in late 1966. There was something psychic going on, where I felt he was going to contact me. But he didn’t really do it then. I just got a fleeting glimpse. Later, my best friend said he was pals with the birdman (and the aliens), however. He was “treated” for his “contactee” symptoms by the same psychiatrist who treated famous contactee Woody Derenberger, and who was pals with the notorious MIB, Indrid Cold. Cold was creeping around our neighborhood. We were all watched by the MIB. This all culminated in my friend and I seeing a vision of the 9/11 attacks, which would come 34 years later. After he became a “vampire” and bit someone in the neck, my friend moved away. I became friends with the next guy who lived there, too. He was grabbed on the shoulder by Mothman in 1973. Around the same time, I saw Mothman, again in silhouette form, in the same place that the two other guys had seen him. My friend Harriet also saw Mothman at this spot in 1968. When we went back to this spot in 2002, we saw an energy field that devulged some secrets about itself. It was the 50th anniv. of the UFO “attack” on Washington, D.C. That same day, in 2002, another UFO was seen over D.C. It has been a strange trip, filled with synchronicities and unbelievable insights into what might have been going on.

5. What is the Mothman-MIB Connection?

I think some of the MIBs may have been secretly worshipping “dark” forces that attracted the Garuda. If murder was involved, which it apparently was, then the Thunderbird – another way to view Mothman – would be stimulated into activity, as the Thunderbird is a sort of gatekeeper to the “other side.” Thunderbird totems are put in Native American graveyards to protect the spirits of the dead, and to help the journey up the ascending ladder of consciousness – much like the Garuda.

6. What are some of the latest sightings of Mothman?

We’ve had a few recent sightings in around both Pt. Pleasant and my own little neighborhood, Pleasant Dell.

We had a sighting in Pt. Pleasant a year and a half ago, right over where the Silver Bridge once stood. The witnesses were from Columbus and had no knowledge of the history. Not long after that, a munitions dome blew up in the nearby TNT Area. Since then, there has been a lot of activity there. Trucks are driving underground and moving stuff around, maybe removing it. They are “sealing” the ground there, as well, in order to keep the radioactivity from leaching up. The adjacent DLA facility went up for sale, too. This is where they were storing all of these materials. Gold is the best insulator for plutonium, so it is no surprise that Indrid Cold and Fred Crisman (of JFK fame) showed up the same day a golden sphere fell into a nearby field. Essentially, the MIB and the ETH were used to bamboozle the locals into a stupor, whereby they wouldn’t complain about the pollution. Across the river from the TNT Area is a town, Cheshire, that recently was more or less abandoned, because everyone was getting cancer.

One guy recently saw Mothman near the Institute plant, where the Aviary was apparently plotting some of its “MJ-12? business through SRI and DLA. (“MJ-12? may actually stand for “Massive Joke: 2012,” where the drones are released in 2012 on U.S. soil, after decades of “UFO secrecy.”) Indrid Cold lived very close to Institute, which is today at the center of the “fracking” mania. This would be a sister plant of sorts to the one in Germany, Dora-Mittelbau, that was rumored to have been building some of the Nazi saucers. They simply moved the operation to WV after the war. This may have attracted Mothman, perhaps, because these drones could possibly be used to terrorize humanity. I know it sounds the plot of a cartoon, but that is the best answer I can come up with that will be understandable by most people.

7. Is there a connection to Monks and Mothman?

I think so, in the sense that monks of all sorts study those symbolisms that reveal the existence of, and partially explain, the birdman phenomenon. Some of the MIB were undoubtedly occults and/or “Wandering Bishops.” Interestingly, when my friend Harriet saw Mothman at our “vortex” spot, it changed shape on her, and one of those shapes was that of hooded monk. It greatly resembled the Flatwoods Monster, whose first appearance in 1952 may have been an “op” designed to play on the monk theme. Strangely, the same hooded figure she saw is depicted exactly within a statue, in Seattle, to George Washington (who actually owned the lands that towns like Pt. Pleasant, Institute, and Mound now occupy). The statue is of a whale fin, with a Flatwoods Monsterentity carved into it. The whale fin is typically associated with the Thunderbird in Native lore. The Thunderbird’s claw goes into the fin, much as Mothman grabbed the shoulder of my other friend five years after Harriet.

This gets us into the question you asked about the paranormal MIBs. Some of the above occultists, some with government funding, some meditating in caves, are “in play” and doing “workings.” These workings can cause the appearance of various entities. Some of it can be done with technology, some with the mind. Some of it is natural, along the order of talking to a ghost. Some of the MIB sightings may have been attempts to set up “patsies” to the RFK and MLK assassinations. Manson was from the area, and his girls were involved in at least two assassination attempts (that we know of). David Ferrie was hanging around the area, too, in addition to Crisman and “JFK conspirator/UFO researcher” Gordon Novel. Even William L. Moore, of MJ-12 fame, was living nearby at the time.

Another angle here, which also involves Harriet, is that she saw a monk in her house once. When I showed her a picture of a Buddhist monk who claims to be able to turn into a Garuda, she said that he was the monk who had visited her. This monk, Samudranath, also happens to look like one of our candidates for Indrid Cold. Samudranath also looks like the thing photographed in the window by my sister in 1973 – just as the boy who had been grabbed by Mothman was visiting us. All three have faces resembling those of the “Thunderbeings” painted on the drums and totems of certain Northwest Coast Indians. These Thunderbeings are thought to be animal-human hybrids, who can take either form by the use of obscure supernatural processes.

Biography of Andy Colvin

Andy Colvin is a West Coast artist, photographer, and writer who has been called “the world’s foremost authority on the ‘Mothman’ phenomenon” and “his generation’s Charles Fort,” due to his intensive documentation of synchronicities in relation to investigative research (i.e., “synchromysticism” or “synchroconspiracy”). Colvin’s often controversial theories have made him a popular speaker on venues like Coast to Coast AM, NPR, and PBS, and have gained him a dedicated following. Colvin currently co-hosts the popular conspiracy show, “That Was the Month That Wasn’t,” which examines how the media blends stories to subconsciously “manufacture consent” in the public mind. Following in the footsteps of Fortean author John A. Keel, Colvin has blazed a 21st Century trail of investigation into mysteries that have plagued mankind for centuries, such as UFOs, creature entities, magic, and the psychology of the human mind. Colvin’s approach is unique in that it blends a background of genuine paranormal experience with decades of research into political science, history, media behavior, and sociology. His understanding of art and symbology has, at times, allowed Colvin to connect dots that previously escaped attention.

In the 1960s, on a West Virginia backroad, Colvin’s neighborhood – the same neighborhood where Charles Manson and Sara Jane Moore grew up – was hit by a series of mysterious phenomena, such as exotic flying craft, Men in Black, and the intriguing entity now known as “Mothman.” Following these encounters, Colvin found that he could draw, sing, and take pictures, and that he had a photographic memory. He was recognized as a prodigy, and was eventually offered a scholarship to Harvard University. While in college, Colvin broke ground in several then-new disciplines, such as guerilla art, performance art, and “shamanic conceptual” art. In the early 1980s, Colvin made a splash in the New York art world by taking on the persona of “Whiz,” a practitioner of “collaborative art.” This unique approach allowed Colvin to actually work in some manner with several notable artists.

While attending graduate school at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, Colvin helped found U.T.’s celebrated Transmedia Dept. as well as the Austin Film Society, an organization now credited with bringing commercial filmmaking to Texas. In 1985, Colvin used his tuition grant money to purchase the only 8mm camcorder then available in town, becoming the first filmmaker in Austin to shoot in the new format. His ensuing documentation of the lives of local “slackers” influenced the seminal cult hit that defined Generation-X, “Slacker” – a project for which Colvin helped raise funds and equipment. Colvin’s band, “Ed Hall,” appeared in the film and on the soundtrack.

Following graduate school, Colvin worked on Hollywood films, toured with his experimental troupe, The Interdimensional Vortex League (once named America’s “most underground band” by Europe’s hip arts magazine, Blitz), and began making small, ethnographic documentaries about unusual tribes, subcultures, and personalities. His 25-year study of modern Texans, “Multislack,” is slated for production in 2012.

Colvin’s work has been seen or heard in all 50 states, and in several foreign countries. His writing has appeared in various magazines, including Paranoia, Inside the Grassy Knoll, The Stranger, and D’Art, the arts journal for the Church of the Subgenius. Colvin’s unique career has been studded with various mind-blowing, synchronistic events, some of which allowed him to study with, or work with, some of the greatest creative minds of the 20th Century, including Nam June Paik, Lee Friedlander, Keith Haring, Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, Robert Anton Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Daniel Johnston, Vito Acconci, Bruce Bickford, and the Butthole Surfers

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Re: Mothman - Fact or Fiction
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Welcome to the John Keel site.  I’m Doug Skinner, a friend of John’s for many years; I’ve started this site to give his fans a place to find a reasonably accurate biography and bibliography, and semi-regular postings on his life and work.

The biography and bibliography are still in progress; I’ll keep adding to them as the site grows.  Meanwhile, check back, comment, suggest, complain, and steer clear of those ultraterrestrials.

Excellent site with reems of never seen before information and works of Alva John Kiehle A.K.A John A Keel
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