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Welcome to Pegasus Forum

Beginning January 01, 2012, Pegasus Research Consortium will be officially registered as a business. This will tie together my other Medieval pursuits and some other ventures under one roof. To this end this forum has been created to give an interactive medium for all our activities.

This is a private forum... posting is a privilege not a right, so please keep that in mind and take a minute to look over the rules. Most of them are standard forum etiquette but there are a few additions.

Many of you will find old friends here that have for many reasons left other forums and found their way here by invite and word of mouth. Welcome all and we hope to make this a great place to share ideas.

To those looking to argue, troll or generally disrupt the forum, you will find little tolerance here. We are aware that many may disagree with the views held by Pegasus and its members and contributors. You are welcome to your opinions and welcome to state those opinions, just keep it civil.

Also a note on bashing other forums. Many members here are also members of other forums. When someone leaves a forum, whether by being banned or just quitting, there is always some bitterness involved. The staff here will tolerate a little 'venting' so you can tell your story... but we will not tolerate outright bashing of other forums. That only disrupts the threads and there is no need for it. Tell us your story in the New Member welcome thread, then lets move on and keep the peace

Forum Software

We are running SMF forum software, which is based on our own server. SMF is open source software and as such is fully customizable and under our control for all features including ads. SMF also has a full support forum with programmers that create modules and themes, so its very flexible and help easily available.

IP Host

Our host is They have been very efficient in the 6 years I have been with them with minimal down time as they have many servers around the country with backup systems. I hear a lot of talk from people complaining about bandwidth issues.  has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage with one domain registration included free and you can host up to 5 domains on the same account. Currently charging $4.44 per month and they have many installed features like forums (6 to choose from) and other products like galleries and Joomla all included in the package. So if you need a good host, check them out

Forum Setup

1) Free public areas
      Access to many free and open public forums
      Access to our shoppes  ;D We will have some awesome and unusual items to offer
2) Private Rooms by Invite Only, like John Lear's Den.
      These are accessed by request to the owner of the private room.
3) Subscription area
       Access to file, video and patent data base
       Access to hidden forums for serious researchers
       Other Goodies to be added later like a 'classified' section where members can sell items

There will be a detailed list of available areas following shortly that will be updated as new areas are added. This list will include details on eligibility for these areas.

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Forum Areas

Areas in white are the free public forums;

General Category
1. New Member Introductions
2. Rules, Forum Structure, Terms and Conditions
3. General Discussion Area

Breaking News
1. Breaking News - 5 days old max
2. Space News and Current Space Weather Conditions - NASA announcements, etc

The Living Moon
1. The Living Moon Conspiracy Talk
2. Naval Space Command - Secret Space Corps related
3. Anomalies on the Moon
4. Anomalies on Mars
5. The Living Moon Website - Direct Link

John Lear's Question and Answers
1. John Lear's Question and Answers Area
2. John Lear's Private Den - Private Access by Request

Pegasus Research Consortium
1. Pegasus Research Consortium - Genuine research topics
2. Pegasus Store - logo items and specials related to the forum and website
3. The Libraries - thousands of documents collected by Pegasus over many years - Subscribers
    1. The Patent File Library - Subscribers
    2. The Document Library - Subscribers
    3. The Video Library - Subscribers
    4. The Photo Gallery - Subscribers

Military Advances
1. Military Advances and Weapons Research
2. HAARP and Related
3. Sensitive Topics - Subscribers with full member status

Note: The Sensitive topic area includes links to .mil sites and documents that while they are accessible to the public, are not smart to post direct links openly and 'annoy' the sites with hundreds of random hits. That cuase quite a stir on past forums... lesson learned and leads to loss of information and closed doors. These sites also require certificate acceptance and thus do make many people wary (yes you ARE agreeing to be tracked by then when you accept)

Stargates are Real
1. Stargate Research - The Ancient Gates
2. Stargate Research - The Technology

Earth Sciences
1. This Magnificent Planet - The good stuff about Earth
2. Earth Sciences
3. Earth Anomalies - Odd and unexplained mysteries on Earth
4. Crystal Energy - Mineral description, common uses, and healing properties attributed
5. Herbs and Natural Remedies - Description, common uses, and healing properties attributed

Endangered Earth
1. Endangered Earth - and How to Survive
2. Survival Tips
3. Geoengineering
4. Chemtrails, Monsanto and Other Plots
5. Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanoes - current activity, warnings and resources
6. Support Groups  - Subscribers

Ancient Civilizations
1. The Mysteries of the Pyramids
       1. The Pyramids of Giza
       2. Egypt, Pyramids of China
2. Atlantis, Lemuria and other Mythological Civilizations

UFO's and Aliens
1. UFO's and Aliens
2. Famous UFO Case Library

Paranormal Studies
1. Paranormal Studies and Reports
2. Cryptozoology - Monsters, Bigfoot, Nessie and other strange critter reports

The Mystic's Realm
1. The Mystic's Realm
2. Order of the Red Dragon - Private - Renaissance Guild Order of Knights
3. Order of the Mystic Star - Private - Invite Only - Pegasus Secret Society

Land of Legends
1. Land of Legends - Live the Dream - Coming Soon
2. Land of Legends Gallery Shoppe - Items from around the world
3. The Isle of Standauffish Renaissance Guild - Private - Renaissance Guild Members and Guests

Note: Anyone interested in the Guild feel free to write me for details. We are currently reforming that Guild

Coffee Shoppe
1. Coffee Shoppe - Admin Chat Area - Administrators and Moderators Only
2. Threads for Review by Mods - Moved threads on hold pending decision

Thread Work Shop
1. The Thread Work Shop - Work area for admin to create threads 'in the back room'

1. Storage for older threads of value

Subcriber Benefits

1. A forum free of trolls - a quiet area to share views
2. A media gallery to store videos and photos with option to make viewing a particular gallery private or public
3. Classified Ads - A place to sell your items, (subject to admin approval) - details are being worked out
4. Access to our massive file database being cataloged and uploaded now
5. Access to resource database hundreds of official info links for serious researchers to .mil and .gov sites including NASA, Universities and other directories not generally know by the public. These two resources have been years in the making and will be updated constantly to keep links current
6. Support Group. Many forums have tried setting up support groups. From my Medieval background, we have an active worldwide support group in place already. Details will be available shortly
7. Other benefits in the works

Subscriptions will be activated in January 2012 once all the proper permits and licenses are in place, and that gives us time to work out the bugs in the forum, become versed with the management and add content. A mass notice will be issued when this is set up and an announcement on the front page will be made

Additional Categories and Sub Forums

Many top posters from other sites are coming over and we will be adding new categories and sub categories as the need arises. If you have a suggestion for one send it to admin and we will discuss it. bear in mind that having to many categories can make it hard to find topics.

This forum is new and there will be glitches and changes as we progress and grow. We are not yet experts at programing this software so bear with us until we find a tech savy admin :D We already had one issue with the MySLQ database that created a mess when we tried to restore. It was good that it happened early but we lost two weeks of new member registration and posts that were moved. This only effected invited 'beta' guests and a few admins moving files, but at least the issue was resolved now

Updates to this post will be made when we add new areas..

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Coming Soon

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