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shifts in the magnetic field
« on: September 05, 2017, 07:17:00 PM »

shifts in the magnetic field ..if they do this to critters WHAT do they do to us?

many photos at link

Northern lights linked to North Sea whale strandings
By Matt McGrath
Environment correspondent
5 September 2017
Large solar storms, responsible for the northern lights, may have played a role in the strandings of 29 sperm whales in the North Sea early in 2016.
A new study says these geomagnetic disruptions may have confused the whales' ability to navigate, diverting them into the shallow waters.
Trapped and lost, the whales died on European beaches, attempting to escape.
The research has been published recently in the International Journal of Astrobiology.
Mysterious losses
Researchers have been puzzled by the losses as autopsies showed that the animals were mainly well fed, young and disease-free.

The 29 strandings generated a great deal of public interest and a large number of theories among scientists.
These ranged from poisoning, to climatic changes driving prey into the North Sea which the large cetaceans followed to their doom.
Sperm whales live in deep, warm-to-temperate waters all around the world. Many groups live around the Azores in the eastern Atlantic.
When they are between 10 and 15 years old, young males head north towards the polar region, attracted by the huge quantities of squid found in the colder waters.

Their journey sometimes takes them up along the west coasts of the UK and Ireland and into the Norwegian sea. They normally return by the same route.
But in less than a month in early 2016, 29 sperm whales were found stranded on the coasts of Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and France.
Now a team of researchers say they think they understand what happened to them.
The argue that sperm whales navigate using the Earth's geomagnetic field.
Rather than being uniform, the field is stronger in some places and weaker in others, and scientists believe that species learn to read these anomalies and use them for navigation in the way that humans read contours on maps.
Dr Klaus Vanselow from the University of Kiel, Germany, and his colleagues say that large-scale solar storms may have distorted the magnetic field and caused the whales to lose their way.
Triggered by coronal mass ejections from the Sun, these storms contain large amounts of charged particles and radiation.
When they hit the Earth's upper atmosphere, they produce the spectacular displays of the polar lights over the Arctic, however the most powerful storms can also damage communications systems and satellites.
Scientists already have some evidence that solar storm activity can impact the navigating abilities of birds and bees.

Dr Vanselow and his colleagues studied the connection between whale strandings and two major solar storms that took place at the very end of December in 2015.
These produced huge displays of the Aurora Borealis that were seen in many parts of Scotland and elsewhere.
Looking specifically at the region around Shetland, the scientists found that these solar events would have caused short-term shifts in the magnetic field of up to 460km, in the area between the islands and Norway.
This could have caused sperm whales in the region to move in the wrong direction.
They also believe that sperm whales see a regular magnetic anomaly off the Norwegian coast as a "geomagnetic mountain chain", a kind of guardrail that prevents them from entering the North Sea.
The solar storms may have nullified this effect, rendering the mountain chain invisible and allowing the whales to swim through into the North Sea.

"Where the polar lights are seen, that's the region with the most geomagnetic disruptions on the Earth's surface," Dr Vanselow told BBC News.
"Sperm whales are very huge animals and swim in the free ocean so if they are disrupted by this affect, they can swim in the wrong direction for days and then correct it.
"But in the area between Scotland and Norway, if the whales swim in the wrong direction for one or two days, then it is too late for them to go back, they are trapped."
Dr Vanselow believes that his theory makes sense with the timeline of the discovery of the stranded whales up to six weeks after the storms.
He believes that because young males grow up around the Azores, an area that sees minimal impacts from solar storms, the creatures have little experience of the abrupt and powerful events that affect the poles.
Dr Vanselow's research is a theory that is very difficult, if not impossible, to prove.
However, other scientists say it is plausible.

"It would be difficult to say that 'yes this was the cause', we would be cautious in saying that," said Abbo Van Neer from the University of Hannover who carried out the autopsies on the 16 whales that stranded in Germany.
"But it is a valid hypothesis and a potential reason for the stranding."
Nasa has also been investigating the question of whether solar storms can affect a whole range of cetaceans around the world.
A team of researchers is shortly to publish a research paper on the connection between strandings in Cape Cod and geomagnetic storms. They say the Venselow paper is "well founded".
"It is one potential mechanism for having animals confused, I think it's a credible theory," Dr Antti Pulkkinen, who is leading the Nasa project, told BBC News.
"But does their paper prove that is the case? I don't think so."
"Having looked at this problem from a data analysis point of view, it is not a single factor that contributes to this.
"Things need to line up from multiple different perspectives for these events to take place."


vid with this one

Researchers say Northern Lights linked to the stranding of 29 whales
6 hours ago - Researchers believe they have figured out why, in early 2016, 29 apparently healthy sperm whales became stranded on the beaches and in ...

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Re: shifts in the magnetic field
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 09:00:04 AM »

maybe we can blame the increasing anger and aggression around the world in part to the magnetic shifts that are happening

good article..only parts copied here also lots of pics

Magnetic pole reversal ahead?
By EarthSky Voices in EARTH | February 10, 2017
What’s magnetic north would become magnetic south. Is Earth headed to a pole reversal? A look at the archaeological record in southern Africa provides clues.
By John Tarduno, University of Rochester and Vincent Hare, University of Rochester

The Earth is blanketed by a magnetic field. It’s what makes compasses point north, and protects our atmosphere from continual bombardment from space by charged particles such as protons. Without a magnetic field, our atmosphere would slowly be stripped away by harmful radiation, and life would almost certainly not exist as it does today.

You might imagine the magnetic field is a timeless, constant aspect of life on Earth, and to some extent you would be right. But Earth’s magnetic field actually does change. Every so often – on the order of several hundred thousand years or so – the magnetic field has flipped. North has pointed south, and vice versa. And when the field flips it also tends to become very weak.

What currently has geophysicists like us abuzz is the realization that the strength of Earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing for the last 160 years at an alarming rate. This collapse is centered in a huge expanse of the Southern Hemisphere, extending from Zimbabwe to Chile, known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. The magnetic field strength is so weak there that it’s a hazard for satellites that orbit above the region – the field no longer protects them from radiation which interferes with satellite electronics.

And the field is continuing to grow weaker, potentially portending even more dramatic events, including a global reversal of the magnetic poles. Such a major change would affect our navigation systems, as well as the transmission of electricity. The spectacle of the northern lights might appear at different latitudes. And because more radiation would reach Earth’s surface under very low field strengths during a global reversal, it also might affect rates of cancer.

We still don’t fully understand what the extent of these effects would be, adding urgency to our investigation. We’re turning to some perhaps unexpected data sources, including 700-year-old African archaeological records, to puzzle it out.

so if this is generated from the iron core and they are finding that the super volcano under antarctica seems to be waking up/ slowly but waking up just the same
perhaps they are mated in what happens next

A Massive Heat Source Was Just Discovered Under Antarctica, Driving Ice Melt And Volcanism
 Forbes Forbes
Trevor Nace, Contributor
22 hrs ago

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Re: shifts in the magnetic field
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2017, 04:27:23 PM »
Imagine all the tech we know about and don't know about that would probably blow our minds.

With the stuff that is out there I am sure it has its part to play.  They stuff around and stuff around with their new toys.
I know that I know nothing - thanks Capricorn.

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Re: shifts in the magnetic field
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2017, 10:51:04 PM »

it's all connected of course;topicseen#new

Re: Worsening Weather, Earthquakes, Vortices, Volcanoes, CMEs ... What's Up?
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Re: shifts in the magnetic field
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2017, 03:35:43 PM »

i'm sure Z has this on here sure to page down  for an easier to understand grid

GCMS Magnetometer
Schumann Resonances Power

understandable graph for current week

The Schumann Resonances Power graph summarizes the information presented in the Spectrogram Calendar and illustrates the dynamic changes occurring in the Schumann Resonances region of the magnetic field. Power is the sum of the power in all frequencies detected by the site magnetometer from 0.32 to 36 Hertz and is calculated for every hour. A 24-hour moving average of this power data is plotted for each site and updated hourly.

Each monitoring site is represented by a separate colored line and can be toggled on or off by clicking the label for each site in the legend key. The time span of data displayed can be changed with the Zoom control in the upper left of the chart window or with the horizontal slider and range display controls under the time and date labels. USA, LLC
Free Click Tracking USA, LLC

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