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The CHRONOVISOR: A device used by the Vatican to look into the future and past

According to numerous reports and stories that have been published through the years, among the many alleged secrets the Vatican has, there is a device called the Chronovisor. The device enables its user to observe future as well as past events.  Many believe this device is one of the greatest guarded secrets humanity has ever had.

Some even believe it is a crucial ‘tool’ which has allowed the Vatican to preserve its influence and power through the years.

Ever since H. G. Wells composed his novel ‘The Time Machine’ many people have been left fascinated by the idea of time travel. Even Theoretical Physics dreams of the possibility of making it work one day. Everything related to time travel today is related to science fiction, or so it seems at least. Interestingly, on May 2, 1972, an Italian newspaper shocked the world when they published an article with a provoking headline: A machine that photographs the past has finally been invented.

The news article indicated that dozens of scientists created an artifact that allowed them to photograph the past, and even witness important historical accounts directly connected with Jesus Christ.

The alleged device –which according to many is nothing more than science fiction— was built in the 1950’s by a team of scientists led by Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti, an Italian physicist who eventually became a priest.

It is believed that the team received important help from Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi and famous rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.

The Chronovisor is a relatively small object that is equipped with a number of antennas and is composed entirely of precious alloys, cathode tubes, some dials, and levers.

Reports by Father Ernetti suggest that whoever uses the device is able to capture and record specific locations, important events and follow in history, noteworthy individuals.

According to Father Ernetti, he had observed, among other historical events, Christ’s crucifixion and photographed it as well. The image to the left is the one obtained using the Chronovisor. On the right is a similar image located in a Church in Perugia.

It is even said that under the perfect conditions, the device offers its user the ability to foresee what was going to happen in the near future.

However, Father Ernetti remained secretive and stated he was not at liberty to reveal further details about the Chronovisor.

Father Ernetti did however reveal that the Chronovisor worked by ‘…processing residual electromagnetic radiation left over by numerous processes…’

According to numerous reports, Father Ernetti used the Chronovisor to witness important historical events, with the most notable being the crucifixion of Christ.

However, Father Ernetti revealed that thanks to this invention had managed to witness the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and other major historical events such as the founding of Rome in 753 B.C. Also, thanks to the Chronovisor, Father Ernetti was able to recompose the missing work “Thyestes” , written by Ennio Quinto and represented in Rome in 169 A.C. in its original version,  and the original text of the the two stone tablets written by God (Exodus 24:12) which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, apart from witnessing the likes of Napoleon, Roman philosopher Cicero and other great and momentous historical and biblical episodes.

French priest François Charles Antoine Brune was one of the first to hear about the Chronovisor.

According to Father François, he met Father Ernetti in the 1960’s when the two were traveling across the Grand Canal of Venice. As the two were experts in ancient languages, they began to talk about the Bible and its interpretation through the years.

Supposedly, these are the blueprints of the Chronovisor.

Father Brune that was very intrigued when the Father Ernetti revealed that there was a machine that could answer all questions related to the Bible.

When Father François asked about the Machine, Father Ernetti described the Chronovisor, saying that it was  device that functioned just like a T.V., but instead of receiving transmissions from local stations, the chronovisor was able to tune into the past and allow the viewer to “see and hear” events that had occurred centuries before.

Ernetti told Brune that the machine worked by detecting images and sounds that humanity had ‘created’ which were “floating” in space.

It is said that this intriguing device and the project behind it were canceled by the Vatican but not destroyed. Some believe the Chronovisor is located somewhere in the Vatican, hidden in one of the many chambers, hidden away from society.

However, there are other versions that suggest that father Ernetti and his team decided to voluntarily dismantle the device because, since it could tune anywhere and anytime in the past, if it were to fall into the wrong hands it could create the “scariest dictatorship the world has ever seen.”

Interestingly, before Father Ernetti died in April 1994, he wrote a letter in which he INSISTED that the device was real and was not a hoax as many believed.

Father Ernetti claimed that the alleged photograph the chronovisor had captured of Jesus Christ on the cross, showing the sorrowful face of a bearded man gazing towards the heavens was real, even though some critics argue that the image was a reproduction of a statue of Jesus located in a church in Perugia.

Critics also claim that the alleged text the device managed to observe of “Thyestes” included Latin words that did not exist at the time it was made.

In 1994, Father Ernetti also said that “Pope Pius XII forbade us to do disclose any details about this device because the machine was very dangerous. It can restrain the freedom of man…”

However, in 1988, the Vatican issued a decree in which it warned that “anyone using, an instrument of such characteristics would be excommunicated.” According to many, this was an unnecessary warning since according to them the Chronovisor never existed. So why issue a warning if it was just another hoax?

What do you think about the story behind the Chronovisor? Do you think it is another top secret ‘object’ kept away from society by the Vatican?

Featured image by Julian-Faylona. Used with permission.

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The chronovisor was allegedly a functional time viewer described by Father François Brune in his 2002 book Le nouveau mystère du Vatican ("The Vatican’s New Mystery"). Brune is the author of several books on the paranormal and religion.

In the book, Brune relates that the chronovisor was built by Pellegrino Ernetti (1925–1994), an Italian priest and scientist. Although Father Ernetti was a real person, the existence or functionality of the chronovisor has never been confirmed; its alleged capabilities are strongly reminiscent of the fictional time viewer which features in T. L. Sherred's 1947 science fiction novella, E for Effort.


In the early 1960s, Father Ernetti began to study the writings of François Brune, himself a Roman Catholic priest and author. Ernetti allegedly ended up helping Father Brune construct the machine as members of a team which included twelve world-famous scientists. He identified two of them as Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun. The chronovisor was described as a large cabinet with a cathode ray tube for viewing the received events and a series of buttons, levers, and other controls for selecting the time and the location to be viewed. It could also locate and track specific individuals. According to its inventor, it worked by receiving, decoding and reproducing the electromagnetic radiation left behind from past events. It could also pick up the audio component or sound waves emitted by these same events.

Ernetti lacked hard evidence for these claims. He said that he had observed, among other historical events, Christ's crucifixion and photographed it as well. A copy of this image, Ernetti said, appeared in the 2 May 1972 issue of La Domenica del Corriere, an Italian weekly news magazine. A near-identical (mirror-image) photograph, however, of a wood carving by the sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera turned up and succeeded in casting doubt upon Ernetti's statement.

Using the chronovisor, Ernetti said that he had witnessed, among other scenes, a performance in Rome in 169 BC of the lost tragedy, Thyestes, by the father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. Dr. Katherine Eldred of Princeton University is the author of an English rendition of the text which is included as an appendix to the American printing of Peter Krassa's book on the Chronovisor (see below). Doctor Eldred believes that Father Ernetti actually wrote the supposedly ancient play himself. As provided by an anonymous relative of Father Ernetti, there was a deathbed confession, included in the American edition of the play, that Ernetti had written the text of the play himself and that the "photo" of Christ was indeed a "lie". According to the same "source", however, Ernetti also affirmed that the machine was genuinely functional.

Father Brune, however, does not believe Ernetti's "confession" and is convinced that the authorities had coerced Ernetti into making a false confession.

The alleged existence of the chronovisor has fueled a whole series of conspiracy theories, such as that the device was seized and is actually used by the Vatican or by those who secretly control governments and their economies all around the world.


Brune, François (2002). Le nouveau mystère du Vatican. Albin Michel. ISBN 978-2-226-13070-9.
Krassa, Peter (2000). Father Ernetti's Chronovisor: The Creation and Disappearance of the World's First Time Machine. Pasadena, CA: New Paradigm Books. ISBN 1-892138-02-6.
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The Missing Time Machine

Did Father Ernetti actual have a machine that could see back into the depths of time? (Copyright Lee Krystek, 2009)

An eccentric priest claimed he had a machine that could see into the past. Was his story folly or fancy?

In his little 12 by 12 foot monastic cell Father Pellegrino Ernetti greeted Father Francois Brune one afternoon in the early 1960's. The two men had just met for the first time the day before during a ferry ride across Venice's Grand Canal. During their short conversation, Father Ernetti had said something that stuck in Father Brune's mind. The two, who were both experts on ancient languages, were talking about scriptural interpretation when Father Ernetti remarked that there existed a machine that could easily answer all their questions.

Father Brune was puzzled about what kind of machine could do such a thing and resolved to bring it up again with Father Ernetti in that day's meeting. When asked about it, Father Ernetti described a device he called a "chronovisor" that looked a bit like a television. Instead of receiving broadcasts from local transmission stations, however, the chronovisor could tune into the past to allow the viewer to see and hear events that had occurred years or even centuries earlier. Father Ernetti told Brune that the machine worked by detecting all the sights and sounds that humanity had made that still floated through space. Father Brune wanted to know if Father Ernetti and his collaborators had been able to see the crucifixion of Christ. Ernetti replied, "We saw everything. The agony in the garden, the betrayal of Judas, the trial - Calvary."

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We actually use crude versions of chronovisors every day. A security camera hooked to a video recorder will enable us to see into the past. Even something as a simple as mirror is really a type of chronovisor. We don't see ourselves in the mirror as we currently are, but as we were just a few millionths of a second before: the time it takes the light to travel from our face to the mirror, reflect off and return to our eyes.

Large telescopes also act as chronovisors. The distant galaxies we view through these devices do not actually look like they are today, but as they appeared when the light left them millions, or perhaps billions of years ago. If an alien scientist on a planet one-hundred light years away had a powerful enough telescope that he could view activities on Earth he wouldn't see recent events, but life as it was a century ago. He would see the Wright Brothers invention of the airplane, not the launch of a space shuttle.

Telescopes, like this large one at the Lick Observatory, can see back in time millions and even billions of years (Copyright Lee Krystek, 2009).

If it is possible to see into the past of a distant galaxy using a telescope, why can't a device be built that would allow us to peer into history here back on Earth?

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The magic of time

Wagner Moura lives a bitter scientist who, when testing an unfinished particle accelerator, is transported to the year 1991

John (Wagner Moura) leaves the time machine in The Man of the Future.
In the tradition of science fiction novels (Photo: divulga)

Adventures through time are a frequent theme in fiction. From the book The End of Eternity , by Isaac Asimov, 1955, or from the TV series Tunnel of Time , 1970s, Woody Allen's Comedy Midnight in Paris , there is no shortage of examples of human obsession with the possibility of moving between Different periods of history and life itself. From this Friday, September 2, the national cinema wins a version of this fantasy. The man of the future , by Claudio Torres, debuts in 300 rooms and is the great Brazilian bet for the second half. The film tells the story of John (Wagner Moura), a bitter scientist who, in testing an unfinished particle accelerator, is transported to 1991 - the very day he was humiliated by his beloved wife at a college ball. There, he envisions the possibility of changing his life.

The screenplay for The Man of the Future came on a rehearsal day for The Invisible Woman . The director Claudio Torres, 48, one of the partners of Conspiração Filmes, asked that, in one exercise, the actor Selton Mello countered with himself. "The result was interesting, and I left there imagining a story in which several phases of the same character lived together. Only if he traveled in time, "he says. Torres signs the script, production and chose the soundtrack of The Man of the Future . "It all came out of my iPod," he says.

In the market, the expectation is that the film reaches the 3 million spectators. "It would be a way to raise the share of the national market in 2011, after a 2010 that had elite troop 2 and Our home beating records," says Pedro Butcher, publisher of Film B, a company specializing in film analysis and figures. Besides the good script and the novelty of science fiction, there is Wagner Moura, public champion. "Only having him in the cast is quality assurance," says Torres. Alinne Moraes, in the role of Helena, plays the college straight. She replaced Ana Paula Arósio, the first choice for production, who gave up the film.

The man of the future does not mask references to famous productions of the same theme. There is a scene where the hero appears dressed as an astronaut, surrounded by lightning and thunder, frightening a couple who was dating in the car. It is a tribute to The Exterminator of the Future (1984). There are peggy-tones from Peggy Sue - her 1986 waiting in which the character, an unhappy housewife, played by Kathleen Turner, has a fainting spell and, when she wakes up, returns to youth. And from A Family Guy (2000), with Nicholas Cage, about the existence of an alternative future in which other decisions can be made.

If you can touch the nostalgia of the audience, The Man of the Future has everything to be a huge success - as were the films Back to the Future (in its three versions), The Butterfly Effect, Somewhere in the Past and In Another Way , The glass house . They all use more or less scientific (or fantastic) arguments to tell stories that have time, feelings and above all relationships as the central element. They meet the audience's desire to go back and remake their romantic life - or know the future and guide it. Since Frank Capra's Happiness Is Not Purchased , made in 1946, the movie angel has taken millions of people to wander through time and imagine what the future would be like with or without them. The conclusion, invariably, is that the present, inhabited by us and by those we love, is the best - if not the only, place - where one can live happily.

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One big problem is how Ernetti controlled that thing to see all this religious stuff from the past.
Maybe you can build something that shows the past. Maybe you can see various things from the past.
But to control what you see through this machine is another big technology.
I think its like fishing, you know which fish lives in the area you like to fish. You can choose different "food" to get the fish you like to catch. 
Maybe he can see "something uncontrolled"  from the past - its hard to believe that he invented this machine to see what he like to see.
I believe it is possible to make this happen. I believe it would be a great tool. If some Aliens gave us this type of technology it would be the best thing to control us. They show us some fake past or future to let humanity acting like they want us to act without enslaving us somehow. I think they use illusions like our own governments.

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However, in 1988, the Vatican issued a decree in which it warned that “anyone using, an instrument of such characteristics would be excommunicated.” According to many, this was an unnecessary warning since according to them the Chronovisor never existed. So why issue a warning if it was just another hoax?
The only decree from 1988 I found says:

Without prejudice to the prescription of can. 1388, anyone who by means of any technical device makes a recording of what the priest or the penitent says in a Sacramental Confession (either real or simulated) by oneself or by another person, or who divulges it through the means of social communication, incurs excommunication latae sententiae. USA, LLC
Free Click Tracking USA, LLC

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