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Title: Of Spooks and Leaks - Must See thread
Post by: zorgon on June 30, 2013, 01:05:25 PM
Of Spooks and Leaks - Must see thread

Discussion Thread is Here (

Yesterday BurnTheShips caught an article online.... it was by the Guardian UK... The same  Guardian UK that leaked the NSA spying story

Well shortly after it was posted... they removed it.

Fortunately we were able to snag a copy on Google cache  so all files are saved.

We already have all the NSA leak stuff in the "They Know What You Are Doing" (

Yesterday Burntheships saw an article in the Guardian about a leak dealing with satellites that is very interesting. It is already making the rounds because shortly after posting it t was taken down. We were able to do a google cache search and I saved the article... but now even the cache is removed.

So since it is already out and others managed to capture the cache, I have been trying to put it together here. What will happen on the net is it will go viral about the REMOVAL  and all eyes will be on that... the actual satellite data will be forgotten... but not by us :D

So let me start with THIS

US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve 'network hygiene'
Military admits to filtering reports and content relating to government surveillance programs for thousands of personnel

The Pentagon insisted the Department of Defense was only seeking to restrict access to certain content. Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters

The US army has admitted to blocking access to parts of the Guardian website for thousands of defence personnel across the country.

A spokesman said the military was filtering out reports and content relating to government surveillance programs to preserve "network hygiene" and prevent any classified material appearing on unclassified parts of its computer systems.

The confirmation follows reports in the Monterey Herald that staff at the Presidio military base south of San Francisco had complained of not being able to access the Guardian's UK site at all, and had only partial access to the US site, following publication of leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The Pentagon insisted the Department of Defense was not seeking to block the whole website, merely taking steps to restrict access to certain content.

But a spokesman for the Army's Network Enterprise Technology Command (Netcom) in Arizona confirmed that this was a widespread policy, likely to be affecting hundreds of defence facilities.

"In response to your question about access to the website, the army is filtering some access to press coverage and online content about the NSA leaks," said Gordon Van Vleet, a Netcom public affairs officer.

"The Department of Defense routinely takes preventative 'network hygiene' measures to mitigate unauthorized disclosures of classified information onto DoD unclassified networks."

The army stressed its actions were automatic and would not affect computers outside military facilities.

"The department does not determine what sites its personnel can choose to visit while on a DoD system, but instead relies on automated filters that restrict access based on content concerns or malware threats," said Van Vleet. "The DoD is also not going to block websites from the American public in general, and to do so would violate our highest-held principle of upholding and defending the constitution and respecting civil liberties and privacy."

Similar measures were taken by the army after the Guardian and other newspapers published leaked State Department cables obtained via WikiLeaks.

"We make every effort to balance the need to preserve information access with operational security, however there are strict policies and directives in place regarding protecting and handling classified information," added the Netcom spokesman.

"Until declassified by appropriate officials, classified information – including material released through an unauthorized disclosure – must be treated accordingly by DoD personnel. If a public website displays classified information, then filtering may be used to preserve 'network hygiene' for DoD unclassified networks."

A Defense Department spokesman at the Pentagon added: "The Guardian website is NOT being blocked by DoD. The Department of Defense routinely takes preventative measures to mitigate unauthorized disclosures of classified information onto DoD unclassified networks."

US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve 'network hygiene' (

The Guardian Blocked By The Army After NSA Stories (

The Huffington Post[/url]
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Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America

Germany 'among countries offering intelligence' according to new claims by former US defence analyst

At least six European Union countries in addition to Britain have been colluding with the US over the mass harvesting of personal communications data,
according to a former contractor to America's National Security Agency, who said the public should not be "kept in the dark".

Wayne Madsen, a former US navy lieutenant who first worked for the NSA in 1985 and over the next 12 years held several sensitive positions within the
agency, names Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Italy as having secret deals with the US.

Madsen said the countries had "formal second and third party status" under signal intelligence (sigint) agreements that compels them to hand
 over data, including mobile phone and internet information to the NSA if requested.

Under international intelligence agreements, confirmed by declassified documents, nations are categorised by the US according to their trust level. The US
is first party while the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand enjoy second party relationships. Germany and France have third party relationships.

In an interview published last night on the blog, Madsen, who has been attacked for holding controversial views on espionage issues,
said he had decided to speak out after becoming concerned about the "half story" told by EU politicians regarding the extent of the NSA's
activities in Europe.

He said that under the agreements, which were drawn up after the second world war, the "NSA gets the lion's share" of the sigint
"take". In return, the third parties to the NSA agreements received "highly sanitised intelligence".

Madsen said he was alarmed at the "sanctimonious outcry" of political leaders who were "feigning shock" about the spying operations
while staying silent about their own arrangements with the US, and was particularly concerned that senior German politicians had accused the UK of spying
when their country had a similar third-party deal with the NSA.

Although the level of co-operation provided by other European countries to the NSA is not on the same scale as that provided by the UK, the allegations are
potentially embarrassing.

"I can't understand how Angela Merkel can keep a straight face, demanding assurances from [Barack] Obama and the UK while Germany has entered into
those exact relationships," Madsen said.

The Liberal Democrat MEP Baroness Ludford, a senior member of the European parliament's civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee, said
Madsen's allegations confirmed that the entire system for monitoring data interception was a mess, because the EU was unable to intervene in intelligence
matters, which remained the exclusive concern of national governments.

"The intelligence agencies are exploiting these contradictions and no one is really holding them to account," Ludford said. "It's
terribly undermining to liberal democracy."

Madsen's disclosures have prompted calls for European governments to come clean on their arrangements with the NSA. "There needs to be transparency
as to whether or not it is legal for the US or any other security service to interrogate private material," said John Cooper QC, a leading
international human rights lawyer. "The problem here is that none of these arrangements has been debated in any democratic arena. I agree with
 William Hague that sometimes things have to be done in secret, but you don't break the law in secret."

Madsen said all seven European countries and the US have access to the Tat 14 fibre-optic cable network running between Denmark and Germany, the
Netherlands, France, the UK and the US, allowing them to intercept vast amounts of data, including phone calls, emails and records of users' access to

He said the public needed to be made aware of the full scale of the communication-sharing arrangements between European countries and the US, which predate
the internet and became of strategic importance during the cold war.

The covert relationship between the countries was first outlined in a 2001 report by the European parliament, but their explicit connection with the NSA
was not publicised until Madsen decided to speak out.

The European parliament's report followed revelations that the NSA was conducting a global intelligence-gathering operation, known as Echelon, which
appears to have established the framework for European member states to collaborate with the US.

"A lot of this information isn't secret, nor is it new," Madsen said. "It's just that governments have chosen to keep the public in the

dark about it. The days when they could get away with a conspiracy of silence are over."

 This month another former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, revealed to the Guardian previously undisclosed US programmes to monitor telephone and internet traffic. The NSA is alleged to have shared some of its data, gathered using a specialist tool called Prism, with Britain's GCHQ.

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Here is the cache of the article... also zapped now


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MORE... (

A report from German magazine Der Spiegel says the NSA bugged the offices and computer networks of European Union representatives in Washington. This information came via a "top secret" 2010 document provided by Edward Snowden, who is maybe tired of talking to The Guardian people all the time (though one of the bylines on the Spiegel story, that of documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, is one dedicated Snowden watchers will remember from The Guardian's piece introducing the NSA leaker to the world earlier this month.) The magazine also reports that the NSA similarly targeted EU diplomats the ( (



The Obama administration faced a breakdown in confidence Sunday from key foreign allies who threatened investigations and sanctions against the U.S. over secret surveillance programs that reportedly installed covert listening devices in European Union offices.

U.S. intelligence officials said they will directly discuss with EU officials the new allegations, reported in Sunday's editions of the German news weekly Der Spiegel. But the former head of the CIA and National Security Agency urged the White House to make the spy programs more transparent to calm public fears about the American government's snooping. 

Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping


Transatlantic relations plunged at the weekend as Berlin, Brussels and Paris all demanded that Washington account promptly and fully for new disclosures on the scale of the US National Security Agency's spying on its European allies.

As further details emerged of the huge reach of US electronic snooping on Europe, Berlin accused Washington of treating it like the Soviet Union, "like a cold war enemy". 

Trouble In Paradise

The documents reviewed by Der Spiegel showed that Germany was treated in the same US spying category as China, Iraq or Saudi Arabia, while the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were deemed to be allies not subject to remotely the same level of surveillance.

Key US-EU trade pact under threat after more NSA spying allegations
Reports in Der Spiegel that US agencies bugged European council building 'reminiscent of cold war', says German minister


(http://The Justus Lipsius building in Brussels, home of the EU council – and subject to a US survellance programme, according to documents seen by Der Spiegel. Photograph: Don McPhee for the Guardian)

The prospects for a new trade pact between the US and the European Union worth hundreds of billions have suffered a severe setback following allegations that Washington bugged key EU offices and intercepted phonecalls and emails from top officials.

The latest reports of NSA snooping on Europe – and on Germany in particular – went well beyond previous revelations of electronic spying said to be focused on identifying suspected terrorists, extremists and organised criminals.

The German publication Der Spiegel reported that it had seen documents and slides from the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden indicating that US agencies bugged the offices of the EU in Washington and at the United Nations in New York. They are also accused of directing an operation from Nato headquarters in Brussels to infiltrate the telephone and email networks at the EU's Justus Lipsius building in the Belgian capital, the venue for EU summits and home of the European council.

Without citing sources, the magazine reported that more than five years ago security officers at the EU had noticed several missed calls apparently targeting the remote maintenance system in the building that were traced to NSA offices within the Nato compound in Brussels.

The impact of the Der Spiegel allegations may be felt more keenly in Germany than in Brussels. The magazine said Germany was the foremost target for the US surveillance programmes, categorising Washington's key European ally alongside China, Iraq or Saudi Arabia in the intensity of the electronic snooping.

Germany's justice minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, called for an explanation from the US authorities. "If the media reports are true, it is reminiscent of the actions of enemies during the cold war," she was quoted as saying in the German newspaper Bild. "It is beyond imagination that our friends in the US view Europeans as the enemy."

France later also asked the US authorities for an explanation. France's foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said: "These acts, if confirmed, would be completely unacceptable.
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Title: Re: Of Spooks and Leaks - Must See thread
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So now what we’ve really got is what turns this story into such an absolute joy. We’ve got a very left field indeed character, Mr. Madsen, making claims that are then published in a leading British newspaper. Said newspaper, after running the story on its front page, realises quite how left field the source is and drops the online report. Leaving, sadly, that physical front page to be distributed. However, however left field the source is what he’s actually said seems to be largely true and indeed a matter of public knowledge for some years now. Yet still the story gets pulled.

However, we know what was published is now true, as coinciding leaks
from Edward Snowden to Germany have confirmed what Madsen
has said.

“Exposing the latest details in a string of reputed spying programs, Der Spiegel quoted from an internal NSA document which it said its reporters had seen.
The document Spiegel cited showed that the United States categorized Germany as a “third-class” partner and that surveillance there was stronger than in any other EU country, similar in extent to China, Iraq or Saudi-Arabia.
“We can attack the signals of most foreign third-class partners, and we do it too,” Der Spiegel quoted a passage in the NSA document as saying. (
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Satellite Everywhere...


These are names of satellites and other data. With the NAMES you can use various databases and tracking sites to look them up and track them...  Maybe we need John Lenard Walson now :D


Union of Concerned Scientists Satellite Database (http://Union of Concerned Scientists)
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Analysis: Eight global repercussions from the PRISM disclosures


First, the US is likely to accelerate efforts to plug gaps in its surveillance matrix. The Snowden affair has very publicly exposed significant weaknesses in the agency’s targeting and tracking capability.

Historically the NSA’s response to such failure has been to demand tighter controls and more data. It’s only a matter of time before the agency – or the US administration – argues that Snowden’s success at eluding authorities will send the “wrong message” to terrorist groups and organised crime. From both an operational and a symbolic perspective there could be a major push by the US for even greater travel surveillance and data collection at a global level.

The catch-22 is that the NSA has become more openly politicised. Some parliaments – if not governments -  might be less willing to contribute to enhanced surveillance initiatives. This may apply particularly to “third party” or “less trusted” partners in the NSA’s global arrangements.

Second, once the witch hunt has died down it’s likely the Obama administration will come under pressure to create genuine reform for oversight of the NSA. Former NSA and CIA Director, General Michael Hayden, has on this site critized the erosion of accountability of the agency – a view unwittingly reinforced by former Vice President Dick Chaney, who admitted that in his time congressional leaders had covertly opposed greater accountability. The White House may be compelled to make changes to the oversight and authorisation processes – including opening up operational scrutiny and reforming FISA, the key oversight legislation in the US.
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George Orwell is Nothing by Comparison

More :eaked NSA Durveillance PRISM Dlides & US 'bugged EU offices'


Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger... added, "It defies belief that our friends in the US see the Europeans as their enemies. There has to finally be an immediate and comprehensive explanation from the US as to whether media reports about completely unacceptable surveillance measures of the US in the EU are true or not. Comprehensive spying on Europeans by Americans cannot be allowed."
"The spying has reached dimensions that I didn't think were possible for a democratic country. Such behavior among allies is intolerable," stated Elmar Brok, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in European Parliament. "Once the land of the free," the US "is suffering from a security syndrome. They have completely lost all balance. George Orwell is nothing by comparison."

Another leaker claims 7 EU countries conspiring with US over mass surveillance
Lastly, another leaker came forward, but The Guardian took down an article pending further investigation; it was, however, duplicated on Pastebin. Wayne Madsen, a former US Navy Lieutenant and former NSA contractor, allegedly said that "at least six European Union countries in addition to Britain have been colluding with the US over the mass harvesting of personal communications data."

Prism Slides

PRINTAURA automates the traffic flow. SCISSORS and Protocol Exploitation sort data types for analysis in NUCLEON (voice), PINWALE (video), MAINWAY (call records) and MARINA (Internet records). The systems identified as FALLOUT and CONVEYANCE appear to be a final layer of filtering to reduce the intake of information about Americans.