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Title: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: zorgon on February 06, 2013, 07:26:31 PM
Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes

I met Harry on Facebook. He is a friend of Jerry Wills of Xpedition Magazine and Don Ecker Radio. Until then I must admit I had never heard of him, but hey I can't know everything :P

Harry is one of those researches that literally gets off the computer and goes in the field. In fact he even takes tours. Got his permission to share his works here at Pegasus and hopefully he will stop by and say hi between treks.

(  Harry Drew

Harry is an author, Author, Historian, Documentarian Video/Film Production, and retired Museum Director

Facebook Page (


Lets start off with an introductory video...

Red Lake 'Foo Tank' UFO Crash Trailer 4 YOU TUBE

Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: astr0144 on February 06, 2013, 09:03:08 PM
Nice find Zorgon..

That Red Lake UFO crash Video is certainly VERY interesting..

Never seen anything quite  like that before !  :o
Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: zorgon on February 06, 2013, 09:10:10 PM

Harry Drew UFO Historian

Fri, February 8, 2013 05:00 pm
Call in to speak with the host
(347) 945-7207

Harry Drew has been a author and historian over forty years. Harry saw his first UFO at age 6 years old and has been interested since.

Harry Drew, who resides in Arizona, is highly  regarded for his professional ethic and trusted results as a professional investigative researcher.He is a former Director and  Curator of Museumsof History, Anthropology and Archaeology, a

   Cultural Resource Specialist, newspaper columnist, and author of history for the past 40 years. Drew is an experienced documentarian with expertise in visual media, photography, television and film production since 1972.

Drew’s current works on history include “Terminal Approach™- The Kingman UFO Crashes“© which reveals details about his astonishing discoveries from six years of professional research and field work about the 1953 Kingman UFO crashes.  A pre-release about this project entitled 'Hidden in Plain Sight – The Kingman UFO Crashes'© will be released in 2012, followed by 'Terminal Approach'™ in both DVD and Book form, along with a biography about a pioneer woman photographer during the Victorian era in the Pacific Northwest and several new editions of his popular “Pages From The Past” series to be released in 2013. Drew continues to provide his Lectures on traditional history and is an active, articulate, and sought after, and well versed Speaker within the UFO community. Drew worked with Bob Brown as the Official Photographer for the original and highly successful International UFO Congress (IUFOC) and Film Festival held at Laughlin, Nevada, and has been closely associated with the UFO and Paranormal community for many years.

Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: astr0144 on February 06, 2013, 09:13:41 PM

I just replied to your Harry Drew Kingman thread and it did not show on the  from main page on the right hand side new posts...

I was wondering if you need to alter a setting for it..

This UFO crash footage looks amazing.!

 can this really be real  ! ...Ive not come across it before.

Red Lake 'Foo Tank' UFO Crash Trailer 4 YOU TUBE

Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: zorgon on February 08, 2013, 01:59:52 PM

Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: zorgon on February 08, 2013, 04:37:45 PM
I have split the topic in two at the request of Harry Drew to keep his version separate from the other stories. Fair enough.   His radio broadcast starts in a couple hours. Do tune in.

The other thread is here;
Kingman UFO Crash (

From Harry:

Will pass for now on posting your site because there are at least three versions quoted that are utterly and completely untrue and are disinformation to the public at large .. These are the very issues and tall tales I have been disproving since day one with solid verifiable proof and genuine evidence. All part of the 6 year investigative research and field work I have invested in my Kingman UFO project .. no offense intended to you, but I do not want to make it seem that I endorse the complete lack of scholarship by these people. Thanks Ron ..

Now see? Isn't this what we have been trying to do here at Pegasus all these years? cut through the tons of BS and find the truth? Even if that truth leads us to a hoax?

From Harry:

Oh, I didn't mean you need to do anything .. just letting you know I'm trying to correct deliberate distortions being done for $ and ego and free trips about things they never researched, not even from sitting on their behinds scouring the internet .. actually they are all junk stories, flawed and distorted .. I even alert some, like OM TV story about hwy 40 closed 4 days in 1953 to move Kingman UFO across highway .. nice trick when highway 40 didn't exist and wouldn't for another for 31 years. Such facts are not rocket science, but readers, listeners and viewers get taken in and believe this trash that can easily be checked by anyone. Other things are more complicated but genuine professional research exposes the pretenders pretty fast. Thanks again Ron .. I did this by the numbers as a Professional Historian, using standardized research methodolgy and protocols, doing all research at creditable institutions and agencies instead of reading what some other Exaggerators wrote or said on the internet or in a book

My reply...

I hear you, but its my policy to allow the person I am featuring to call the shots. It,s a simple thing to split the material into two threads. I should have done that from the beginning. I guess i originally missed that you thought that story a hoax

From Harry:

Basically all the others are hoaxes and share each others information, but with little twists to make it look or sounds like it's new material and their own research when in reality is junk science.

My reply...

My problem is I live between the two worlds of reality and fantasy. Most people that are interested in the subject tend to follow their favorite story teller and do not want to hear the 'truth' I originally started Pegasus to seek out the truth and found my audience went POOF in the light of reality. So we try to be in the middle... present the stories and let the viewer decide and add as much reality as we think they can handle...
And my style had an amazing result. Seems I have the favor of the military and NASA, though behind the scenes. I have access now where most fear to tread... and yet... I still haven't met a Visitor

From Harry:

I reveal many of my contacts and offer verifiable proof .. I have endorsements from people that matter, and I have a lengthy list of agencies involved and the highest caliber of science related people on the planet right now .. I am a former scientist as well, but never rest on my laurels .. my path was to either prove or not prove there was ever a Kingman UFO crash, what I uncovered was beyond anything I ever imagined ... and of course, the proof I discovered only after a major amount of work and personal expense.

I even have physical evidence. I do not and will not take anyone to the UFO landing site, which was where the UFO that was taken to Groom Lake, which began the entire story about Area 51. Without the Kingman UFO there is no Area 51 story.

I can't afford to even slightly suggest Exaggerators be listened too .. that's the leading distortion and problem about the Kingman UFO storys and I suspect it is also the problem for many other UFO incidents .. I appreciate your work, mine is for facts and tangible and verifiable proof .. not the tall tales that suffocate what is real.

Now I have to sign off as I am less than 2 hours out of the Radio Show and have much to do.. Thank you Ron .. I appreciate and respect what you do!

So there we have it a TRUE Researcher :D Isn't that what we want?

So tune in to the show and decide for yourself  and he does have a couple DVD's out ;)

Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: zorgon on February 08, 2013, 04:39:01 PM

Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: rose on February 10, 2013, 10:15:35 AM
Thanks for your work, Harry.

I generally don't follow the UFO circuit, so I don't know who is supposed to be promoting themselves as knowledgeable experts, or who it is that claimed to have searched newspapers for a hundred miles around, but it appears that they surely did not. I would have thought that UFOlogist Bill Moore, who ran a publishing house in Prescott for a time, would have researched the local papers, but if he did, he certainly missed a good story.

It was not until I encountered the Groom Lake Desert Rat archives from the mid 1990's that I learned that  1953 was supposed to be the date Aliens arrived at the test facility.  Though of course your story about the two men who were arrested for suspected arson, but dissappeared from the local jail does not confirm that rumor, it does make it seem possible that there were crash survivors in that year, if not from Kingman 1 or 2, then Kingman 3.

From what I gather of your local description, perhaps that last one should more properly be called the Prescott crash? I wonder if Rose Campbell Hackett,  NICAP's first secretary  and fervent contactee believer, who retired to Prescott in the sixties, knew that she was living so near to "hallowed ground" or so it would have seemed to her. 

At any rate, I will definitely be ordering your next DVD, when you make it available

Thank you again, for all of your hard work.


Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: stealthyaroura on February 18, 2013, 01:35:38 PM
user has closed there youtube account :(
Dam it!
Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: zorgon on February 23, 2013, 01:11:13 PM

we shall see....  8)
Title: Re: Harry Drew - Kingman UFO Crashes
Post by: stealthyaroura on February 24, 2013, 12:39:48 PM
Thankyou Zorgon :) working fine now.