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Title: Friend Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed By Sandy Flooding
Post by: thorfourwinds on November 14, 2012, 07:56:04 AM
Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed By Sandy Flooding


We think our friend Rob Daven at Conspiracy HQ ( says it best:

In this community of truth seekers it is always good when we can pull together to help one of our members out of a rough spot.

Alexander Higgins is an astute blogger with a keen eye for details.   He has worked hard to make his blog what it is today, only to have it wiped out by Hurricane Sandy.

Alex has worked hard to bring us all information about the real world we live in, but now he needs our help.

I am putting a call out for all of our “troops” at Conspiracy HQ to help pull together and give Alex a hand getting back on his feet.

In Alex’s own words

4 November 2012  by AlexanderHiggins (
Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed Sandy Flooding | Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed By Flooded By Sandy (

When I was 16 my “foster” parents threw me out on the streets in the middle of the Blizzard of ’96 and I spent the next 8 years battling homelessness. I worked so hard to never have to face that threat again.

Sandy just destroyed my house and we don’t have flood insurance.

The Ex will be in court first thing filing to get custody back of our son. My wife doesn’t want to have to deal with that as we struggle to rebuild everything. Dark days lie ahead and there is just no simple solution as I find myself homeless once again 16 years later.

This time it is not myself I have to fend for but a wife and two kids.

My servers and my blog which are my livelihood are no longer, my family is about to be ripped apart and everything has just been destroyed. Have to keep my head up high and just keep moving forward because as I learned last time around even though I can’t see it there is a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel.



Right now I have limited access to electicity and internet so it is hard to keep in touch as my cell phone service is down and due to the tremendous amount of widespread damage power and other utlities are likely to take a long time before they are restored and I am struggling to find a solution to this disaster and get life back to normal for my family.

Donations and other assistance are highly appreciated in this time of need as I attempt to rebuild everything I have lost from starting all over from scratch.

For those not familiar with the area, I live right across the bridge from these now infamous scenes and can see the Seaside Bridge from my inlet into the Barnegat Bay.



I have spent the week waiting for help from FEMA while NJ governor Chris Christie is on TV saying FEMA is providing assistance within 24-48 hours. I showed up at a FEMA / Christie press conference just a few miles from my house and recorded them telling people 7 to 10 days to hear from them.


Please share far and wide and help!! Thanks so much.

The server’s and networking equipment along with all other personal property have been wiped out by record Hurricane Sandy flooding.

I currently have limited access to the Internet, Electricity, Gas, Cell Phone Service and the like so I will try to post updates as I can.

For those who need to get in contact with me the best option at this point may be my Google voice number which will take calls even when I am not connected to the grid.

That number is 732-701-7147.

I will also being posting updates on my various social network accounts as I can.
Facebook: (
Twitter: kr3at (
Instagram: kr3at?
Youtube: alexhiggins732 (

Alexander Higgins
16 hours ago near Leisure Village East, NJ
Today power will not be restored to grids hit with flooding in the foreseeable future. State announced a mandate yesterday requiring all homes hit by flooding to be rewired. On each power grid every house on that grid needs to have a certified state inspector approve the house.

Once all houses on the grid are inspected power will be restored to that grid. This of course means no power for the foreseeable future as there are a limited number of inspector's. I also Imagine a lot of people who where fortunate to have contractor's do the repairs are going to be a little upset that they need to have an electrician come in and rewire their house.

The debris pile just keeps growing.... and still more coming. Mayor says he sees people's yards get emptied only to get filled again. My neighbor has a small house about 800 sq ft and already are on their 2nd dumpster. (21 photos) (
Title: Re: Friend Alexander Higgins House, Blog Destroyed By Sandy Flooding
Post by: Amaterasu on November 14, 2012, 08:21:35 AM
Been following and retweeting Alex's plight on Twitter.  I surely wish there was more I could do for Him.  I hope Others who have more to give do so.