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Title: Las Vegas Shooting
Post by: zorgon on February 07, 2018, 01:10:25 PM
John Lear
2 hrs ago on Facebook

More Fake News from the dementia infected brain of the Godfather of Conspiracy John Lear. The management disavows any knowledge of the following news release and implores people not to believe it.

With he resignation of Steve Wynn as CEO of his company for sexual improprieties over a thirty year period, using his employees as his personal sex choices, the question is, Who is Next?'

The next industry mogul to fall from grace will possibly be Sherman Adelson, owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal and presumably the person in charge of the RJ's wholesale capitulation to the FBIA and their dishonesty concerning the 'lone shooter' in the alleged 'massacre' Oct. 1st of last year.

Now that there is a question of who the dead man in Steven Paddocks room was with the Clark County Coroner refusing to sign off on an autopsy of the alleged body pf Steven Paddock local sources are demanding that Adelson be held accountable for his newspapers dishonesty and refusal to print the facts that make it likely there was more than one shooter and that the alleged 'one shooter' was not Stephen Paddock..

Adelson who allegedly bought the Las Vegas Review Journal just so he could fire John Smith, a reporter who wrote critical although factual stories about Sherman Adelson., apparently had no newspaper experience or plans for the paper after firing Smith.

But after firing Smith was Adelson ready to assume the helm of Las Vegas largest newspaper? Whoever was at the helm October 1st, 2017 appeared to print the daily disinformation issued from the FBIA. and refused to hold the FBIA accountable for the inconsistencies of their news releases.

Every single issue of the RJ called Stephen Paddock, 'the lone gunman' without the slightest bit of evidence. On the contrary there was ample evidence that there were at least 2 shooters and very likely more than 2 shooters.

However the Las Vegas Review Journal under he direction of Sherman Adelson had become the FBIAs mouthpiece and house organ issuing forth everyday with more nonsense none of which supported the lone gunman theory.

The local FBIA office chief thug stood behind Sheriff Lombardo with a smug, self satisfied smile, as the sheriff made a public statement obviously written by the FBIA. Some say the sheriff appeared to have a gun in his back held by the FBIA office thug.

Will Adelson apologize for his newspapers wholesale capitulation to the FBIA when and if it is proven that not only was Stephen Paddock not the dead man found in his room but that Stephen Paddock never fired a shot from his 32nd story window from which not one single video showed a muzzle flash on that Oct. 1 evening.

In their February 7 issue this morning the Las Vegas Review Journal on page 8B Business prints under headline 'Mandalay Bay renumbering floor liked to massacre' prints: a shooter used a suite on the 32nd floor to kill 58 people...' Whats this? A shooter? Not Stephen Paddock anymore?

Its true. The RJ editorial staff morons have backed off 5 solid months of accusing Stephen Paddock as being the lone gunman now use 'a shooter?'

Nice going you RJ editorial staff morons. What next, not quite 58 dead?
Title: Re: Las Vegas Shooting
Post by: zorgon on February 07, 2018, 01:29:58 PM
I posted this one just now as the latest post in this story. I will pull up the other posts John made regarding the Vegas Shooting. There are a LOT of questions about it...

I do like John's disclaimer LOL  keeps us safe  :-X


Posted 4 days ago

Months after the Las Vegas shooting, the FBI has finally arrested the second person of interest, Douglas Haig.

Knowledge of the second person of interest became available to the public after a judge ordered 300 pages of search warrant records to be released.


In yet another stunning twist into the investigation of Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas rampage, the Clark County coroner’s office is refusing to release the gunman’s autopsy; saying they won’t disclose the report until “ordered to” by a District Judge.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the coroner’s office has desperately fought to keep the official autopsy of Stephen Paddock’s body confidential, going so far as to pay out $32,000 in legal fees to fight those seeking to view the findings.

This week, a Las Vegas court ordered the Clark County office to release the records but has so far failed to comply; claiming they were waiting for the legal decision to be “finalized.”

“I don’t believe this is consistent with what the court ordered,” said an attorney on behalf of those seeking to view the report. “They have delayed this for too long, and whatever stage the coroner’s report on Paddock is in, it should be provided to the Review-Journal and Associated Press without further delay. No more games. Release the records.”

“(The judge) also rejected arguments by the coroner’s office that there were any privacy interests with regards to the autopsy of Stephen Paddock, let alone any that outweighed the strong presumption of access to records in Nevada,” added the lawyer.

The coroner’s decision to withhold the autopsy raises even more questions as speculation swirls surrounding the case. Local law enforcement have released little information regarding Paddock’s rampage; the worst mass shooting in American history.