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Title: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: thorfourwinds on December 22, 2017, 07:16:22 PM
Resignations from September 2017 to December 22, 2017   

Equifax CEO Richard Smith                 Sep. 26, 2017   

Dentsply Sirona Inc CEO Jeffrey T. Slovin                Oct. 2, 2017   
Greater Naples CEO Paul Thein                 Oct. 4, 2017   
Pepsico CEO D Shivakumar                 Oct. 9, 2017   
Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun                 Oct. 12, 2017   
Oman Air CEO Paul Gregorowitsch              Oct. 16, 2017   
ASCENDAS Funds Management CEO Chia Nam Toon  Oct. 20, 2017   
Hudson's Bay CEO Gerald Storch              Oct. 20, 2017   
Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region CEO David Brady     Oct. 28, 2017   
BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth                  Oct. 29, 2017   
Podesta Group founder Tony Podesta           Oct. 30, 2017   
Menninger Clinic CEO Dr. C. Edward Coffey        Oct. 31, 2017   

Renaissance Technologies CEO Robert Mercer             Nov. 2, 2017   
Ardent Leisure CEO Simon Kelly              Nov. 7, 2017   
El Al CEO David Maimon                    Nov. 8, 2017   
Altice CEO Michel Combes                 Nov. 9, 2017   
Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane CEO Themba Dlamini  Nov. 14, 2017   
James Cancer Hospital CEO Michael Caligiuri             Nov. 16, 2017   
PR Electric Power Authority CEO Ricardo L. Ramos     Nov. 17, 2017   
Ellies CEO Wayne Samson                 Nov. 21, 2017   
Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman              Nov. 22, 2017   
Oi SA CEO Marco Schroeder                 Nov. 24, 2017   
Tumblr CEO David Karp                    Nov. 27, 2017   
London Stock Exchange CEO Xavier Rolet                Nov. 28, 2017   
Bruce Telecom CEO Bart Cameron              Nov. 29, 2017   
Travel Centers of America LLC CEO Thomas O'Brien   Nov. 30, 2017   
Tricentennial Commission CEO Edward Benavides   Nov. 30, 2017   

City Light CEO Larry Weis                 Dec. 4, 2017   
Steinhoff's R100bn CEO Markus Jooste           Dec. 5, 2017   
Uchumi Supermarkets CEO Julius Kipng'etich             Dec. 6, 2017   
Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool             Dec. 8, 2017   
Deutsche Boerse CEO Carsten Kengeter           Dec. 8, 2017   
Nation Media Group CEO Joe Muganda           Dec. 11, 2017   
Cheil Worldwide CEO Daiki Lim                 Dec. 11, 2017   
Fenway Health CEO  Dr. Stephen L. Boswell        Dec. 11, 2017   
Diebold/Nixdorf CEO Andy Mattes              Dec. 14, 2017   
Diebold/Nixdorf CEO Andy Mattes              Dec. 14, 2017   
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson                 Dec. 15, 2017   
Vast Resources CEO Roy Pitchford              Dec. 18, 2017   
Spackman Entertainment Group CEO Charles Spackman     Dec. 18, 2017   
ESPN President John Skipper                 Dec. 18, 2017   
Innogy CEO Peter Terium                 Dec. 20, 2017   
Papa John CEO John Schnatter              Dec. 22, 2017   
NYPD Police Chief Carlos Gomez retires                Dec. 22, 2017   
Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt        Dec. 22, 2017

What say you, TEAM PEGASUS?

Title: Re: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: robomont on December 23, 2017, 04:41:49 PM
Rats but not sinking ship,traitor globalist about to go to prison.olbummers guts!
Lets watch whether they run or stay.if they all dissappear overseas then its end of the world.if they all stay here then its just traitors.their movement determines our ships on the paris agreement is dead and they are globalist scumbags on the trump radar.
What i really like though is the nice long list!
Nice and tidy!
thankyou thor!
Title: Re: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: ArMaP on December 23, 2017, 05:28:30 PM
Is that list relevant from a statistical point of view?

What I mean by that is: is that an abnormal number of changes or is that common? Changes in the top management of big companies is not uncommon, so is the amount of changes uncommon?
Title: Re: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: robomont on December 23, 2017, 07:36:06 PM
Alot of these are not old men.not so old they arent mentally fit for the job.
The list seems big from my point of its a high probability these were globalist hoping to sell out the country.look at how just in one year,trumps gotten more done thats positive for the usa than any president in my lifetime has.i said it before and i stand by my theory.they planned to destroy this planet,the fuku meltdown and wobble were all part of the plan.yellowstone was part of that plan too but by trump cancelling paris,it shows he plans to rebuild america.and bringing foxcon here,by denying china those ufos,it all fits.this country is about to boom like right after ww2.i sure hope so.the generations of kids have been so let down by these rich scumbags!
Just to see what one man can do in one year compared to what five presidents could or wouldnt do!
Shows theres a man willing to go the extra mile.i dont know if hes a puppet or not but the results of the last year speak volumes!
Title: Re: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: thorfourwinds on December 23, 2017, 09:01:38 PM
Google Doodle yesterday showed a rat [Eric Schmidt ? LOL] going from ice skating to running into its underground den where it had a bunch of food stored.

Talk about in-your-face.
Title: Re: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: ArMaP on December 24, 2017, 05:41:44 AM
This is what I found after a few searches:

- Equifax CEO Richard Smith - Resigned after the well known data breach;
- Dentsply Sirona Inc CEO Jeffrey T. Slovin - He wasn't the only one on Dentsply Sirona to leave, there were "leadership changes", as they called it. Bret W. Wise, Executive Chairman, Jeffrey T. Slovin, Chief Executive Officer and Director and Christopher T. Clark, President and Chief Operating Officer all resigned or, as they say "the Board of Directors accepted their resignation";
- Greater Naples CEO Paul Thein - I could only find an article saying that "Paul Thein (...) resigned Friday after the local YMCA's board decided it wanted to go in a new direction.", so it looks it was a forced decision;
- Pepsico CEO D Shivakumar - There's one thing missing in the title, it's Pepsico India, and he resigned because he is going to be president of the Aditya Birla Group;
- Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun - He only leaves on March 2018 but announced it on October, and his reasons are obvious for those that have been following the news about Samsung, with the arrest and sentencing to 5 years of jail on corruption charges (related to that whole South Korea president/confidant case) of the son of the Chairman of the Samsung Group;
- Oman Air CEO Paul Gregorowitsch - No official reason published;
- ASCENDAS Funds Management CEO Chia Nam Toon - "Personal reasons";
- Hudson's Bay CEO Gerald Storch - Apparently the two main leaders of Hudson’s Bay Company were in disagreement over how to run the company, so no surprises there either;
- Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region CEO David Brady - Resigned "over differences in how the national Red Cross organization responded after Hurricane Harvey";
- BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth - Resigned after divergences of objectives between him and the new investors they had to get to be able to transform into an "online marketplace" from the old business model;
- Podesta Group founder Tony Podesta - No surprises here either, as the Podesta Group is linked to an investigation related to Russian and Ukrainian politics and the US elections;
- Menninger Clinic CEO Dr. C. Edward Coffey - I couldn't find a reason.

After looking at all the October resignations it looks like business as usual, some moving to other positions (most likely with a bigger pay check), some moving because of problems, some for personal reasons.
Title: Re: Rat Bastards Deserting Sinking Ship
Post by: Eighthman on December 24, 2017, 07:04:07 AM
Rat bastards, yes, no question.

But the evidence is not that they are fleeing the future collapse of the US.  To me, the evidence is that we live in a corrupt, greedy society and occasionally someone gets into trouble for it. 

OTOH, that sad condition may bring collapse.