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Title: Why Stigmergy Offers Hope
Post by: Eighthman on September 17, 2017, 06:09:36 PM
If someone believes in conspiracies, it is likely that they are suggesting that our national circumstances are hopeless:  the NSA/CIA controls Congress, pushes Perpetual War and we gradually lose our rights in a growing police state.

However, I think stigmergy offers hope in that it suggests that there is little thought or central control behind these negative trends.  Corrupt politicians simply parrot the same nonsense over and over, long after it failed to make sense. So, Russia gave us Trump somehow and is behind everything bad.  Assad must go/can stay/must go/can stay (I can't keep track what it is this week).  The USA will pull out of the Paris Accords.....or not. They might as well be termites swarming in a mound after a foot stepped on them. And about as intelligent.

I do not see how any competent conspiracy could ever give us such foolishness. OTOH, if you have people refusing to think, following dumb habits and lacking a moral compass - this kind of embarrassment prevails.

If we faced a cruel conspiracy, there would be no alternative to a bloody revolution to end this mountain of injustice. However, with a stigmergy the whole thing could crumble into pieces while US politicians imitate North Korean crazy rhetoric.  Not a fun time, but beats the alternative.