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Title: An Old Rand Doc well worth viewing AGAIN!
Post by: Somamech on July 19, 2017, 10:28:57 AM
The monograph/report was a product of the RAND Corporation from
1993 to 2003. RAND monograph/reports presented major research
findings that addressed the challenges facing the public and private
sectors. They included executive summaries, technical documentation,
and synthesis pieces.


In the above document, I had heard of Kinetic Energy weapons being used within a room in a test phase.  I cannot really say any more as the person that told me about that was pretty blown away when i showed them a doc like this.  When i did show him this doc he said that is what it was,   :o
Title: Re: An Old Rand Doc well worth viewing AGAIN!
Post by: fansongecho on July 28, 2017, 03:48:02 PM
Things that make you go ...   WTF!  ;D wow. Great post  ;D

fixed the smileys-seeker
Title: Re: An Old Rand Doc well worth viewing AGAIN!
Post by: robomont on July 28, 2017, 11:27:24 PM
basically any high density metal will work  as penetrator but depleted uranium is favorite.iron works best as projectile when using kinetic weapons,keep it simple.
at some point you hit the threshold where the projectile becomes a plasma.then its kinetic plasma.this is where the real fun begins.getting plasma to corpuscle is the best as its a bomb delivered at light speed.eventually you move up to plasma beams.using a magnetically driven light sabers.all are determined by generator or plasma battery storage and most are not movable due to energy generator restraints or recoil restraints.
so then it just comes down to defining target ,range,and damage you wish to do.
once those parameters are defined,you build the weapon to the parameters.
all weapons end at the xray energy level but thats 63 times the speed of light,so there is some fudge factor at the energy wall.the biggest issue is energy supply,the rest i can easily do.
i prefer the weapons that arent known.the ghost theres no way to prove anything.i had this used on me but was wise enough to bust the guy.99.999 percent would have died,he ran across that one unicorn! it kicked is minds ass!