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Title: A New Slant on the Fist Tap: The Block Buster!
Post by: UFOOWNER on March 30, 2017, 06:05:38 PM
 New Slant on the Fist Tap: Here is something new I just thought of after feeling like my space had been encroached upon: The Block Buster! is the new phrase for fist tapping Here is the Megadeth lyric from which it originated: Light shined on my path, Turn bad days into good turn breakdowns into blocks, I smashed'em cause I could. Terrestrial officers Tyler and Denver on Megadeth and the New Fist Tap!

Here is more about the experience: I was eating cereal near the bar when someone came in and so I moved near the coffee pot beside the sink thinking I was out of the way. because I knew they would want all of that space at the bar. So then they come over and encroach upon me at the sink and lean in and say I have nice eyes and breath on me so I could smell their bad breath and ask what color are they?