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Mysterious Flying Machine

Mysterious Flying Machine
Reported on Saturday, February 26, 2011

A story has surfaced in the past week that is one of the most unusual items I have yet to come across on the world of the web. It ties together a flying machine, time travel, the military, Afghanistan and Zoroaster with some missing soldiers. The gist of the story is that sometime in the past few weeks a military expedition into the vast cave network of Afghanistan has uncovered a flying machine trapped in what sources call a "Time Well". Eight soldiers have allegedly gone missing trying to extract the machine that looks like a fabled "Vimana" from ancient Indian literature from this pool of electromagnetic energy rumored to warp time and space within the confines of the cave.

Furthermore, these same accounts all point to this information being suppressed by several world leaders who have traveled to Afghanistan in the past few months including President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Supposedly they have all seen this anomaly in the cave, but no one can say what this means in the terms of the "big picture".

What is the real truth is anyone's guess, but scholars have reported that Sanskrit literature makes several unusual references to some astonishing incidents in ancient India. Ancient texts discuss flying machines known as vimana possibly a version of the flying carpets of the Middle East, nuclear holocaust the remnants of which can still be seen in the desert according to some where vast oceans of green glass are found on the surface of the ground. Stories talk about bright flashes and massive explosions that leveled entire cities.

When one considers these Sanskrit legends and then moves forward to the twentieth century and the Philadelphia Experiment which I have written about before, this whole story may not be totally crazy. It is known that strong magnetic fields can bend light and affect gravity. In the Philadelphia Experiment, a Naval ship was reportedly teleported from Philadelphia to Norfolk and back. The end result allegedly decimated the crew some of whom were killed and many injured. Some supposedly ended up in sanitariums for the rest of their lives.

Scientists who may have developed this technology in an effort to hide our fleet from the enemy were stopped by the development of the atomic bomb that eventually ended the war, but the rumor is now this vimana is trapped inside a similar energy field which has been dubbed a "time well." The news accounts claim that our military attempted to free the flying machine from this well, but in the process eight soldiers disappeared and the result was unsuccessful. The reports do not indicate what happened to the missing soldiers.

To make matters more interesting, this vimana and time well is rumored to have belonged to Zoroaster an eastern prophet who lived centuries before the birth of Christ ranging anywhere from 600BC to 1100BC. Zoroaster is considered to be a great philosopher, mystic, magician and miracle worker whose philosophies and beliefs are considered by some scholars to have created the foundations for most of the modern religions in the world.

Zoroastrian thought became popular in 13th century Europe which resulted in Pope Innocent III ordering the execution of the Cathars who were proponents of Zoroastrian thought. By this time, Zoroaster was not only believed to be a major influence over world religions, he was also considered to have been one of the world's most powerful magicians or mystics.

It is always possible this story has been planted to draw attention away from some secret meeting or discovery in Afghanistan such as Osama Bin Laden's cave or something similar, but it is possible it could be either true or based in some facts that are true. Like many things, we probably will never know, but it is quite an interesting account.

It is believed that other areas like this exist across the planet with many of them related to ley lines or natural energy fields. These ideas are also controversial to some, but the basic idea is that ley lines are invisible vectors fixed around the globe that are associated with ancient ruins, paranormal activity and unusual energy fields. In a sense, they are created by the electromagnetic energy produced by our planet and its magnetic field.

Maybe at some point, we will find out if this is true. If it is, how exciting I think it would be. If not, at least we will know for sure, but then again some may never accept the truth especially if it is mundane and ordinary. What do you think?

Til next time �

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