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UFO over Albert Road, Poole, Dorset, UK, 31 December 2013

Published on Mar 9, 2014

Witness Sighting Details:
"Not sure if this is ball lightning. It appeared late on new years eve. It is not a lantern as I was looking at it and I know what a lantern looks like. This was a ball of white light. Look at how bright the gardens are illuminated at the beginning.

Unfortunately some quality is lost from camera to recording on CCTV hard drive and then conversion from arv file to avi file. However, this quality is quite good compared to watching the original playback on the monitor.for those that don't know,almost all colour cameras revert to black and white mode to enhance night vision clarity.

The only problem with that is the CCD becomes super sensitive and are prone to "whiteout" on image. The object was very bright as are the street lights causing over saturation. You can compare the object with the street lights. As a footnote,the object was on a direct heading for the local airport.

The object is approx 3 metres above the hedgerows at the beginning of the video.
In the video I noticed an atmosphere disturbance surrounding the Sphere of light, and considered the distortion as well as the Sphere, to both be a sort of bleed through effect of that Sphere traveling just outside our visual frequency range"

Source: The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society

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