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Japan --The History of Utsuro Bune 1803
Hyouryuukishuu translated to the ‘Tales of Castaways’

A pale, redheaded woman was inside the ship, clutching a wooden box close to her. When she spoke, it was in a language that no Japanese person had ever heard before. What language was she speaking? Where did she come from? What was in the box? Nobody knows for sure. What makes things even weirder is that this same woman and craft were reported to have visited many different parts of Japan. People from all over Japan described having seen the exact same woman in the exact same ship, still tightly holding her wooden box

UFO enthusiasts might tell you that this particular story is plausible. The Bermuda Triangle’s sister, the Dragon’s Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle), is a “danger zone” in the sea off the Southern coast of Japan. A large amount of boats have gone missing there along with 800+ people, never to be seen again. Some people believe that both the Bermuda and Dragon’s Triangle are actually where aliens have set up underwater bases (because it’s tough for us to find them there). Boats that make their way into alien territory aren’t guaranteed to make it through. Some would say that the Utsuro bune came from this “Dragon’s Triangle.” Who really knows, though?

SOURCE: Utsuro Bune: Japan’s First Modern UFO Encounter

So if you are considering purchasing any of the new Viking Yachts for sale, you may want to avoid sailing it anywhere near the Dragon's Triangle, or the Bermuda Triangle for that matter. With evidence mounting for lost boats in these areas, it is best to sail all Viking Yachts in safer waters.


The Following is a Translation from Insiders Blog in Spanish

One of the first modern UFO stories reported in the world comes from Japan. This is the story of Utsuro-Bune, a mysterious alien woman who appeared suddenly from the depths of the Pacific Ocean on a ship around.

Since then there have been many pictures on this particular fact occurred as two centuries ago. A detailed study of the paintings reveals an object that resembles a flying saucer, similar to those seen today.


In the literature accompanying drawings found a description of a rounded metal ship arrived at the beach.

From it emerges a woman dressed in light clothing and soft, inside the ship had letters that had never been seen (probably a language unknown to the locals). The description corresponds to what could be a UFO, according to the interpretation of the locals.

Utsuro Bune (or Utsuro Fune) in Japanese means "ship hole", a definition which clearly implies the villagers spoke of what they saw coming toward them that little floating boat-shaped bowl of rice.


The story covers the period known as Tokugawa (between 1603 and 1867) when Japan was kept completely isolated from the rest of the world, living in a feudal society entirely (the shogunate) and avoiding any foreign influence, especially the West.

It is not uncommon for the presence of "someone who came from afar" (a foreigner) was sufficient cause to produce a movement in people who, either for or against the Nippon isolation, I record the time when many writings and drawings. Kasuo tanaka is a professor at Gifu University in Tokyo, and was the one who revived the legend of Utsuro-bune in 1997. His research focuses if the mysterious woman who left the waters of the Pacific many years ago was actually part of the close encounter of a 3 rd type (name with which you define the type of encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence). The investigation was thorough and after studying all the existing buildings in the period of 200 years ago in the area and could not find any similar to this (to have been a common type of ship would not have done so much emphasis on form and in the internal details).


And be on the ship as the physical characteristics of Utsuro-bune the meeting could be the first record of contact with an extraterrestrial being. The truth is that in the early 1800s Japan was awash with pictures of Utsuro-bune all different artists from around the country. Each of them had exactly the same story with the mysterious woman emerging from a ship with rounded like a bowl of rice similar to what we know today as flying saucer. 

SOURCE: Insiders Blog - Spanish

Japanese Edo Period UFO

Utsuro Bune Japanese Edo Period UFO Evidence
April 6, 2009 by James Hewson 
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The Iwase Bunko Depository library has in its ownership a record known as the Hyouryuukishuu translated to the ‘Tales of Castaways’. The document was printed during the late Edo period which modern fans of the paranormal understand this vessel to be the ‘Edo-period UFO’. The evidence recorded tells the tales of Japanese mariners who find themselves in unfamiliar nations after becoming lost in the ocean, as well as castaway visitors washed shorewards on the seashores of Japan. To the Japanese public, who during this period had existed living in a extended time of national seclusion, these unusual stories must have appeared extremely sensational.

Together with these tales is the report of a damaged ship with a extremely mystifying form. According to the record, this large craft washed shorewards at Harashagahama. The specifications of the craft, specified as 3 meters tall by 5 meters in width, had been built from red sandalwood and metal and was equipped with openings of glass or crystal. The mystifying characters of an unfamiliar writing system were discovered etched inside the craft. Aboard the wandering vessel was a delicately decorated young lady with pale face and red eyebrows and locks. She was assessed to be amid Eighteen and Twenty years of age. Considering that she uttered an unfamiliar language, those that chanced upon her were incapable of determining from where she came.

In her arms, she grasped a basic timber case that looked to be of great importance to her, as she would permit nobody to approach it.

Check out the video of the incident below which contains detailed information about the Utsuro Bune UFO.

Utsuro Bune - an Asian UFO tale

SOURCE: Utsuro Bune Japanese Edo Period UFO Evidence

Utsuro Bune 1803
Image Source
Image Source

In the spring of 1803, an unusual object thought to be a boat was observed to be floating in the close to shore by fishermen. They set out on their own boats, captured it and pulled it onto the beach.

The boat was round and resembled a Japanese pot and was approximately 6m in diameter.  The bottom was made from iron and was so strong that it could withstand crashes into rocks. The top was made glass and so it was possible to look straight in.

In the the vessel was a beautiful young female of around 20 years old. She was approximately 5 shaku (151.5m) in height and had pink face. Her hair and eyebrows were red and also had white hair extensions that that fell below her back (sometimes just black). She undoubtedly had very attractive face.

The garments she wore were unfamiliar in style and were made from fabrics they had never seen before. The language she spoke could not be understood at all and she held a mysterious box. She guarded it very tightly and would not allow anyone to open it or even get close to it. There were two carpet like things inside the boat which seemed very soft, but again, the material used for it were unknown. She had about 4 liters of water in her boat. For food she had things that looked like sweets, something that looked like mince meat. She also had one tea bowl with impressive but unfamiliar patterns.

The people didn't know what to do with her, but all she did was smile or look blank. An elder them suggested that she was probably abandoned into the sea by her country as a punishment and that her husband's head must be in the box she was guarding. It would become a bother if the bakufu (Japanese government) found out, so they put her back in the boat and pushed it back into the sea for it to drift away.

SOURCE: The Legend of the 'Utsuro-bune': UFO in Edo Period Japan?

Strange Hieroglyh Like Symbols on UFO's

Rendlesham Forest craft symbols. As you can see in the original sketch from 1980' the top circle is at the tip of the triangle and the lower circle at the bottom right-hand corner of the triangle. Both circles are the same size.


With this in mind, look at the comparison with symbols from another UFO case from Japan 200 years ago. The similarity is clear to see and dare I say, maybe from the same alphabet.

A well recorded and little known event in the Western world would be the events of the Utsuro Bune. This is a myth dating from circa 1800 Japan. It states that a USO ( unidentified submerged object) washed up on the shore. The inhabitants of the village witnessed the object on the shore stating that is was spherical with strange writing on it. Out of the capsule came a woman dressed in fine clothing. She spoke a different language and was not able to communicate with the locals.

This UFO Case was not known to the western world until only ten or so years ago, so for the skeptic who may say James was aware of this case and simply copied these symbols would be wrong.

Another thing I would like to point out, these ancient crafts from Japan were said to appear from out of the ocean.....
Another Hy-Brasil connection?

SOURCE: Bentwater1980

Kecksburg – December 9, 1965

Again witnesses report seeing strange Hieroglyphic like symbols on the side of the craft, one Kecksburg witness said 'he had never seen symbols like them'

Here is a very long documentary for those unfamiliar with the Kecksburg case

SOURCE: Bentwater1980

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